How to Make Pixels with Google Spreadsheets (Guide To Know)


How to Make Pixels with Google Spreadsheets

You may have been using Google Spreadsheets for budget and project management; however, did you know that a similar sheet application can help you create stunning pixel paintings in a matter of minutes? The Google blog recently published a story of two illustrators who created a glossy and beautiful wall mural using Google Spreadsheets.

The idea is easy. Each cell in the worksheet corresponds to one pixel in the painting. Calculates the color of the pixel and creates the background color of the corresponding cell. They currently resize worksheet cells into small perfect squares and their spreadsheet can look exactly like the original artwork.

How to Paint with Google Spreadsheets

How to Make Pixels with Google Spreadsheets

How to Make Pixels with Google Spreadsheets

If you want to create your own spreadsheet, but do not have time to carefully paint each cell manually, here is an easy solution for you. You will take any photograph, vector art, or any other image and use a Google script to convert that bitmap image into spreadsheet art.

Create pixel art with Google spreadsheets

Take a few simple steps to make pixel art with Google Sheets. You will use any free image, but make sure they are 300 pixels or less for optimum performance.

Open the Google Spreadsheet template and copy it to your own Google Drive.
Go to the Spreadsheet Art menu, choose the image upload option and choose the image you downloaded in the previous step.
The sheet can now analyze each pixel in the image and write the corresponding hexadecimal color codes within the cells of the spreadsheets.
Select the “Apply Colors” option and Google Script can set the background color of each worksheet cell equal to the value of the cell.
The cells in the worksheet are rectangles, while the pixels are perfect squares. Choose step three to resize each cell in the worksheet as a square.
And that is. Your spreadsheet is now ready.

The end result may seem a little pixilated because we used a small image as a template source, but impressive nonetheless. It will download the Google Sheet as a PDF file or save it in Microsoft Excel format.


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