Top 10 Metal Detectors Reviews In 2017 – Guide


Top 10 Metal Detectors Reviews In 2017 – Guide

Watch movies, listen in the park music and hiking are just some of the most common hobbies. All are good, but did you know that metal detectors are a hobby just as beautiful? In fact, metal detectors is not only a pleasant pastime, but is also a worthwhile activity. In addition to being a fun activity for young people, metal detection has also been found to be the health benefits and exercise for the elderly, the elderly and adults.

Are you ready to take metal detectors as a new hobby? If so, trust more than his good prospect. An important tool is required for these efforts – a metal detector. If this is the first time that you are buying one, you are probably not familiar with what to choose. Now we have the top 10 detectors critical metals listed in 2017 to facilitate your search. Take a look:

10. Waterproof Metal Detector_LCD ForagerGO display

10. Waterproof Metal Detector_LCD Display by ForagerGO


The best precious metal detection and coins and a metal detector ForagerGo LCD screen is a device that makes it especially necessary. You can take them with you in the park, on the beach or in the woods, which can function in a variety of floor types. It also has a tight coil of water can detect metal in the shallow water.
The metal detector also has the capability of ForegerGo dual feedback, which means that audio feedback is given when the metal is detected by the headset connection or internal speaker. The LCD is also helpful in various metal detection. The fact that this device corresponds with the size of the user means that it is an easy device to use. In addition, the metal detector can be easily dismantled, so it is easy to stow away and transport.

9. Metal Detector Cold Light Sniper Bounty Hunter LCD Unit Ze Li &

9. Metal Detector Cold Sniper Lightweight Bounty Hunter LCD display device by Ze&Li


It is said that the snipers rarely lose their target. The same is true for the cold sniper metal detector, since it is specially designed to find small gold_nuggets that are found in the more mineralized soils. Apart from being an excellent gold detector, this device is very versatile since it can be used to throw coins and relict hunting.
The metal detector cold Sniper & Ze Li also has an LCD display the signal that indicate the proximity of the target. It also displays information such as addresses, the percentage of the battery, the depth of currency, volume and pattern. With its convenient handling, ergonomic design and lightweight structure, this metal detector is simple and convenient to use.

8. Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

8. Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector



hello and goodbye continue with this metal detector treasure is specially designed for professional purposes. One of the most remarkable aspects of this detector is that it treats much better than most of its kind interference tools. It has 5 modes of research and 8 sensitivity, depth settings. Garrett Metal Detectors Ace 400 comes with easy storage headphones to cover the search coil, ACE environmental coverage and search coil.

7. America Hawks_Explorer II Metal Detector

7. American Hawks_Explorer II Metal Detector



It is essentially an upper midrange of the metal detector with a very high degree of accuracy as it can be distinguished easily and fourth precision, nickel or a dime. This metal detector has three operating modes, for example all metal patterns (recognizes all kinds of metal), with the drive mode (discriminates the type of metal) and the first-order mode (removes some elements).
The metal detector captures the rugged US Hawks design and is equipped with a handle that has the arm arm. It also comes with an LCD screen that shows the type of metal or an object and signal strength. It also integrates a tight coil of water making the detector useful in shallow water.

6. Junior metal detector around the sun

6. All-sun Junior Metal Detector


Gold, hunting money, jewelry, relics and coins are easily made with reliable tool like this. Junior Metal Detector All-Sun is a very versatile tool that allows you to recognize not only metal, but also allows you to determine how deep they are from the surface they are. The size and amount of iron that determine the scope of the application. Another factor that also affects detection is the angle at which the object is on the ground.
This metal detector is reliable with a headphone jack that lets you connect headphones to the device to listen to music. It also has an adjustable rod that allows you to adjust the height for comfortable use. The metal detector All-Sun Junior is ideal for home use and beginner treasure hunters.

5. Metal detector impermeable ForagerGO

5. ForagerGO Waterproof Metal Detector



With this metal detector in hand, you will be a kind of fun metal detectors. This does not necessarily mean that you would look like a child with a toy, no! This means that this device makes the business metal detection is simple and fast. Each of the components of this set is modified, with the concept of comfort and convenience in mind, comfort, the support arm Adjustable handle metal. This makes it a very ideal metal detector for the use of people of all ages, sizes and experience levels.
Another remarkable aspect of the metal detector is Waterproof ForagerGo, which is packed with useful functions that make detection easy and precise metals. One of the outstanding features is the auto-tune a note that makes it extremely easy to use. It also comes with the ground control function, which automatically works with all other functions for treasure hunting as successfully as possible.

4. Winbest BARSKA Pro Edition metal detector


4. Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA


Search and find different types of metal with the metal detector. Using the all-metal mode, you can find a variety of metal with automatic ground leveling and a high sensitivity. With hard disk modes, you can customize your search to discriminate the type of metal detected. Preset the ground balance is useful to set the device to a different field.
The metal detector Winbest BARSKA Pro Edition comes with an adjustable pass, which can be adjusted from 15.5 to 25 inches. It also has an adjustable armrest that makes the unit very comfortable to use. It is also integrated clockwise clockwise when metal is detected. This metal detector also comes with a search coil 6.5 inch waterproof, which makes the device that is in shallow water.

3. Ace 250 metal detector


3. Ace 250 Metal Detector


A company that is much of the latest technical state, metal detector ACE 250 is undoubtedly one of the best detectors on the market. The manufacturer has worked in this detector to elaborate their lines of GTI and GTAx incorporated one of the most aggressive models in metal to capture consistent industrial exterior features.

2. TK4 Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector

2. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector


This is another large metal detector that detects the presence of various types of metals, including silver, gold, iron, aluminum, steel and brass. The device also recognizes the target exactly the size of the space up to eight inches deep and two feet for larger targets.
The Metal Bounty Hunter Tracker IV TK4 detector has three modes: 2 audio tones to the mode of discrimination and movement mode all metals. Disk mode control / catch also did not contain a difference between goals and goals. The given soil balance helps to counter the response to the mineral content in the soil. With this metal detector, you can capture metals and treasures even under extreme conditions.

1. BHJS Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector


1. Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector


Metal detector
Specially designed for the between 6 and 12, the metal detector is designed to age children when it comes to finding the coin objects. Detects small objects up to 5 inches deep and larger objects three feet deep. It has to measure an objective display of the signal strength. When the target is close, the signal increases in volume.
The Bounty Hunter Junior BHJS metal detector also provides control over discrimination that eliminates most unwanted objects such as iron. 6.5 hours a sealed closed coil is also highlighted. The light and ergonomic design of this unit makes it very easy to navigate and convenient to use.


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