Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors in 2017 – Guide

MP-Mall For Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protector – Black

Many screen saver are designed for Samsung Galaxy S8. This has to cause great confusion in the screen saver leads. Some of them are expensive, while others come with very friendly prices. Therefore, it is important to examine the best screen saver, you can buy for your Galaxy S8

Why do you need saver Samsung Galaxy S8 screen?

It is important to have a screen saver for your phone. This will help you protect your well-covered and protected screen from scratches, punctures and drops. Screen saver take the shot, so the display is protected.

Why do you need screen saver Samsung Galaxy S8 to buy?

These ten products are made in this article are all made of high quality materials. They come at prices that are affordable to most. They are highly recommended for people who value because of their durability and superior quality, more efficiency.

Here are the best screen saver for Samsung Galaxy S8 are now available in the market:

1. Spike Galaxy screen saver S8, better screen for Samsung Galaxy S8

Spigen Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

It guarantees the user a bladder and a rainbow without clarity. The TPU layer is used, is flexible Keeps your screen well protected. Edge to edge protection keeps all parts of the protected screen.


The surface is self-healing and resistant to fingerprint.
It requires zero elevation during installation
It provides a full coverage for the mobile phone screen
The price is very affordable


It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S8

2. Skinomi TechSkin ScreenSaver full coverage


 Skinomi TechSkin Full Coverage Screen Protectorbuynow
It is designed to cover the same curve devices. The screen saver has a TechSkin made of stich, ultraviolet light, and scratches. Therefore, it is useful to absorb the effect, and a self-healing ability.


The liquid solution to adjust the screen saver during installation.
A smooth as a glass surface, it makes it sensitive
It comes with a risk-free life guarantee replacement.
Durability and reliability are unmatched


We offer a package to the user.

3. MP for the Center S8 Samsung Galaxy Screen Saver – Black

 MP-Mall For Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protector – Blackbuynow
Comes in two parts with tempered glass. Both provide maximum protection against scratches, bumps and scratches. The price of this screen saver is very economical and user-friendly making it affordable for most people.


It is of high quality
It adheres to the screen without cavities or bubbles
This keeps the brightness of the phone transparent.


It is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S8 alone.

4. Tauri Samsung Galaxy Screen Saver S8

Tauri for Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protector



This screen saver is glass, and laser-cut and rounded edges. The rounded tip allows the user comfort while simultaneously covering the entire screen. HD clarity is unmatched.


It is very durable due to its construction
The screen saver is scratch-resistant and thus protects the screen drops strong influence
It is easy to install.


The price is higher than other screen protectors on the market.

5. Samsung Galaxy Supershieldz more S8 / S8 + Balanced Glass Screensaver

Supershieldz Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus / S8+ Tempered Glass Screen Protectorbuynow
The screen saver is made of tempered glass is made of bubbles, which makes it easy to install no residue and leaves when removed. It is very nice screen with a real and natural. Therefore, sweat and oil residues can be fingerprints because the coating uses.


Oleophobic and hydrophobic
It provides a cover in full use
The price is affordable


Samsung Galaxy S8 serves more

6. JDBRUIAN Body Armor Full Coverage Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

JDBRUIAN BodyArmor Full Coverage Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8buynow
This screen protector keeps your cell phone screen from scratches well protected. It has an anti-fingerprint coating to prevent fingerprints and dust. It has a natural feeling for the user All sensitivity is stimulating. The price for this package is very nice and economical.


The technology has made automatic restoration remains in good condition.
The film used is UV-resistant
It is very easy to install and remove if necessary.


Not hardened glass

7. LK Samsung Galaxy S8 screen more

LK Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protectorbuynow
It has laser cut openings that fit front-facing camera, home button and speakers. The screen saver is resistant to scratches, bumps and has a digital anti-fingerprint coating which makes it very easy to clean and without fingerprints. If from parts that are not sharp, that can damage the user.


It comes with a laser cut opening that makes it ideal for the Samsung Galaxy S8
It is very sensitive and very sensitive
Designed to be durable, maximum service to the user.


Samsung Galaxy is only compatible S8 more.

8. MP Mall Galaxy S8 more screen saver

MP-Mall For Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector


With this screen saver, you are sure to protect your cell phone from scratches, bumps and scratches. 9H hardness helps maintain the transparency and brightness of the screen.


It comes in two glass wraps tempered full cover.
Leave your sensitive screen
The screen retains its luster because of the transparency of the protection
It is extremely thin

Samsung Galaxy S8 is not done for Samsung Galaxy S8 anymore.

9. Screen Saver G color S8

G-Color S8 Screen Protector


There is a test error that makes it very easy to install for the user. This is also favored by wet application. In addition, it is free of bubbles and does not require edge lifting. Full coverage offered by this screen covers your phone very well.


No bubble and requires no edge lifting
It provides a maximum coverage of the phone that does not leave the curved edges
The user can enjoy the wet application

You receive only one package package

10. Protection TPU Full Image Dalinch tests

Dalinch Full Coverage Error Proof TPU Screen Protector



It is made for the super AMOLED display of the Samsung Galaxy as it also covers the curves. It is scratch-resistant and keeps your screen well protected. The material used is always the touch screen very protective. This makes it easy, it is very user.


Easy to install and remove
Very sensitive to touch
This budget budget
It is available at a good price in sets of three.


It must be taken at the installation to avoid bubbles
If you want to keep your Galaxy S8 well protected from damage that may occur on the screen, these are the products to go to the market. They were given numerous tests at various sites due to their quality and service offered by the user. They come at the right price and are also available on our website for purchase.

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