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The 20 most profitable ideas for small businesses

A simple reason to start a business is to earn the profit. So, what are the profitable small business industries in India? What Makes Business Ideas Profitable? These are some common questions that annoy every aspiring entrepreneur.

So, let’s try to get answers to those queries. Some of the major profitable small business industries are real estate, food processing, clothing, chemicals and agrochemicals. Apart from this home based custom products are also in high demand. If you have the capital and passion to start a business here is a list of 20 profitable small business industries ideas.

20 Profitable Ideas for Small Businesses

The 20 most profitable ideas for small businesses

The 20 most profitable ideas for small businesses


Manufacture of small industries


(1) Manufacture of fabrics, designer

The first profitable idea of ​​small business is the manufacture of designer fabric. Designer clothes are always in demand. A young generation prefers a unique design once it comes to clothes. A fabric manufacturing business with a very low capital investment will start. You will even start this part-time home business. You will expect 30-40% margin of this business.

(2) The welding unit

The second profitable idea of ​​small business is to establish a welding unit. In the welding unit, you would like to do manufacturing work related to iron and steel products. You will manufacture window grille, shutter or customized product based on order. You will start this business from a small shop.

(3) Woodworking

Carpentry or furniture manufacturing is incredibly good and profitable business idea. During this business, you want to make customized wood products based on demand. This business requires skill and a lot of hard work. You will start this business from a small store with a small startup capital.

(4) Drinking water package

Pure drinking water is in demand today. Nowadays people prefer drinking water packet not only on the outside, but also at home. This may be due to increased health awareness. Therefore, starting a drinking water supply business package is a successful business idea. However, you want to make a considerable investment for the establishment of water filtration and consumer plant package.

(5) Manufacture of plastic products

Plastic product manufacturing is a cost effective low cost business idea. The demand for plastic products like a cup, small container, water container and drums are very high. You will start this business with easy plastic dye machinery. However, to be successful during this business, it is necessary to work on sales and marketing of these products.

(6) jewelery Production and sale

The next business idea related to manufacturing is the production and sale of jewelry. This business requires great skill, training and investment. A profit margin associated with this business is extremely high. You will start this home business.

Small Business Industries Based on Food

(7) restaurant

The first food-based industries of small businesses could be a restaurant. A restaurant business is a more profitable business plan. A success of this business depends on a type of restaurant location and the type of food served. If you are ready to serve tasty food at a reasonable price you will rule the market.

(8) Snacks making

The second food based small business is snacks making. These days almost everybody prefers readymade snacks at home. So, starting snacks making business can be a successful affair. You’ll start this business from home or from a small shop. Snacks making is a profitable business idea.

(6) Rice Mill

Rice Mill is one of the most profitable food processing businesses. There is a large marketplace for rice in India and abroad. Rice is an essential food of majority population in India. You wish to undergo with series of approval for establishing this business. When approval, you wish to purchase and install machinery for rice mill.

(10) Oil Mill

The edible oil mill is a food processing business idea. Edible oil is used in making almost every food item. During this business, you need to produce oil from food item like peanuts, olives, fruits etc. You would like to purchase oil milling machinery in order to start this business.

(11) Dairy

The next small profitable business is making milk products and selling. Milk products are continually in demand in the household market. You’ll earn good amount of profit by selling milk related product. You need small shop and small capital only to establish dairy business.

Home Based Small Business Industries


(12) customize Gift making

A first home based small business idea is customized gift making. You may have noticed that it was an integral part of our life. We exchange gift on almost every occasion. It makes customized gift making a successful business idea. You will start this business from home.

(13) Chocolate making

The second home based on successful and profitable business idea is a chocolate making. The consumption of chocolate is very high in India. You will start this business with low investment from home.

Real Estate related small Business Industries


(14) real estate Agent or Broker

One of the most profitable business ideas is a real estate agent or broker. It’s unorganized sector business. This business will be started by anyone. It’s zero investment business idea with a lot of profit.

(15) interior designer

Interior designer is one of the best real estate related small business ideas. In order to start this business, you need creativity and skills. You’ll earn lots of money as an interior designer. You will begin this business from home additionally.

Service related small Business Industries


(16) recruitment Firm

The first service related small business idea is recruitment firm. Recruitment firm does not require huge investment. You just need small office space and few contact to start with. Unemployment ratio is increasing and recruitment firm is in huge demand. Each student & amp; Professional requires a good job and they are able to pay commission or fees for the services.

(17) smart phone Sale and Repair

Mobile phone business is growing exponentially.Every common man these days like the smart phone. The increasing smartphone usage offers a decent business opportunity for sale and repair of smartphones. You need ability and capital in order to start this business.

(18) Automotive equipment leasing

Automotive equipment like luxurious cars etc is always in demand. If you’ve got capital you’ll purchase automotive equipment and give it on rent. You will earn lots of benefit from this idea.

Others small Business Industries


(19) commercial and Industrial Machinery equipment Rental

Commercial and Industrial Machinery equipment Rental may be a business idea that needs massive capital investment. However, if you ready to invest cash you’ll purchase equipment like cranes, earth movers etc and provide it on rent. You’ll earn a massive profit over a long run.

(20) consultancy & Sub contracting

The last successful profitable business idea is consultancy & amp; Sub contracting. This business idea needs expertise, skill and manpower expertise. Big companies are ready to pay a lot of cash for good consultant and contractors.

All business ideas mentioned above are proven and successful. If I have even missed any profitable business idea share it within the comment section.

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