Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Cases In 2017

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Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Cases in 2017

Highest Rape Cases : In this article, you will learn the 10 most crimes of the rape countries learn. Rape is a terrible and embarrassing for any nation of the world and crime. Instead of the free sex country is quite shocking but the truth is that most developed countries like the United States, UK and Germany are on top of the list of 10 countries highest cases of rape in 2017 so we will all ten countries with the most Cases of rape in the world.

10 Countries With Highest Rape Cases

10. Australia

A study in 2012, 51,200 Australians, who are 18 victims of sexual violence. The rape per 100,000 inhabitants is very high in Australia. When we discuss the report we ask that 6 Australian January women find a attempted rape. 16.4% said women are raped by unknown person.

9. Denmark and Finland

In Europe there is a woman who in three has suffered a form of sexual violence and nearly 5% of women have been raped. According to a study conducted by the European Union Agency in 2014 about 47 percent of women in Finland were victims of physical violence and 52 percent of women in Denmark were sexually abused.

8. Canada

Canada also has the list of the highest rape countries. You will find nearly 2,516,918 cases of rape in this country is simply amazing. A report shows that a girl or a woman at the age of 17 were raped in this country. They will find nearly 62% of victims were injured during the rape, and 9% were distorted which is bad enough.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand occupies the seventh position in the list of 10 most frequent cases of rape countries. In 2013, the popular Buster Roast scandal exposed the bitter truth about rape in New Zealand. According to a study conducted by the medical magazine sex or rape British case in New Zealand, it is much higher than in other countries. They will find that 16.4% of women face sexual abuse or rape. According to a report in New Zealand, every two hours you get to find sexual violence. It is strange that six and one in three girls are sexually abused by 16 years.

6. In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is far advanced in terms of rape. This is known as one of the countries most crimes against rapes. A study shows that every 90 minutes a woman is raped in this country. According to the latest statistics in a month, 500 women who were victims of sexual abuse and nearly 16 women were regularly raped, which is sad for this country. The UNICEF report shows that 42 percent of cases of rape of children reported in Zimbabwe.

5. UK

Most people want to travel in the UK as one of the most advanced countries in the world, but you will not believe that this country is also at number 5 on the list of countries with the highest cases of rape, which is quite amazing. According to a study, nearly 85,000 women are raped every year in this country and 400,000 women are sexually raided in this country, which is quite alien.

4. India

In India, there are many cases of rape and rapidly rising day by day. Rape is a common crime in India. According to the report of the Bureau National Crime Records 2012 24,923 cases of rape and of these, 24,470 were committed by neighbors, relatives and family members reported. The latest report shows that there is a rape every 22 minutes in India. That is why India is also one of the 10 most crimes of the rape countries.

3. Sweden

They will find the greatest crimes of rape in Sweden, which is one of the highest in the world. When you study, you become one of the four women and girls victims of rape in the country. For the year 2010 the Swedish security service received 63% of rape cases. In 2009, 15,700 condemned sexual offenses in Sweden, which is quite high and a disgrace for Sweden.

2. South Africa

South Africa ranked second in cases of rape. In 2012, nearly 65,000 cases of rape found in South Africa. A medical report indicates that many women or girls also admitted that they had raped more than one person. Predominantly youth problems are faced in this country. According to the study, more than forty percent of South African women will be abused or raped in their sexual life. The strangest thing is that 15% of children under the age of 11 are victims of rape.

1. United States

They do not believe, but that is the fact that the supermarket in the United States are in the first position in the highest incidents of rape in the world. 91% of women and 9% of men are victims and almost 99% of rapists are men. Research shows that 1-6 women face an attempted rape in their lives, which is a pity. In the United States, cases of rape outside are not common, but most of the attempted rape takes place at home instead.

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