The 10 most expensive helicopters in the world

Sikorsky S92

The 10 most expensive helicopters in the world

Helicopters are in the world and led in 1936 when Focke-Wulf FW61 was introduced. Then in 1941, Igor Sikorsky has almost 131 helicopters in total. Before the invention of helicopters, there was a machine that could lift vertically and land on the ground. Helicopters are used for various purposes, including envelope, construction, rescue, research, fighting fires, tourism, medicine, transportation and for aerial observation, which can be used on differently the person.

There are various brands in the world are helicopters with different characteristics that differ on their properties in price depending on the utilization and technology used in them. Some rich people in the world have their private helicopter for personal use as they can pay for your comfort and keep their standard of life in the company that represents their status for others. Helicopters are much more expensive and luxurious way to travel to the world.

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Here are the 10 most expensive helicopters ever made in the world:

10. Eurocopter EC135:


Eurocopter EC135 is the one that seems imaginary, done with the bird futuristic. It comes with the prominent brown neck and a long tail. Inside this helicopter made by the famous brand comes Hermes with invisible seam and perfect coating, so there is a lot of class there. It is equipped with two powerful turbomotor and has a range of 635 km. The estimated price of this helicopter is almost $ 4.2 million.

9. Eurocopter EC145:


The Eurocopter EC145 is a multifunctional. It is manufactured as the best size in a medium and has two-engine helicopter in it. It is also improved with the rotor blades to produce less noise and also vibrations. The Eurocopter EC145 can carry about 11 passengers in a large capacity. It comes with a maximum range of 680 km and can go at a speed of 1600 meters per second. The estimated value of this helicopter is 5.5 million US $.

8. AgustaWestland AW109:


AgustaWestland AW109 is a light helicopter manufactured with the twin turbo engine and was made by the collaboration of Italian and British company. It was introduced in 1971, but the formal introduction was introduced 1976 AgustaWestland AW109 is made by different forces, including the Swiss Air Rescue Royal Air Force of New Zealand and the Italian army its largest users. It is mainly used for rescue, transportation, medical and military purposes and is sold at a price of 6.3 million.

7. Eurocopter EC175:


Eurocopter EC175 is the helicopter that has an estimated value of $ 7.9 million and was released in 2008 but was certified in 2011 was designed for civilian use and also for the support of oil and gas and transportation as well. It is equipped with a digital control system of the engine and the rotor with blades 5, which is a new invention in helicopter technology.

6. Eurocopter EC155:


Eurocopter EC155 helicopter is a passenger transport fixed to 10 million. It is a twin engine that can hold almost 13 passengers on it except the driver. It is designed to support and maritime transport. Eurocopter EC155 is equipped with dual-channel, and all the cabin glass and equipped with the latest digital control.

5. Sikorsky S-76C:

Sikorsky S-76C

Sikorsky S-76C is another medium used for the commercial base. It was made and used by the royal family of Great Britain and also by the famous character named Donald Trump. It is used for various airlines, hospitals, businesses and even governmental purposes. The landing gear is retractable this plan, and the rotors have four wings. It is sold the helicopter at a price of $ 12.950.000, which is very expensive.

4. AgustaWestland AW139:

AgustaWestland AW139

AgustaWestland AW139 is a medium-sized helicopter also with twin turbo engines and is sold at a price of $ 14.500.000. It is the invention of the company, as the company is designated to make the most influential worldwide for all products. AgustaWestland AW139 is used for civilian use, and also listed in military helicopters. It has a rotor with 5 blades in it and can carry almost 15 passengers on it and is much more spacious aircraft of all time.

3. Bell-525:


The first three most expensive of the helicopter world 525 is the last helicopter the latest invention of the Bell Helicopter company. It is medium-sized and is made of the best metal composition. 525 Bell is the twin turbo engine and can carry 16 passengers in it and the maximum range of 741 km. It is very elegant in design and the estimated price of this helicopter is almost $ 15 million.

2. Sikorsky S92:

Sikorsky S92

Sikorsky S92 is also another helicopter incredible medium. This helicopter is equipped with twin engine and is used by the military. It has a full aluminum chassis also some composite parts in it. This helicopter rotor blades 4 to reduce vibration and noise. Almost all parts of this helicopter are made of pure titanium. The value of these helicopters is $ 17 million, which is very expensive.

1. AgustaWestland AW101:


Helicopter most expensive in the Mundial AgustaWestland AW101 is a medium-sized helicopter made by the collaboration of the Italian and British production company Chopper. It is used by rich personalities from countries like India and Saudi Arabia. It is mainly for the anti-submarine and transportation. The main forces including helicopters include the Royal Danish Air Force, Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy and the Italian Navy. Comes with an estimated value of $ 21 million it is the most expensive helicopter in the world.

10 Most Expensive Helicopters in the World – Top Ten

Sr.No. Name Value
1 AgustaWestland AW101 $ 21 Million
2 Sikorsky S92 $ 17 Million
3 Bell 525 $ 15 Million
4 AgustaWestland AW139 $ 14.5 Million
5 Sikorsky S-76C $ 12.95 Million
6 Eurocopter EC155 $ 10 Million
7 Eurocopter EC175 $ 7.9 Million
8 AgustaWestland AW109 $ 6.3 Million
9 Eurocopter EC145 $ 5.5 Million
10 Eurocopter EC135 $ 4.2 Million


The previous ranking of the 10 most expensive helicopters is based on the value given to these helicopters. All these helicopters are made by the best companies. These have new features and a great capacity for passengers as well. These helicopters are used for various purposes, and especially by the armed forces of different countries.

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