Where is Santa now? Learn via NORAD’s ‘Santa tracker’

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Santa tracker : By this story’s publishing, Santa had delivered over 4.5 million presents and was cruising over the Atlantic, headed for Greenland. At some point, he’ll definitely wind his way down to New Orleans.

In line with the website of the organization, NORAD has tracked Santa every Christmas Eve since 1955. That year, the story goes, a young lad attempting to call Santa from a number recorded on a department store ad unintentionally telephoned up Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Operations Center — a forerunner of NORAD — in Colorado Springs, Colo. Recognizing the malfunction, the operations center manager assured the boy that the air defense center would ensure Santa’s security during his flight.

Follow Santa via “NORAD Tracks Santa” here.

CONAD thus began the tradition of reporting Santa’s location to the public — a tradition that rolled over to NORAD in 1958. Now, computer or smartphone can accesss the interactional Santa tracker of NORAD. “NORAD Tracks Santa” — as it’s formally called — can also be rendered in 8 different languages and the web site offers games, videos and tips about Santa and NORAD. Anyone with the OnStar subscription can also request the operator to locate Santa, NORAD’s site says.


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