Top 10 Kindle Paperwhite Cases Reviews In 2017 – Guide

5. MoKo Case for Kindle Paperwhite, Vertical Flip Cover

Kindle Paperwhite Cases Reviews In 2017

The Kindle Paperwhite is the go-to gadget of the 21st century mouse library. It is basically a library condensed into a practical device, a treasure trove of novels, stories, poems and other works of literature that can carry with it.
That said, it is imperative to have your Kindle protected from the elements at all times. What is a broken Kindle for? It will be nothing more than a mere paperweight.
Here are some of the best protective covers for Kindle Paperwhite that you can choose in 2017:

10. KleverCase Alice in Wonderland Lights Paperwhite Case

10. KleverCase Alice in Wonderland Kindle Paperwhite Case


Do you like the look of old books? Fan of that Lewis Carroll classic, Alice in Wonderland? If you answered yes to both questions, then you will find the case of Alice in Wonderland by KleverCase, a must-have purchase for your Kindle Paperwhite.
The cover itself feels like an old hardbound book, complete with “vintage” endpaper and an interior bookplate. In fact, one does not even suspect that there is a Kindle inside. This is great if you want to protect your Kindle discreetly (that is, perfect when you are on the train, bus or any other form of public transport).
But unlike the old books, this KleverCase cover is splash proof and very durable as well.

9. Kandouren Kindle Paperwhite Ca

9. Kandouren Case Cover for Kindle Paperwhite



The first thing you will notice on the front page of the Kandouren case is its very vivid impression, a copy of a painting by Vincent van Gogh right on the front. It is a piece of art underestimated, but extremely elegant, that even the most stubborn of the Philistines is sure to enjoy.
Then you will notice its lightness; For such a robust case, it does not feel as strong as you might expect. The cover is made of a non-slip, wear-resistant material, so it can handle a bit of rough and tumble here and there. You can perfectly protect your Kindle from bumps and splashes of light so you can rest knowing that your device is safe wherever you go.

8. HAOCOO Ultra Thin Leather Smart Case

8. HAOCOO Ultra Slim Leather Smart Case


Elegant, minimalist and elegant, the ultra stylish leather case HAOCOO is all this and much more.
This case is eliminated with the usual noisy and campy covers that other Kindle Paperwhite cases have, and instead replace it with a sleek synthetic leather design that comes in a wide range of colors.
There is an intelligent on / off function, which means you can wake up or put your sleeping device by just opening / closing the cover. You do not need to press the buttons on your Kindle, simply close the cover and the device will take care of itself.

7. Newshine Case for Kindle Paperwhite

7. Newshine Case For Kindle Paperwhite


The case of Newshine exudes beauty and utility. Firstly, the cover itself has a very nice aesthetically pleasing design. It is also made of premium quality imitation leather, which makes it soft to the touch, yet sturdy enough to withstand shocks and pressure.
As an added bonus, the case is designed to be used for a long time. The surface repels dirt; It is also sweat and water resistant. This is the perfect case for people who love to spend hours reading and poring about their Kindles.

6. MoKo for Kindle Paperwhite, ultra light cover with Auto Wake / Sleep

6. MoKo Case for Kindle Paperwhite, Ultra Lightweight Cover with Auto Wake / Sleep


Tired of all those bulky Kindle Paperwhite covers? Then the Moko Ultra Light Shell Case Cover is something you might be interested in.
When they say it is “ultra thin” what it really means. This is probably one of the finest and lightest Kindle Paperwhite covers that is available in the market today.
But do not let thinness fool you. It can still provide the necessary protection and support that your Kindle Paperwhite needs. The cover has a microfiber interior so your device will be protected from scratches no matter how many times you use your Kindle in a day..

5. MoKo Kindle Cover Paperwhite, Vertical Flip Cover

5. MoKo Case for Kindle Paperwhite, Vertical Flip Cover


The MoKo Case Vertical Flip has all the qualities of a high-end Kindle Paperwhite case (those in the $ 50 price range and above) at half the price.
The case has the right amount of volume to provide the protection your Kindle needs. It also has a soft leather interior that adds another degree of protective cover to your device and also prevent scratches of any kind on the screen.

4. MoKo Kindle Paperwhite case, thinner and lighter PU leather upper cover

4. MoKo Kindle Paperwhite Case, Thinnest and Lightest PU Premium Leather Cover


Stylish and sharp, this MoKo Kindle case oozes style and class only with its looks alone. There are no fancy designs and strong colors here- premium PU leather cover is subdued plain black, which sets you apart from most super-designed cat cases that are on the market today.
As with all MoKo products, this case has a non-scratch microfiber interior, a magnetic closure, and an automatic on / off feature that allows you to turn Kindle on or off by simply opening or closing the cover.

3. Fosmon anti-glare (matte) screen protector for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

3. Fosmon Anti-Glare (Matte) Screen Protector Shield for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


The Fosmon Anti-Glare (Matte) Case not only protects your Kindle from everyday wear, but also makes it easier and more comfortable for you to hold, as if you’re holding a real book. Intricate design on the front, and overall, gives a very handsome and elegant look that you can rarely find in any other Kindle case. It has a magnetic closure, a self-awakening function, and a Velcro closure that (along with an inside flap that wraps around your device) ensures that your Kindle stays wherever you use it.

2. Fintie SmartShell Kindle Paperwhite Case

2. Fintie SmartShell Case for Kindle Paperwhite


Simple, classy and subdued. If you want a meaningless Kindle Paperwhite case then the Fintie SmartShell might be the right case for you.
At first glance, the durability of this product is evident. The back shell is made out of a tough polycarbonate material, so that you can be sure that your Kindle will be protected from nasty bumps.
The Fintie SmartShell can also fold over itself, so you can easily carry and read your Kindle with one hand.

1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case, Black Onyx

1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case, Onyx Black


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Of course, if you want the best Kindle Paperwhite covers, then buy them directly from the Kindle manufacturers themselves.
The official Amazon Kindle Paperwhite leather case is a thing of beauty. From its textured natural leather cover, to its interior shape, everything about this product screams quality and excellent craftsmanship. It is an absolute must buy for any Kindle Paperwhite owner who wants to get the most out of their device.

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