Top 10 New Year Resolutions and how to achieve them

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NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS TOP 10 and how to achieve them

Top New Year Resolutions 10 and how to achieve them

Did you make New Year’s resolution? If you did, chances are good that it was one in the list below. If you really intend to stick to the resolution you’ll find some tips here that could make this year the year that you stuck to these resolutions and have followed through …

Top New Year Resolutions 10 and how to achieve them


10 – Lose Weight

It is quite obvious that weight loss would be the resolution made. The best way to go about achieving this is to set your goal too high. Perhaps he intends to lose only 1 stone to end in this way you have 365 days to achieve just that.

9 – Getting Organized

One of the easiest ways to accomplish getting organized is to make lists. They have too many things to list? So why not address it every week. They way you find somewhen time and you can make smaller changes that will organize their lives a little better without you even noticing. Also, get a little notebook! Not a massive log that you will soon forget about, but a small pocket card that you can take with you everywhere.

8 – Spend Less, Save More

One of the easiest ways to do this is to get you a bottle penny. Every time you get home put all the changes in it and you’ll soon discover that you save and spend all change at the same time!

7 – Enjoy life to the fullest

Just because you say you want to “Enjoy life to the fullest” does not mean you have to throw yourself off a bridge attached to a piece of rubber! It could simply mean that you visit the place that you always wanted to go, or try some new foods from local MENU. Try to do something that will make one smile each week and you’ll soon realize your life is slowly being filled with more and more happy memories.

6 – Staying Fit and Healthy

Most people will go to this resolution one hundred mph. They will begin to eat healthy, join gym and go jogging every morning. But if you just made smaller changes will not be so much a shock to the body. Maybe try parking the car farther from the supermarket or even start the game Pokemon Go!

5 – Learn something interesting

These days the power of the internet, it is quite easy to learn something new. You have to goto college or study at night, watch YouTube videos and a few may try something new, such as crafts or even how to make your own DIY.

4 – quit smoking

This is one of the most difficult, but not impossible. The best advice I ever read was to save money are you going to spend on cigarettes each week and buy yourself something new every week. I soon discovered how much cost me and I ended up getting some pretty nice things every week within a few months, I got a whole new wardrobe! Which was handy, because I gained weight pretty quickly.

3 – help others in their dreams

This is something that most people will make, but I think it must be something big. They might just be talking to people who need an ear.

2 – Fall in Love

Falling in love meeting new people and go hand in hand. If you’re not already in love, if not met the right person yet. So get out there and meet new people. Maybe join a club or start going in our pubs and bars.

1 – Spend more time with family

This is easy. This does not mean you have to be everywhere doing everything a family member with them. Perhaps it simply means that you must remember to send Christmas cards to everyone, not just the people who have sent one.

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