Top 10 Wine Coolers Reviews In 2017 – Guide


10 Wine Coolers Reviews In 2017

After a long day of work, as most people relax with fresh wine, and think about the pleasures and challenges of the day. It is refreshing. Easily people also enter the body relaxed and prepares before the day. If you like fresh wine, do not use the refrigerator in the kitchen. Temperature systems are often not compatible in most models. Most refrigerators are vibrating too. This agitation in wine rests, its value to reduce over time. For the best experience, consider one of the wine coolers we checked here. They are spacious. They also built wine and well-designed systems that store the temperature and keep fresh wine shelves and fresh longer.

10. Thermoelectric Coolbox Firebird New

10. Firebird New Thermoelectric Cooler


Wine is an expensive drink. In the refrigerator stores poorly developed to save money just reduce their value over time. For the best results, use this new thermoFireBird. Designed to accommodate up to 28 bottles, it has a great design that will benefit most wine lovers. Its quiet and vibration system is perfect for the home use, while the electronic touchpad can be adjusted to precise temperature control (adjustable). This allows you to store and cool most wines with positive results. Firebird New Thermoelectric Cooler has an efficient energy design secured by a 1 year warranty on parts.

9. Californication

9. Kalamera Wine Cooler



Do you have a great selection of wines you have to quietly look at home to stay? With Kalamera receives a 15-inch wine teller independently with up to 30 bottles of wine. Steel, has a robust and elegant design, which fits well into the houses. Its double-layered glass door is also durable, while its beech shelves are lightweight and durable. In addition, air is well circulated for efficient cooling thanks to its design with slots. You will also get a touch control (with memory) to adjust its temperature (40-66 ° F).

8. EA44EC AZ-75 Wine Cooler AKDY

8. AKDY AZ-EA44EC-75 Wine Cooler


To keep your cool wine without spending a lot of money, AKDY AZ-EA44EC-75 wine coolers are an adequate remedy. With a design of a measuring surface 16.2 x 31.7 x 21 inch wide accessory, which is equivalent to 32 bottles of wine. It has an efficient energy system and transparent windows (glass) that enhance the charm and insulation. For precise control of the temperature, this wine cooler has a touch panel mounted on the top simple part (s). The lighting is cool and attractive while the thermoelectric cooling system, which is, vibration-free and environmentally friendly, is quietly engaged.

7. Refrigerator Double Koldfront wine area

7. Koldfront Dual Zone Wine Cooler


With an aesthetic silver / black problem, Koldfront is a precious wine cooler with two-zone technology for storing two different types of wines. If you have red and white wine with storage temperatures, for example, the product is for you. Bottom Zone 12 bottles refrigerated to 54-56 degrees Fahrenheit. The upper zone, on the other hand, corresponds a maximum of six bottles of 45 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Forget the content of the wine to beat. The technology used by thermo Koldfront is vibration free. It is also very quiet and a good air circulation for a quick and lasting results. Finally, Racks chrome solid and interior lighting (LED Soft) are obtained.

6. Wine cooler AKDY two areas

6. AKDY Dual-Zone Wine Cooler



Unlike in the past, when people underground basements keep the wine fresh, the technology has improved their experience. Effective independent wine coolers as AKDY are cheap online and offline available. With an original, for example, you get a sustainable wine cooler dual zone reserved with a thermoelectric system. Shelves (wood) are sturdy and durable. The generous design fits 21 bottles, while its bright LED screen not only impresses, but also allows for easy use. For example, you can easily adjust the temperature of the two storage areas. Finally, due to its advanced heat dissipation, power consumption is low.

5. Whynter winecooler

5. Whynter Wine Cooler


Popular in the homes and commercial environments such as bars, wine connoisseurs are whynter accessories for versatile wine to relax well. This model of 20 bottles, for example, has a spacious interior with a wine cooler thermoelectric cooling technology effectively quiet. It’s tough. And elegant black theme cabinet (with mirror tinted glass door), which is good in kitchen blends and living area. It also has a handle trough that facilitates access to wine and five baked shelves (stainless steel) which will not bend under the pressure. People also love its soft LED light (on / off) and adjustable thermostat (46-65 degrees F).

4. Independent wine coolers Danby

4. Danby Freestanding Wine Cooler


Do not waste money on poor-quality winegrowers, which often break or reduce the quality of the wine over time. For a high quality product you will enjoy for years, this cooler is 36 bottles Danby is ideal. Made of stainless steel, it is sturdy, durable and beautiful. It is also compact, but spacious and has a bright interior (blue LED) that creates a show in the dark. Because the LED lamp used fresh, do not affect the temperature in your environment and thus the quality of the wine. In addition, you get durable metal shelves (black), a hardened glass door protector and a bag from the handle.

3. Avanti EWC1201

3. Avanti EWC1201


Most people have proudly displayed a small collection of wine in their cupboards. If you are part of this group and want to preserve the value of its longest wine EWC1201 Avanti is the best product to use. Although listed less than a few models, spacious interior fits up to 12 wine bottles up (vertical and horizontal). As such, when it has opened up to four bottles of wine, you can be stored in the wine chiller without spilling. Avanti EWC1201 is also free from vibrations and has a smooth black body with a curved glass door and end platinum accents.

2. NewAir AW-181E

2. NewAir AW-181E


Most of the 10 best 2017 wine reviews Admire the power of NewAir AW-181E wine cooler. With a spacious design for 18 bottles, for example, you never run out of the storage space for your wine collection. It is also aesthetics (black theme) and a silent compressor that cools the wine without stirring the contents. Finally, you get a digital thermostat (54-66 degrees F), LED lighting and a well insulated body with a glass door (double wall).

1. Haier HVTEC16DABS

1. Haier HVTEC16DABSbuynow
He liked the quality of refrigerators and washing machines, Haier is also very popular in the wine industry. For an extensive wine daily, for example, Haier HVTEC16DABS is a great choice. With a black housing with a glass door theme (curve), its aesthetic design blends well into the houses. Dual zone inside (for red and white wine) is up to 16 bottles, while the controls of the comfortable touch screen easier to use. You can easily adjust temperature, for example. You can also easily adjust the lighting and the overall performance. Haier has eight HVTEC16DABS media chrome (full width).


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