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Okinawa Diet: The Secret of Life 100+

Recently, nutritionists and normal people who are aware of health are spoken on the Okinawan diet. This is not really surprising.

Jiroemon Kimura the oldest man who has ever lived died for a new record of 116 years. Lived in Kyotango, Kyoto is nearby. Misao Okawa holds the record when he was still alive for 115 years before him. According to the United Nations, the Japanese have the highest number of elderly people worldwide, most of them with at least 100 years.


Okinawa diet

So what is their secret? We all know that eating something with its long life. For this reason many people are curious about the Okinawan diet. Okinawa is an island in Japan that holds the record keeping the world’s highest percentage of centenarians. Now, including the famous Okinawan diet? Find out below:

1. Low Calorie

Okinawas eating food low in calories, usually 20% lower than the average Japanese. They eat a calorie per gram and no more than that. On average, the body mass index (BMI) is 20. It is assumed that limiting the amount of calories, several benefits may be consumed, including:

A better health
Slow aging
The intelligent use of energy

2. Rich in antioxidants

Okinawans eat vegetables that can be classified as GOY, marked in green, orange and yellow. This means eating fruits, roots, tubers and vegetables in the above-mentioned colors. Goy many foods contain antioxidants, including:

3. Low in sugar and fat

Sugar and fat are known culprit health deteriorates. Therefore, the diet in both Okinawas is low. In fact, they only consume 25% sugar and almost all other diets (75%) are for cereals. This helps prevent stroke and heart disease.

4. Vegetables and seafood

Most of the vegetarians are Okinawan. Some eat seafood because they are on the island. , But they eat small amounts of fish and focus on green, mainly vegetables low calorie. These include legumes and bitter melons. They also try to avoid meat, dairy products and eggs, as much as possible. However, fish are part of their diet because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA, EPA and ALA.

Most love soybeans, usually called Okinawas Tofu. It is a good source of protein and also comes with other nutrients. However, the regime is eating all about Okinawan discipline in the selection of food.

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