LIC Money Back Policy 25 years of experience ( Guide To Know)

LIC Money Back Policy 25 years of experience

25 year old money repayment policy can be an unrelated life insurance plan that offers guaranteed returns and bonus. Lic money back 25 years of insurance policy combines twin edges saving and insurance. In the money back 25 years of partial survival insurance policy means that a percentage of the guaranteed sum is paid to the policyholder at specific intervals during the term of the policy.

Lic The new 25 year money back policy (Table 93) is a regular repayment insurance policy. The premium during this plan has to be paid for a period of 20 years using LIC money back Policy 25 Year Calculator, while the policy continues for 25 years.

The policy will be taken by anyone between 13 and 45 years of age for a fixed term of 25 years. The major benefit of this new 25-year money-back policy is a percentage of the insured amount ie August 15, 1945 are returned to the policyholder in the form of a survival benefit periodically every 5 years during the term of the policy.

LIC 25 year money back policy Eligibility conditions

LIC Money Back Policy 25 years of experience

LIC Money Back Policy 25 years of experience


Lic Money Back policy 25 years Eligibility

Maximum age: 45 years
Minimum age: 13 years

Lic New Money Back 25 years of policy Sum assured

Minimum: Rs. 1,00,000 / –
Maximum: unlimited
The basic sum insured will be in the multiples of Rs. 5000

Lic New Money Policy Policy for 25 years

Term of policy: – 25 years
Maximum maturity Age: – 70 years (the closest birthday)

Lic Money Back Policy 25 years Premium Paying Mode

Monthly (SSS, ECS)

Conditions : The documents required to take the 25-Year Money Back License Policy are

Application form / proposal form with photo
Verification of domicile
Proof of age
Medical reports (if necessary)
Death by Accident and Disability Benefit

Minimum age to enter: 18 years (Completed)
Maximum Age at Entry: Coverage can be opted for on any anniversary of the policy during the premium payment period.
Maximum maximum deck age: 70 years (closest birthday)
Minimum accident benefit Sum Insured: Rs. 1,00,000
Maximum Benefit Amount of Insured Accident: An amount equal to the Insured Basic Quantity subject to the maximum of RS. 50,00,000 / – general limit when taking all existing policies of the Life Insurer under individual policies as well as the policies of the Group.
Lic Money Back policy 25 years Sale

Annual: – 2% of the tabular premium
Semiannual: – 1% of the tabular premium
Quarterly: – Nil
Monthly: – Nil

Lic Money Back policy Sum Insured Rebate:


Sum Assured Rebate
From Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. 1,95,000/- NIL
From Rs. 2,00,000/- to Rs. 4,95,000/- For every  1,000 Rs./- Sum Assured  2.00 Rs/- rebate
From Rs. 5,00,000/- and above For every  1,000 Rs./- Sum Assured  3.00 Rs/- rebate

You can calculate your premium policy with a premium calculator. To calculate, you must enter your name, email id, mobile phone number, age, term, sum insured.

Lic Money Back policy 25 years Review and main features

Lic new money back policy 25 years is a simple money plan with both death and survival benefits.
For a 25-year money-back policy (Table 93), 15% of the guaranteed sum is paid every 5, 10, 15 and 20 years, and the balance 40% plus the accrued premium payable in the 25th year.
The main important feature of Money Back Policy of 25 years is in case of death at any time within the term of the policy, the death claim comprises the total sum insured without deducting any of the amounts of the survival benefits, which have already Been paid. In the same way, the bonus is also calculated on the total sum insured.
The simple reversion bonus is paid at the policy maturity or at a previous death.
Optional top cover via Riders.

Lic Money Back Policy 25 Years Benefits

Survivor benefit: In the event that the life insured survives at the end of the specified durations 15% of the basic sum insured at the end of each year of the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th policies.
Profit to Expiration: In the event that the Insured Life survives the stipulated maturity date, 40% of the basic sum insured together with Simple Reversion Bonds and Additional Final Bonds will be paid.
Benefit of death:
In the event of death during the policy period, as long as the policy is in force, the death benefit, defined as the sum of the “sum insured by death” and the simple reversion bonds and the final additional bonus, if If any, shall be payable. When the “sum assured by death” is defined as greater than 125% of the basic sum insured or 10 times the annualized premium. This death benefit shall not be less than 105% of the total premiums paid on the date of death.
If the insured person dies within the policy period, then the policy candidate will receive the death benefit (sum insured upon dying) + simple reversion bonus + FAB (final additional bonus), if any.

Lic Money Back Policy 25 years Claims

Lic Money Back policy 25 years Expiration Requirement: Insured Amount – Survival Benefits + Simple Reversal Bonus + FAB (final additional bonus) if there is one.

25-year License Moneyback Policy Death Claim: Sum Insured in Death means 125% of the insured basic sum (1.25 x BSA) or 10 times the annual premium (10 x AP), whichever is greater That the candidate be paid. The death benefit paid must be greater than 105% of the total premiums paid at the date of death.

Additional Information Related to the Money Back Policy 25 years

Lic Money Back Policy Risk Cover:

Maximum Sum Insurance: 1,00,000
Minimum sum insured: No limit.

Lic Money Back Policy Loan:

The loan facility is available under this plan after the policy acquires the amount disbursed.
The Loan as a percentage of the redemption value will be as follows.
For current / fully disbursed policies – up to 90%.
For policies paid up to 80%
Home Loan Guarantee: Available

Policy Revival: The policy can be revived before 2 years from the date of the first unpaid premium (FUP).

Riders available: Yes

Proposal Forms: Proposal Form no. 300 or 340 will be used under the money back policy Lic 25 years.

Rescue value:

The 25 year policy of the Lic money back policy can be delivered at any time during the policy period, provided the premiums have been paid for three full years.

Lic Money Back Policy 25 years Example

Suppose that if kumar takes the new money plan back 25 years for 10,00,000 Rs. / – for 25 years, then if he dies, then he will be paid 125% of the insured basic sum or 10 times of the annual premium Whichever is greater, that is,

The basic sum insured is Rs. 10,00,000

125% BSA 10.00,000 X 125/100 = 12.50,000

Suppose Naveen paid the premium for 5 years and died. Let the annual premium be 50,000 then.

10 times of 50,000 is Rs. 5,00,000 / –

As 12,50,000 is greater than 5,00,000 the Nominee obtains 12,50,000 as a Death Benefit.

Lic Money back policy 25 years Tabular award

13 59.50
14 59.55
15 59.65
16 59.70
17 59.75
18 59.85
19 59.90
20 60.00
21 60.05
22 60.15
23 60.25
24 60.35
25 60.50
26 60.65
27 60.80
28 61.00
29 61.20
30 61.45
31 61.75
32 62.05
33 62.40
34 62.80
35 63.20
36 63.65
37 64.15
38 64.70
39 65.30
40 65.95
41 66.65
42 67.45
43 68.25
44 69.15
45 70.15
46 0.00
47 0.00
48 0.00
49 0.00
50 0.00

Lic Money Back Policy 25 years old


1. What happened if you stopped paying the premium?

A. If you stop paying premiums after 3 years of policy, the policy acquires a Value Paid for a Reduced Sum Insurance but the policy would be eligible for any future regular additions.

2. If you want to give up the policy?

A. There is a Guaranteed Performance Value after 3 years of policy.

Guaranteed Delivery Value = 30% of all premiums paid – first year premium.

3.Is the loan available for this policy?

A. The loan facility is not available under this policy.

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