The best alternatives of Google Adsense 2017 (High Paying)


The best alternatives of Google Adsense 2017 (High Paying)

The best alternatives of Google Adsense: Do you need to monetize your website through direct and contextual ads? Or if your Google AdSense account is recently disabled you can hunt for the highest paying Google Adsense Alternatives. If you are not approved by AdSense or if you are prohibited from putting the Google Adsense code in the wrong place, do not worry here are the top 10 Google AdSense alternatives that will give you the best profits.

This publication offers you the best monetization programs that can act as the best alternatives to Google AdSense if you do not have one. When it comes to blogging, you can not do better and professionally unless you are earning from it. This may seem blunt though it is true. Many bloggers may say that blogging is for passion and for serving others, it certainly is, however, you still need to nurture your passion with money to keep it running.

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There are several ways to earn from the blog as affiliate sales, through service or post sponsored. But still important blogs live by Google Adsense win. So here are the highest income Google Adsense Alternatives that can be used to monetize your blog.

The best alternatives of Google Adsense 2017 (High Paying)

The best alternatives of Google Adsense 2017 (High Paying)

The best alternatives of Google Adsense to monetize the website


Adcash is no. 1 Alternatives to Google AdSense. It had been found in 2007. It serves ads in up to 249+ countries on the computer and mobile platform. Its aim is to present a simple platform, therefore, will manage specific advertising campaigns with precision.

Provide high quality ads from leading brands.
Multiple ad resolutions.
Various ad formats, as well as banner ads, slide ads, footer ads, background ads, in-app and many footer ads.
No minimum traffic requirement to register.
It works in CPM. Therefore, each impression comes to count, and is paid accordingly.
Among the highest paying advertising system software.
In addition, it offers the live reports panel for your profit.
AdCash minimum payment: € 100 for PayPal, € 100 for the prepaid Payoneer card and € 100 for bank transfer.


Marketads can be a popular popunder advertising network that is fruitful for every publisher and advertiser. Accept all types of websites that are adult or non-adult. The fast approval process and simple payment terms make it the best popunder network in the city. With a plethora of options and powerful popunder advertising network, has already made a buzz among publishers as well as advertisers. Let us know some of its best features below:

You have a fast approval policy and your account is approved within 2 hours most of the time if you are following all your terms.

No minimum traffic requirement is required and websites are accepted for both adults and non-adults.
The advertiser will start with an investment of $ 5 while the publisher will withdraw the cash to $ 10.
Payments can be withdrawn daily through PayPal as soon as it reaches $ 10. You will be contacted by asking them about different forms of payment available.
Advertisers are given full control over their campaigns. Also, ask for money back anytime unless the money is used in running a campaign.

Each user is provided with 24×7 live support, then let or not it’s a holiday or weekend.


Qadabra is one of the best alternatives of Google Adsense in the market. With Qadabra’s high performance ads on your website, you’ll be sure that you’re getting the most out of your traffic. In addition to the high performance ads, you will receive automatic payments from the first $ 1, without having to reach a high limit to receive payment, unlike Google Adsense.

Qadabra offers enriched media (pop-ups, sliders, lightbox ads, and keep Ons) so you’ll enjoy an increase in rates. Rich media is one of the best ways to update your web monetization and Qadabra is one of the few you try to do. What stands out with Qadabra is nevertheless easy to use: by implementing the ad tag, you will see immediate performance. So, if you are looking for the best alternatives to Google Adsense, check out Qadabra and let us know what you think that.

Minimum Qadabra payments: $ 1 per PayPal, $ 20 per prepaid Payoneer card and $ 500 per bank transfer.


Chitika is one of the first things that come to mind after you are looking for nice contextual ads that can act as better alternatives to Google AdSense. You are paid on a CPC basis. Chitika is a lot of favorable for users who have important traffic from us and UK or Canada, etc. countries. Attributable to somewhat non-standard type ad placement, Chitika has still been under scrutiny. Editors, that is, will apply for the silver level or gold level to get a greater share in revenue.

Minimum Chitika payment: $ 10 for PayPal and $ 50 for check payments.

YAHOO BING NETWORK OR MEDIA.NET ANNOUNCEMENTS is ranked fifth on my list of the best alternatives of Google Adsense 2016. can be an affiliate of the association of Yahoo and Bing and is the best and most capable match for AdSense. The main websites use, which is currently in the beta state with invite only to register. But if your site is eligible, that is, you get a high traffic that will request and wait for your approval. You should give a try to if you are looking for the best Google Adsense alternatives.

Minimum payment: $ 100 via check or NEFT


Buying Selling Ads is the king of revenue program wherever advertising spaces are sold on your website. They are very difficult to approve and do not accept low traffic sites. They pay huge with good publishers to place ads on their website, however, the downside is they consume a significant portion of their profits. They share revenue in the ratio of 3: 1 with 75. It should be good ad platform for them looking for the best alternatives to Google Adsense.


Superlinks reserves the seventh position in the best list of Google Adsense Alternatives. Super links is relatively new and one among the most heavily growing network. It allows publishers who are banned from the Google AdSense program and are not able to earn Google Adsense revenue so they have a decent chance of getting approved. If your website has a potential for smart profits then you will use it to make huge money that could be impossible without AdSense.

Try Superlinks to get a good income income you really need to make extra money to try without AdSense.

Minimum payment: 100 $ through Paypal or via NEFT.


