The Best Way To Get Traffic To A New Blog


How to get traffic to a new blog?

How to get traffic to a new blog?

How to get traffic to a new blog?

Most novice bloggers leave their blog just because they do not see any traffic from their blog (s). Even those who have started their blogging career for a long time do not see much improvisation in their traffic.

Most novice bloggers leave their blog just because they do not see any traffic from their blog (s). Even those who have started their blogging career for a long time do not see much improvisation in their traffic.


Because they do not follow some tips that have to be followed to get traffic to a new blog.

How can any blogger get traffic to a new blog?

Although there are many ways to get traffic to a new blog, the most important factor is the network. The more network you have, the more traffic you’ll get.

The best way to build a network around your blog is: start interacting with other users

Why I am only mentioning these two sites because, it is easy to spread your word and follow other bloggers easily by using these social media sites and get traffic to a new blog.

How to get traffic to a new blog ??

Here are some EXCEPTIONAL ways to drive traffic to a new blog (0r) any blog.

1. Blog comments:

Comment on the best blogs in your niche try to be the top 5 commentators.

Tips: Subscribe to their RSS feeds.

Do not spam your blogs by typing a liners. Add value to your comments.

If you want to get traffic daily is the best way to go.

Write “your niche + blog” on google to find out which blogs are best in your niche.

Example: “blogging + blog”

2. Network with other users of Facebook and Twitter

Facebook: Join Groups .. Promote yourself outside .. BTW facebook is only giving me 100+ leads daily (even without promoting every day!). Ammar Ali is also getting huge traffic from Facebook;). So do not neglect to bring Facebook traffic to your blog.

You may find it difficult at first, but when it starts to promote other content and when it is known on Facebook, it becomes very easy!

PS: You can join our group ‘Everything About Blogging’, and you can promote your blog there!

Twitter: Follow the top bloggers in your place and follow your followers. This is the simple yet effective way to increase your targeted twitter followers. Once you have done this, you can tweetear your new articles and ask your followers to retweet it.

3. Video Marketing:

Create a video of 2 and add your blog to the beginning

Send them to YouTube, Metacafe, etc.

Tools to use: Use Screenr to create free videos


4. Spend time writing detailed articles.

Never assume that you can bring quality traffic without much effort.

You need to differentiate yourself with others to succeed. It takes time to create content, I agree, but you should not spend all your time creating normal or average messages of 600 words.

Spend time creating great content.

Write detailed messages with 1000 or 1500+ words from time to time. If you’re not a full-time blogger like me, at least try to create detailed publications once or twice a month.

So you can catch the attention of others and can show your blogging experience to your readers.

It is very important for you to create murderous articles regularly to survive in the blogosphere. This can bring your quality traffic to other sites or search engines.

4. Do not Forget SEO

Most people say they forget about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when you are just starting out.

I think it’s the dumbest suggestion!

You should focus on what keywords to use and how much keyword density you should keep in your content to get search engine traffic to your blog.

It is very important to bring organic traffic (search engine) to your blog. Because it’s free and highly effective!

Make sure it is not a keyword to fill its content. It makes your readers difficult to digest what you are saying in your articles.

And do proper keyword analysis before writing articles. Then embed them in your messages. If you are a beginner, then this is enough! Do not go any further, you will understand better about SEO when you are spending more time on blogging.


Always try to retweet and promote your fellow bloggers before asking them to promote your content. This can make others to promote your content sooner or later and you will have high chances of getting their attention if they find it useful.

I dint recommend guest blogging here in this post. Major reason is without having any online reputation you can not cope with other bloggers to get accepted your guest posts. When they reject you, you’ll feel down to submit another guest post to them.

So, focus on building a network by blog commenting, writing great stuff and social media networking using above tips.

Have I missed any other way to get traffic to A New Blog? Take your action by commenting below


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