Useful alternatives to junk food Tips (Guide To Know)

Useful alternatives to junk food

Useful alternatives to junk food

Useful alternatives to junk food

What useful alternative to junk food and how to get it? Eating healthy is much easier than you think. Beneficial foods can be tasty if they know how to replace junk food with its sensible alternative.

So you will not feel guilty, and enjoy the pleasure. They are not only useful, but also very easy to prepare:

Iceberg instead of omelettes – The taste is the same, but save about 120 calories because it is not a bread.

Apple sauce instead of sweet sweet unsweetened apple sauce sweetened without different sugars.

However different than there. In a cup of sugar has 700 calories and apple sauce – 100.

It has more nutrients, dietary fiber and pectin that promotes weight loss.

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A useful substitute for junk food

Useful substitutes for junk food
Another healthy alternative is honey. Spices instead of salt – In most spices have small amounts of salt. The more he gets, the more delicious court will be, but at the expense of the many benefits they bring.

Avocado instead of butter – Yes, strange enough, you can replace butter in cake recipes, sweets, biscuits and sauces to the attorney. It is rich in fat and characteristic smell – the perfect combination.

Another healthy alternative is olive oil and linseed oil. Prosciutto instead of bacon – is more healthy alternative to bacon. It is much more useful and few calories, but the taste is not very different from the delicious bacon pieces.

Mashed boiled cabbage instead of mashed cauliflower puree texture and easy to reach.

Cup pureed cauliflower contains only 60 calories, and the taste is mild and pleasant.

Mass zucchini place – all the noodles are replaced with courgettes.

For this, cut into thin strips, boil for two minutes and enjoy a spaghetti. You just need a matching sauce.

Yoghurt instead of cream – unsweetened milk with 0% fat taste is quite like sour cream.

You can successfully replace mayonnaise and sauces with extreme calories. In addition, no calories, is a source of pure protein.



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