Do you have a ranking website {good | Honest | decent}? By ranking I mean a site with good PR, or Alexa. If your {site | Website | Website} has a good social media following without the PR too so you will simply be sleeping on money selling text ads from your site. Selling text ads is a thing of God as a way as all is well.

They offer you to pay to give them links. However beware of this is often a crime in Google terms. Your website will be banned if you do not look at SEO and just give bound links to get more cash.

That said, in addition, I would like to add that your website will earn 1000 if not millions, if you know what your limits are in selling ads. They pay you through checks, PayPal or TLA checks. Text link ads can be one among the best Google Adsense alternatives for all who want to increase their revenues and can sell links.

Minimum payment: 25 $


Infolinks is one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense, and is very popular with bloggers and publishers. Reason: they perform well without eating off their goods blog. Infolinks basically uses some text in your blog to put some relevant ads in your blog. The text appears to be a link and every time a user uses the link, they will see the ad and receive the payment.

The minimum payment is: 50 $ through Paypal or 100 $ for the payment of the banks.

Wrist point

Pulse Point is a good advertising program that works well both as the best alternatives to Google Adsense and as a partner with Google AdSense. Almost 3 billion real-time advertising transactions operate on a daily basis. That shows that only quality editors could have a chance to get approval. If you want to increase your income, you can give Pulse Point a try. It can be a good choice as a better alternative to Google Adsense.

Wrist point

Pulse Point is a good advertising program that works well both as the best alternatives to Google Adsense and as a partner with Google AdSense. Almost 3 billion real-time advertising transactions operate on a daily basis. That shows that only quality editors could have a chance to get approval. If you want to increase your income, you can give Pulse Point a try. It can be a good choice as a better alternative to Google Adsense.


Kontera ads are also the best alternative to Google Adsense, and offers the best ads for linking text and if you do not have room for banner ads. Kontera is used as Infolinks. Both have the same concept.

Kontera offers images and video ads. Try Konetra ADS, in case you are interested in experiencing something else on your site.

Minimum payment: 50 $ by check, PayPal.


Clicksor is the third-party ad offering similar ad types like Infolinks and Kontera. You can try any of them, and you will not be disappointed. You can make real money if you have enough traffic. Try a google adsense top alternative and share your comments with us.

Minimum payment: 50 $


Viglink comes in 13th place in the best alternatives of Google Adsense 2016. Viglink is not new, but the fact that very few know it is really sad. Viglinks get the extra work out of your head by adding and signing to different affiliate networks. It will automatically add your external links to Apple or Flipkart word link sites as an affiliate link so that whenever readers buy something from those sites you will get a commission.

This can be a great savior in case you forgot to add your affiliate link to the product and this will automatically convert them to a link.


Adengage is one of the best alternatives for google adsense and is worth a try. You can make a lot of money with the ad in case you have a minimum of 1000 impressions per day that is not too high. The interesting factor abouth this adsense alternative is that you can use it to monetize an adult site as well. They pay by check, paypal or bank transfer.

Minimum payment: 50 $


If you’re bored with regular CPC ad networks that pay you through clicks, and instead want to earn huge, performance-based ads like CPA or cost-per-action ads, revenue revenue is up to you. This has been one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense with regard to CPA costs and payments in certain niches like health and lifestyle you have to earn more when users perform some functions on your site with click on the Ad network

Income Hits might require some time to familiarize yourself with the behavior of your site reader and so I suggest you leave intact for a few days and see the change it brings in your earnings. It offers a variety of advertising media such as banner ads, sliders, pop-under and even buttons that indicate a call to action. You should give a try to this if other Google Adsense alternatives are not working for you.


As a competitor to Google AdSense, adversal has similar functions as Chitika. Unlike Chitika, Adverse has a great CTR or click through rate and is also used along with other languages ​​that Chitika is not supported. Adversal requires users to have a minimum of 50000 visits per month, but as you know, it pays very well. I know website owners who earn $ 500-1000 through adverse ad monetization programs.

Therefore, Adversal deserve to be on the list of the best google adsense alternatives.

Minimum payment: 20 $


Bidvertiser is one of the high paying Google Adsense alternatives to use when your AdSense is banned or disabled. Get to show ads with higher offers on your website. They pay well in the CPC format and pay via check, paypal, and wire transfer.

Minimum payment: $ 10

Sponsored Links

Sponsored reviews are my favorite alternative to Google Adsense, and it works beautifully for me. It is enough Adsense alternative for those who do not like to put ads, or I must say that they want to clean their website.

Did you hear the sponsored reviews for the first time? Then let me give little information on sponsored reviews to you. Sponsored reviews are paid reviews. Under which you need to write an excellent review (promotional review) of the services of the company or product and post on your blog. In return, the company paid you.

You can request the desired amount for a particular review. If you have true followers in social media networks, advertisers are told and charged for promoting the posting of comments on social networks.

In this way, he obtained the double benefit, first is the promotion of his blog and additional money.

If you are good at SEO, and you can surely rank your review post on page # 1 on Google. Then do not miss this golden opportunity. Just tell them about this advertiser and they will be happy to pay more $$$.

It’s a win-win deal for both advertisers and you. They have massive traffic to your website, and you have $ $ more traffic both.


These were the best and best alternatives of Google Adsense for your blog. I’ve written the main Google AdSense alternatives to monetize your site. While there are many more advertising options and blog monetization methods like affiliate marketing and sales reviews, here these Google Adsense alternatives are best for people looking for non-AdSense monetization programs.

What are the best alternatives of Google Adsense according to you? Do not forget to share your experience with the best alternatives to google adsense in the comments.



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