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Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Protectors in 2017

It is important to have a protective cover for your Samsung Galaxy S8. This function protects against scratches and dirt. Many brands produce these protective covers on the market. This requires knowledge about what product to buy.

Why is it important to know that cases of protection to buy your Samsung Galaxy S8?

Some of these protections are of high quality, while others are of poor quality. Due to the constant competition for different brands, it has led to the market for certain cases of protection announced in disinformation.

Why do you need to read this article?

After identifying consumers, in the event of purchasing protection, faced the various challenges, we examined in the first ten products that can be purchased in the market. They are all clearly identified with high quality and the characteristics.

1. Spigen Wallet S Galaxy S8 Case

Spigen Wallet S Galaxy S8 Case


This case has a great design because of the great features with a foldable cover and three slots for additional memory cards including. Magnetic bracelet will hold your cell phone with stored security.


It has a folding lid
It is made of high quality leather, which is durable
Keep your phone completely protected, even against accidental dropping and dust and dirt.


very expensive

2. Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Glitter Galaxy S8 Case

Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Glitter Galaxy S8 Case


It comes with a body TPU and PC bumper. The dual layer housing is its ability to keep the covered phone and protected. It is ideal for people who want to add to the look of the device because it has an infusion of style that adds brightness to the brightness of the case.


It has two layers
It is slim it makes easy
The TPU glitter makes it more attractive



3. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Hybrid Protective Frost Clear Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Hybrid Protective Frost Clear Case


There will be a different look over the phone. Enriched damper has a damper that can reliably maximize the protection of your device. Increased edges also provide protection on surfaces. It also secures the user that the phone is properly constructed and protected from the surface when appropriate.


The use of the material makes it durable and scratch resistant and shock resistant
The edges glide as they are textured


Not a good value

4. SUPCASE S8 Galaxy Purple

SUPCASE Galaxy S8 Case- Purple


This case has a sleek design that makes it very well to fit the device without increasing the weight. The TPU and polycarbonate material is used, is resistant to high quality strips. It has a smooth, secure fit for comfort and keeps it protected in case of a fall.


The case is clear,

It is scratch resistant with lasting

Keeps your phone well protected


The price is high in contrast to others on the market

5. SUPCASE Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Full body solid shell holster


SUPCASE Samsung Galaxy S8 Case, Full-body Rugged Holster Casebuynow

It is unique because the three parts that provide the user. This includes the front cover, the cover, and the rear cover. The material used is a high protection polycarbonate. From the looks of this case, we can easily say that it is made of high quality, so it is very durable.


The three pieces keep your phone protected and well covered

It structured edges that provide a secure hold for the user


No screen saver

The price is high

6. Peyou covers PC reinforced bumper case scratch-resistant protection hard back angle


 Peyou Protective Case Hard Back PC Cover Anti-Scratch Reinforced Corner Protection Bumper Case

The case is a rose gold color that gives the device and no doubt fantastic. It is extremely thin, but very strong, and it gives the user a simple time when it is due to its easy way of handling.


It’s very easy

The rounded edges smoothly offer the user a comfortable grip

It has perfect cuts.

The case is also scratch resistant


Can not only compatible Samsung Galaxy S8 more Samsung Galaxy S8

7. Cover Hybrid Car S8 Samsung Galaxy i-Blason


i-Blason Clear Samsung Galaxy S8 Hybrid Bumper Case Cover


The case is clear and has a transparent black. It comes with the package around bumpers that keep your S8 covered at drops. It has been with all the features of the S8 galaxy in mind that you have cuts in the exact place that is supposed to be. This allows the user to easily access the keys and other functions.


It s cheap

It is formed with a material which is highly transparent and transparent,

It is scratch resistant by solid material 3H strips used.

It is very easy to install.


The case is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S8

8. Armor Spike Slim Galaxy S8 CS Cases Dual Slim Portfolio Design Layer

 Spigen Slim Armor CS Galaxy S8 Case with Slim Dual Layer Wallet Designbuynow

It has a dual layer protection for your Galaxy S8. TPU cover and black PC gives you the opportunity to properly protect your device. It also provides users the ability to store two cards. The corners are equipped with air cushion technology.


It has two layers for maximum protection

The boxing carpet

The edges are provided with the air cushion technology for additional protection

Cuts and touch buttons make the event a great fit for the Galaxy S8


The price is a bit high

9. Galaxy S8 caseologĂ­a,


 Caseology Galaxy S8 Case,buynow
It comes in a shiny design that makes it very elegant and a good choice for your phone. The case is thin PU leather and an absorbing part shocks. The housing features crops and highlights caps sensitive camera button on the screen bevels


It is made of high quality materials that slide

The user has a fall arrest, which guarantees his Galaxy S8

Leather cover makes it unique because it is not plastic, like most typical cases.


The price is higher compared to other cases on the market.

10. LK Ultra-galaxy case S8

 LK Ultra Galaxy S8 Casebuynow
It is perfect Samsung Galaxy S8 with an ultra-slim body fit that offers maximum protection for your phone without extra weight. Keeps his protege drops, scratches, dirt and stains phone. The case is also very easy to clean and has no plastic odor so it is very easy to use.


It has an anti-slip design that provides safety to the user ensuring the device does not tip over

Good affordable for most customers

The case is scratch resistant, bump and break.


You can get a Samsung Galaxy S8 response more

These ten products are highly recommended because of its efficiency, design, price and quality. They are made to provide excellent excellent service to the user. Protector of the box was designed with the Samsung Galaxy S8 in mind, including buttons and connectors. This means that the cuts are well placed to fit the device.

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