Santa Claus allowed permission to enter Irish air space

Santa Claus allowed permission to enter Irish air space

His reindeer and Santa Claus have now been given permission to enter Irish air space in accordance with Minister for Transport Shane Ross
Despite Storm Barbara threatenening the travel plans, the Irish Aviation Authority has guaranteed the Minister that everything is great to really go.

“I happen to be told that the big, jolly guy on a flying sleigh that was low, helped maybe some elves and by reindeer, will be entering Irish air space tomorrow ” Mr Ross said on Friday.

“I ‘d so support all kids to be security tucked up in their beds as early as possible to ensure his reindeer and Santa can go about their work ”

“I also have just received an essential message from Mrs Claus who has requested when you’re having a gay beverage, please leave the vehicle at house and that everyone take particular attention on our roads this holiday season.”

Canada’s transport department said that Santa Claus revived his commercial aviator’s permit, passing a written examination in addition to a health check – despite high sugar levels.

Christmas Eve and will be available here:


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