How to resolve the conflict of IP addresses on a Windows PC ( resolve ip address conflict )

Resolve IP Address Conflict

How to resolve the conflict of IP addresses on a Windows PC

Resolve IP Address Conflict

Internet today is widely used to perform many routine tasks. Internet is a global network. Each device is assigned a unique IP address assigned only over the Internet. Local networks will also share resources such as the Internet, create printers, etc. Local networks are created in two ways by assigning a static IP address to each computer and configuring a DHCP server to allow each computer in a particular Field to assign a dynamic IP address. Some time two teams have the same IP address in a network. Therefore, the two computers can not communicate on the network and a failure message indicates that there is an IP address conflict in the network. In this article we will explain how to resolve the IP address conflict in Windows PC. This allows us to access the Internet or any other network without errors or problems.

Steps to resolve IP address conflicts in Windows.

Some of the most common reasons (scenarios) for IP address conflicts are:

A PC is assigned a static IP address that conflicts with the range of DHCP servers.
Two different PCs assigned the same static IP address.
Configure two or more DHCP servers and their scope to conflict with each other.

To fix intellectual property disputes:

1. start the computer, usually resolve the problem when the IP address is assigned via DHCP.
2. Static IP, use the following method to set the new static IP address.

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The solution to the first and second scenarios is to change the static IP address that conflicts with DHCP scope or another static IP address.

Steps to reconfigure the static IP address

1. Click the Start menu and type the system control in the search bar.
Panel-control option.

Resolve IP Address Conflict
2. In the Network and Internet Control Panel

Resolve IP Address Conflict

3. Now the network window and the distribution center appears.

Resolve IP Address
4. In the left sidebar, click the Changeover Adapter setting point.
Resolve IP Address Conflict

5. Change adapter settings. You will now see all the cards in your network.

6. Right-click the adapter that is used for the Internet connection, and then select Properties.

Resolve IP Address Conflict

7. Now a dialog box is displayed on the Network tab, click Internet Protocol version 4, and click Properties.

Resolve IP Address Conflict
8. In the properties, we can easily choose the IP address of the DHCP or static IP address fill.

Resolve IP Address Conflict
9. Internet Protocol Version4 properties. After your IP address change, restart the computer and resolve IP address conflicts after that.

Method 2: – Release and renew the IP address.

To release the current IP address, follow these steps.

Click the Start menu, type the prompt in the search bar, and then press Enter.
Now type the following command at the prompt.

Resolve IP Address Conflict
NOTE: – If your computer has a static IP address, the operation fails for the previous command. Then we have to go after the previous procedure to change the static IP address.

3. After this command, type the following command to update your IP address.


Resolve IP Address Conflict
4. After the IP address of our computer with a new IP address from the DHCP server is renewed and it will resolve the IP address conflicts.

Resolve IP Address Conflict
Now the IP address conflicts have solved.

In conclusion, we hope that this simple guide on how to solve the conflict of IP addresses on the Windows PC network will help you solve your problem. Share this article with your friends if you find it useful. For the support, please write in the comments below.


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