NFL Week 16 Degrees: Browns get ‘A +’ for the first win in over a year, Jets get ‘F’

NFL Week 16 grades: Browns get 'A+' for first win in over a year, Jets get 'F'

NFL : Browns longer winless and legally qualifies as a Christmas miracle. It is not an exaggeration. The Browns went into their meeting of the 16th week with chargers with 0-14 record and without any real hope of victory in a game this season. In fact, the last time the Browns scored more points than the opponent? December 13, 2015, back when Menzel, Johnny was still a thing; Cleveland was ahead of San Francisco, 24-10, and was serviceable Manziel 21 of 31 for 270 yards with a touchdown and an interception. In the 54 weeks from the time the Browns were winless in 17 consecutive games. There was little reason for optimism – they rank dead last in efficiency, Football Outsiders, away from the next worst team, the Jets. Their quarterback situation is a mess, only surpassed by the worst league defense. All this was part of the last recovery efforts, one that this time included the hiring of a former top manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in Paul DePodesta guru defender in Hue coach Jackson and then accumulating draft boat takes in an attempt to gain some talent on the roster are desperate for it. As expected, the results were humiliating – hey, it’s Cleveland – although all the credit in the world, Jackson and his players for hanging in there. No one would blame them if they just threw up their hands and give up, even in a figurative sense, but it never came to that. And their reward? After nearly four months of football, one lone win their Super Bowl. Yes, it comes with five winning Chargers, but if the “beggars can not be choosers” is never used, it is right at this very moment. The Browns would not care if they beat the 49ers win one (again) or 12 winning Cowboys. All that matters is the same, and now they can avoid the dishonor of accession to the 2008 Lions, the only other team to go 0-16. But, perhaps, victory should not be a big surprise. We wrote last week that while the chances of the Browns to win their last three games were only one percent, according to Stephen Sportsline Oh, those odds dramatically increased to 36 percent when we considered only the game chargers. There’s still a lot to do. The aforementioned quarterback situation looks threatening. Rookie third-round draft pick Cody Kessler was serviceable in difficult conditions, while the off-season signing Robert Griffin III was … well, bad. Griffin left Saturday’s game early in the fourth quarter, after taking seven sacks and one big hit on the head. Ironically, it was the best game of Griffin’s season – he finished 17 of 25 for 164 yards and no turnovers – although it is unclear if he will be available for the final season in Pittsburgh, or what the organization plans might be for him in 2017.



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