Top 10 Best Motorcycle Batteries In 2017 Reviews – Guide


Best Motorcycle Batteries In 2017

Many people go swimming with the dolphins. Others go scuba diving or compose a book. Nevertheless, you, on the other hand, have insane motorcycle rides for your bucket list. The single issue is, when you like your trusty pride and enjoyment out of the dusty garage, your battery is probably dead or already expiring following a lengthy amount of inactivity. Time hit look for a replacement, but how exactly would you select the top bike battery and the internet?

First of all, what can you say about your old battery? Is it too large? Too heavy? Possibly it’s time to update to a better battery, one that’s much more powerful, light, high performance or long-lasting. Here’s a simplified guide that will help you choose the most effective battery for your own bike.

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1.Battery Tender BTL14A240C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Battery Tender BTL14A240C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery



The Battery Tender BTL14A240C is among the top motorcycle batteries, particularly -budget customers. It has major advantages compared to its leads counterparts, like being up than lead acid batteries to 80% and surviving 5 times longer.

With waterproof building, this model can fit in all battery boxes due to its virtually miniature measurements. You can benefit from the benefits of smaller size lighter weight and flexibility regarding mounting options to your bike.
The battery is nothing short of being impressive because of the 3 – year guarantee which makes it easy to replace along with its simple installation. These user friendly features make Battery Tender BTL14A240C one of the very best on the marketplace you may get.

2. Battery Tender BTL35A480C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery





BTL35A480C is the battery you’re looking if you’re replacing your motorcycle’s battery for. Made by one of many very best motorcycle battery brand, Battery Tender, this battery is made for longevity.
Comprising a whopping 12 volts of electricity and also a powerful 480 cold cranking amps, this battery is more than capable of managing any bike starting responsibilities.

This model includes a quad terminal settings for easy installation, and at once, it is unable to sulfate, a feature that ensures safer operation and better long term storage.
Topping the list, the battery comes with a 3-year limited warranty, unlike other versions that only have the 1-year warranty.

3. HDX30L – Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery




Well, if you are a Harley fanatic the HDX30L is the replacement you might have been looking for! It comes in the same quality and power as the original equipment battery which gives no reason to hesitate to purchase it to you. This is only because, the battery is maintenance free, comes ready to put in and fully charged.

This really is because, the battery is maintenance free, comes ready to set up and completely charged.

It comes with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology providing you with users with an easy task to mount flexibilities and ensures no spills or leaks, even whenever battery is placed in an unusual position or experiences extreme shaking. With remarkable characteristics, such as powerful, long-lasting and in the same quality as original equipment one, it’s safe to say a battery replacement will ensure your satisfaction.

4. Yuasa YUAM620BH YTX20HL-BS Battery




This high performance battery provides a whopping 310 cold cranking amps, which makes it a perfect fit for your bike. To top the chain of good news, this High Output battery arrives prepared to go and fully charged. It doesn’t require any acid addition – all you must do is pop it in and hit on the ignition button to bring your creature forthwith to life! This maintenance free battery is a superb improvement that offers you value for the hard earned money.

5.Yuasa YUAM720GH GYZ20HL Battery




Among other things, high performance sealed and maintenance free are among the most notable features of this battery. It is a must have for all bikes that need a battery that is sealed. It’s also significant to notice that the battery is totally sealed, which mean you can ride of leaking due to heavy vibrations, without the anxiety on rough terrains.

It is also the simplest battery to install which is quite remarkable as it pertains to being user friendly. The manufacturer offers a 1- year free replacement guarantee, which ensures your satisfaction if you are unhappy by it, because the product could be replaced.

6. Antigravity Batteries AG-801 8-Cell Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery




If you’re seeking to replace that huge, hefty lead acid using a lightweight choice, then Antigravity 8-Cell Battery is the best motorcycle battery for you personally. This battery offers substantially higher cranking amps (240) than comparable sized lithium or lead batteries. There’s no doubt a lightweight battery allows for improved management of the motorcycles due the lack of weight carried high in the frame.

This battery is nothing short of impressive if you are into hard racing. It produces the cranking amps of a conventional lead acid battery while in the same time weighing 75. Thus, should you be after better management, compressed size and weight loss there actually isn’t an improved alternative in the marketplace for power.

7. Shorai LFX14L2-BS12 Extreme Rate Lithium Iron Powersports Battery




Some of the most remarkable characteristics of this battery is the lightweight construction. As stated by the manufacturer, this battery weighs 1/5 the weight of traditional lead-acid batteries on average. It’s worth highlighting this battery supplies the most economical approach to shave pounds off your racing bike.
It is safe to express it is the very best bike battery for the careful considering that the battery will not contain acid or any lead.

8. Shorai LFX14L5-BS12 Lithium Battery




Do you need to cut more than 7 pounds off your motorcycle? If so, then here is the battery for you. Shorai LFX14L5-BS12 Lithium Battery is incredibly lightweight, weighing 1/5 of lead- acid batteries. The battery has terminals and a powerful case and comes with plenty of fine foam sheet to fill the battery if needed. It’s fairly simple. This battery offers unique features such as higher Voltage, and more CCA provides functionality that is starting that is better. It also comes with an extended lifespan (1.5x to 2x the life of lead acid) and a 3 year prorated guarantee.

9. Yuasa YTZ14S Battery




This battery offers convenience to a lot of users especially because it does any maintenance is needed by n’t. This implies you can utilize it for multiple of years, without needing maintenance or adding water at any one point! If you’re looking to change your battery, then this product supplies a sizable inventory of power sports batteries to change out your present battery.

Some common attributes that make it impressive include the Complex lead-calcium technology which is incorporated into this bike battery, a user friendly setup and contains a significantly lower weight compared to its counterparts. This battery is just one of the greatest motorcycle battery brands if you need to get something at a price that is moderate, with excellent quality.

10. Ballistic Operation EVO2 12V Battery 12 Cell For Bikes 100-012L




This battery is not worse for any motorcycle that is given since it’s much smaller and lighter. One attribute which is worth noticing is that this battery is temperature-evidence at extreme conditions. Then this is the battery for you personally if you live in areas where there’s extreme weather condition. Installing this battery is a great way to upgrading your bike. Other characteristics worth noting is the battery can be set up efficiently and easily and it is also user friendly and carry.

It’s important to take your time if you would like to conserve money, your time and effort and also a great deal of grief later, while checking out the very best battery for the motorcycle. Also, it’s important not to base your choice on cost alone. Occasionally economical could really mean it’s just that, cost-effective could mean you got a good deal, while pricey doesn’t always mean better. Once you choose a battery with these values, you need to be in sound condition to complete your bucket list!

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