OMG! The Best Silicon Hair Treatment – Helps You Treat Hair Loss? Ever!

Silicon Hair Treatment – Helps You Treat Hair Loss?

These days, hair loss is a major problem for every man and woman. Hair fall occurs due to various reasons, ranging from seasonal changes in hair care or improper diet. Once we sing to try all herbal and otc treatments for hair loss, we turn to the consultants. There are many anti-hair loss clinics with professionally trained consultants to provide a solution to those who are affected by hair loss.

What is Silicone Hair Treatment?

Silicon Hair Treatment - Helps You Treat Hair Loss?

Silicon Hair Treatment – Helps You Treat Hair Loss?

While there are several treatments that will help you get back your lovely braids, silicon hair treatment is one of the popular methods first practiced. Silicon Hair System, a non-surgical treatment for hair re-growth is suitable for partial baldness. During this replacement treatment, silicon is used to fix the hair to the bald area.

Why choose hair treatment for silicon?

Being the newest and simplest treatment for partial baldness, the silicon hair treatment is preferred by several as it is non-surgical and almost painless. In addition, this method helps to gain adequate volume or density compared to the hair transplant method. It also consumes less time.

Needless to say, silicon hair treatment claims to be 100% safe and when re-growth, they end up with actual human hair instead of the synthetic hair that you get in hair binding or weaving methods. On the other hand, your new hair can have a natural touch and texture, while being elegant and washable.

After undergoing this treatment, you will keep it with life as usual. Simple tasks like applying shampoo, bathing, swimming, driving your new hair can stand it all and not be worse for wear.

More about Silicon Hair Treatment

Silicon hair treatment has a fixed procedure for treating baldness. As within the hair bonding method, the silicon based treatment further involves adjusting the hair using minute clips. Silicon is used in the base of the patch that resembles the original scalp. With this silicon-based patch, it can be surprisingly difficult to differentiate between your new hair and the original hair.

Silicone hair treatment can be a deep conditioning treatment that is designed to be used every few weeks to impart a polish and smoothness to the hair. Silicon deposits specially formulated on the hair, which has 2 functions. First, the deposited silicon provides shine to the hair because it has high refractive properties. Secondly, silicon has a durable defensive coating, which acts as a lubricant or sealant, preventing loss of moisture.

Effectiveness of silicon hair treatment

Although silicone hair treatments only give temporary effects and edges, you will prolong the benefits with some careful planning and re-treatments. However, it is suggested that they do not undergo these treatments frequently more than is suggested by the manufacturer or a trichologist.

Silicon hair treatments are also suitable for those with ethnic coarse, curly and alternative ethnic hair types. In addition to resulting in hair regrowth, this treatment additionally provides shine and volume, while restoring the shine and flexibility of damaged hair.

Silicon hair treatments protect the hair from damage caused due to uv rays. It also protects the treated dye from fading by providing additional sun protection.

Hair silicone treatment is not less than a blessing for those who lose hair early in life. With a number of skin and hair care centers multiplying in all parts of the country, the cost of silicon hair treatment is no longer unaffordable and is, in fact, quite competitive. If you are losing hair with baldness, it is time to consider silicon hair treatment!

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