Top 10 of The Best Home Remedies For Amebiasis

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Home Remedies for Amoebiasis-If you have abdominal pain and cramps along with diarrhea (watery or tender, with mucus and blood occasionally), fatigue, fever, vomiting, excessive gas, loss of appetite, you might think better about amebiasis .

Top 10 of The Best Home Remedies For Amebiasis

Amebiasis, also known as amebiasis or Entamoebiasis is an intestinal infection caused by the parasite Entamoeba histolytica. This parasite causes damage to the colon is characterized by ulceration of the colon mucosa and rarely causes abscesses in various organs (liver, brain, etc.).

The pathogen is all patients (acute and chronic), and healthy people who carry amoebic cysts, contaminating contamination and food and water chairs. Some animals, such as dogs, cats, monkeys, mice, etc., can contract the disease but do not remove the cyst out, so they are not pathogenic.

The disease is transmitted through the digestive system by consumption of contaminated food Entamoeba histolytica water cyst. This pollution is common in case the seats is used as fertilizer. It can also be transmitted from person to person, especially by contact with the mouth or rectal area of ​​an infected person.

This health problem usually occurs in tropical areas where sanitation is poor. People who have traveled to these places and people with weak immune systems are at increased risk of infection from amoebiasis.

It is said that about 90% of amoebiasis symptoms are asymptomatic, but possible ranging from mild or acute diarrhea. The disease tends to be prolonged and chronic if it is not treated aggressively. On the other hand, infections can occur in other organs and lead to life threatening condition. Therefore, if you suffer from the symptoms mentioned above, it is best to consult your doctor immediately.

In addition, herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits also functions as an effective adjuvant remedy to combat parasites, reduce their symptoms and protect critical from this infection. Here are the top 10 home remedies for incredible amebiasis.

Top 10 Home Remedies Amebiasis Incredible

10. coconut

Coconut has a strong antiparasitic property that can fight the parasite that causes amoebiasis. It has the ability to boost immunity to fight against pathogens. In addition, it helps to complete the electrolyte and to prevent dehydration. Otherwise, coconut oil is used for blepharitis.

Either fruit or oil is very beneficial for the treatment of this problem.

Drink a couple of glasses of coconut water every day. This will help to compensate for fluid loss due to diarrhea.

Another option is to take coconut oil (2 to 3 tablespoons per day). The proportion of coconut oil includes medium chain triglycerides, which helps eliminate parasites from the body.

9. garlic

Garlic is a good home remedy for amoebiasis to help control pests and prevent back and immune enhancement properties Antiparasitic and antibiotic properties of garlic can do. Garlic inhibits amoeba activity very quickly. Chair of amoebic dysentery, after taking garlic incapacitated reproduction of amoeba insects.

It can die of garlic and immersion in boiling water, then it is filtered through gauze. Use liquid garlic enema once a day.

Otherwise, chew raw or roasted garlic cloves everyday or die 6 grams of garlic, mix with water and drink 3 times a day when the stomach is empty. Use it for 5-7 days.

8. Guava

Guava is well known as a good remedy for amebiasis. It is extremely acid, which helps to destroy parasite eggs present in his gut.

Wash and dry guava tree leafs (about 30 grams), and ground to a fine powder; add this powder in a glass of water and drink. Is repeated twice daily, for a better effect.

7. Oregano

A powerful antioxidant and antibiotic properties of oregano makes it very effective to fight against pests and parasites to treat amebiasis. In addition, the property antispasmodic oregano help reduce cramping and pain.

Stir 2 or 3 drops of oregano oil and juice of 1 lemon in a glass of water. Drink this 3 times a day until you feel better. Boiled or dried oregano (15-20 grams) of water. Dink for 3 to 5 days.

6. apricot

Apricots can be used as a remedy to prevent amebiasis body symptoms. Apricots are not only a rich source of vitamin A and C, but also contains a lot of fiber, which is good for diarrhea. Moreover, anti toxic compound is present in the leaves.

Wash carefully a few leaves of apricot juice and extract. Then diluted with a little water and drink.

5. Drumstick juice

Store carts are great nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals. An enzyme that can destroy the parasite Entamoeba hammer is another treatment of amebiasis.

Extract the juice of about 450 grams of leaves, then mix with sesame seed oil, with the ratio of 1: 1. Use heat to evaporate water. Then cooled, and keep drinking this mixture regularly for two to three weeks.

4. Chaparro amargo

It is the best herb for Amebiasis. Take 30 drops of water and 30 drops morning Chaparro amargo before the last meal of the day for seven days straight. Stop tracking for seven days. Then continue for seven days. You may feel mild cramping. Do not worry! That means amoebas are dying and will be expelled from the body.

3. Indian Lilac (Margosa or neem)

Amebiasis can be treated with antibiotics and anti-parasitic Indian lilac. Indian Lilac has a significant effect in eliminating parasites and toxins eases caused by parasites, when they die. We consume about 5 to 7 leaves a day when you’re hungry (before meals) for several weeks. Take a teaspoon of neem juice twice a day for couples week. Or take supplements Neem capsules as doctor prescribed.

2. pumpkin

Tease small parasites and eggs can be eliminated by eating pumpkin seeds and pulp. The reason for making pumpkin a perfect element in remedies for amebiasis is anti-inflammatory property. In addition, it helps prevent damage to your cause parasitic intestinal mucosa and is easy to be digested.

Simply take 1 to 2 teaspoons of pumpkin seeds when the stomach is empty every day for about two weeks. Otherwise, you can mix pumpkin salad, roast or soup.

1. Stay hydrated

Diarrhea and vomiting will make you dehydrated and make your condition worse. Along with these remedies for amebiasis, drinking enough water, it will help to clean systems and enhance immunity against parasites. Therefore, before using any medicine or home remedies for amebiasis, make sure you have already increased fluid intake to alleviate symptoms. Another option is consuming oral rehydration solution (ORS), who made a quarter-teaspoon salt 6 tablespoons sugar and 4 small glasses of water. Drink as much as you can.

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