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7 Reasons Why You Should Move From Blogger to WordPress

Without a doubt, Blogspot / blogger is one of the best blogging platforms for new bloggers.

But if you are going to take blogs seriously and as a business I recommend you move from Blogger to WordPress now.

There are few things I hate about blogspot.

Poor SEO
Less control over the blog
Zone of comments sucks!
Unprofessional Watch
Less range of templates and widgets
Poor customer service
and so…

The easiest way to know what is popular and what is good is to see the number of users. However, Goggle’s Blogger blogging platform has a good user base, they simply can not compete with over 62,353,633 sites using WordPress.

That alone is fair enough to say how amazing WordPress is, but let’s take this discussion a little deeper and show you exactly why you should move from Blogger to WordPress now.

7 reasons to move from Blogger to WordPress

7 reasons to move from Blogger to WordPress

7 reasons to move from Blogger to WordPress

Choosing the best platform is a difficult decision especially for new bloggers. Most experienced bloggers suggest that we use WordPress. Comes with many features. WordPress is the most powerful blogging platform.

I wonder, why is WordPress still free? Unesdoc.unesco.org unesdoc.unesco.org

If you are still in blogspot or blogger. I recommend that you move from Blogger to WordPress now.


Here are some reasons why WordPress is better and should move from blogger to wordpress today.

1. Best design options:

7 reasons to move from Blogger to WordPress

7 reasons to move from Blogger to WordPress

Blogger is too limited when it comes to design and has no chance against the flexibility of WordPress to allow users to design a site from scratch and give it any way they want without having to worry about anything.

Since, WordPress is clearly much more popular than Blogger, it is obvious that more designers are willing to work for WordPress sites which is why there are millions of awesome WordPress themes to choose from and ranging from Business to Travel Blogs, from Kitchen gardening Blogs and everything else you can think of blog about.

You can find tons of perfect, professional WordPress themes. Right now, the best and best WordPress themed club are;

Smart Themes: Get more than 81 themes for $ 39
ThemeJunkie – Affordable Theme Premium Provider

2. Best SEO:

Blogger uses a long page full of HTML to do all the things that makes it less SEO friendly even though it is managed by Google itself.

On the other hand, WordPress is better for SEO and there are no arguments, no question and no competitors. There is nothing better than WordPress if you want to flaunt the search engines and attract huge traffic from there. This is a very strong reason to move from Blogger to WordPress now.

SEOPressor is currently best SEO plugin for WordPress, You can easily on the first page of google easily.

3. Easy to handle:

WordPress is totally easy to manage. You can do anything in split second and see results that would be much better compared to Blogger.

WordPress even allows you to manage and control as many sites as you want from a single control panel and this is something that is nowhere on Blogger.

4. Total control:

If you have a WordPress blog hosted by yourself, there is nothing in this world that can cause your blog to be deleted, except breaking the rules of hosting company which is very rare case as they give you a lot of flexibility and not There are limits and restrictions on what type of content or promotion strategies you are using. You are totally in control of the game here.

This is the main reason why I recommend every blogger to move from Blogger to WordPress as soon as possible.

5. Faster load:

As mentioned before, Blogger uses only a long page of HTML to do everything. This not only results in poor SEO, but drastically decreases the loading time. In the case of WordPress, your blog loads fairly well by default. And, if you want to increase speed, there are add-ons to speed up WordPress,

6. Easy to Sell:

Anyone who has a real passion for blogging never wants to sell their blog, but there are conditions at some point where they are left with the option, but to let their blog go in other hands.

Whenever such a thing happens, you will have a hard time finding a person who is willing to buy a blog hosted on Blogger and that is due to many reasons. Free accommodation and limited options. At that time, WordPress is the best thing in the world that you can have. You can sell a WordPress blog in a matter of minutes, take money, spend it wherever you want and enjoy your hard work being paid.

7. Plugins to do anything and everything:

Do you want to change your logo on Blogger?

Or can you consider changing the header? Or something like that.

If so, get ready to have a fight with HTML and dive into the codes.
But what if you are in WordPress? You can get many add-ons to manage the blog if you move from Blogger to WordPress. Just like the header says, you can simply do anything and everything by installing a plugin and there is no need to know the entire language.

How to move from Blogger to WordPress?

Switch from blogger to wordpress

I’m sure that after reading the previous reasons to move from blogger to WordPress, you should be thinking How?

I will do the migration service for you at very low rates. This is what includes my migration from Blogger to WordPress;

Free WordPress setup
Import all messages, comments and pages
Maintain and redirect URLs
Retention of all feed subscribers
Free WordPress Performance Optimization
Email support for 7 days (Applicable conditions)

Simply send me an email top10best.me@gmail.com to know more about this service and the price. I will contact you within 24 hours.

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