Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time


Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

The biggest boxers

Biggest Boxers : One of most sports Paying: Boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and will, by throwing punches with gloved hands against each other.
Amateur boxing is both an Olympic and Commonwealth sport and is a common device in most of the major international games.

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Boxing is one of the most historic and famous sports of all time. Boxers are players dream of every person loving boxing. here I’m going to give you brief overview of the Top 10 biggest boxers of all time. He fell free to leave a comment about the list.

Top 10 greatest boxers of all time

10. Willie Pep

Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

Willie Pep

One of the finest boxer Willie Pep, he had a boxing era 1940-1966 and has a record of 229 victories are victories of which 65 knockout. He missed 11 games in his career. He was the first featherweight champion of the world and was the best boxer in his time. it is our last and final member list of “Top 10 greatest boxer of all time.”

09. Henry Armstrong

Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

Henry Armstrong

He has a boxing era of 1931-1945 and had 150 victories of which 100 were KO and lost 21 games. He was the only boxer to have three world championship titles division. His career began at the losing end, but gradually getting on winning streaks. He also had 27 consecutive victories, all of which were knockouts. reflecting the greatness of the boxing arena.

 08- Rocky Marciano

Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

Rocky Marciano

He had a boxing era of 1948-1955 and he is among the hardest punches ever. He has a claim to fame of being a heavyweight champion who is undefeated. He has a record of 49 wins of which 43 were knocked out wins and zero losses. He was a great fighter, no doubt in his time. his ranking is low because its competitions were not as strong as boxers such as Muhammad Ali and Robinson.

07- Julio Cesar Chavez

Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

Julio Cesar Chavez

He had a boxing era 1980-2005 and has a record that speaks for itself. He has a record of 107 wins and 80 by knockout and lost 6 matches. He is a Mexican legend had a record 10 years without a single loss. He was regarded as a tough fighter who always entertain people with his boxing. He himself took the biggest reward fighter in Mexico.

06- Mike Tyson

Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

Mike Tyson

One of the most powerful Boxer Mike Tyson. Age Mike Tyson’s boxing is from 1985 to 2005. He was a legendary boxer in his time. Tyson in the early 90s was considered as an unbeatable boxer who knocked out all competitor who came before him. He has a record of 50 wins of which 44 were knocked out wins and lost 6 matches. He was among the boxer talked the whole time and had a sensational sparkle in them.

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05- Jack Dempsey


Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

 Jack Dempsey

He is definitely among the most popular American boxers of all time. He is also renowned for setting the highest purse and attendance records. He was also the first million fighting career. He was also among the most brutal boxers and entertainment of all time. He was a boxer in his wild, with a record of 66 wins of which 51 were knocked out wins and lost 6 matches.

04- Jack Johnson

Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

Jack Johnson

He had a boxing era of 1897-1945 he was the first American heavy weight champion Roy Jones before and Mohammad Ali. He was unbeatable for more than 10 years and used to humble by not allowing her bat, so you can beat opponents in the ring continuously. Presses used to abuse and discredit him, but he was still unbeaten. For more than 10 years, he was the most hated and most famous African-American on earth. He had a record of 73 wins of which 40 were wins knockout and lost 13 matches.

03- Sugar Ray Robinson

Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

Sugar Ray Robinson

He had a boxing era of 1940-1965 and most people considered him as the best pound for pound boxer in the world. He had a record of 173 wins from which 109 were knockout victories six draws and 2 matches were matches were no contest. He was also the best boxing talent the world has ever witnessed. He had an amazing power in his punch to beat the opponent.

02- Mohammad Ali

Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali was boxing his era 1960-1981, and in every aspect of boxing, he was simply awesome. He was open, exciting and a boxing champion and undefeated in his time was also the best show in the world of boxing. He had a record total of 56 wins of which 37 were knock out victories. He had only five career losses. He was also a boxer promoter, rather than just a boxer.

01- Joe Louis

Top 10 Biggest Boxers Of All Time

Joe Louis

“The man who beat Hitlor”. He is called the brown bomber and was regarded as an American icon. He has a record of winning 66 matches; lost 3:52 knock out gains. It was certainly a bright star with a great record. He was a national hero for the people of America and also a symbol of pride. During World War he was more than a boxer and fights had social significance, and international policy. He is No. 1 in the list of top 10 biggest boxers of all time.

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