How to Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days Limit – 2017

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How to Change/Rename Facebook Profile Name – 2017

How to Change/Rename Facebook Profile Name - 2017
How to Change/Rename Facebook Profile Name – 2017


Change/Rename Facebook Profile Name : Facebook has certainly set the standards of social networks. It is one of the largest websites on earth with millions of active users. It offers various features for all types of users. For personal use, we can make a Facebook profile and connect with our friends and family. Where, companies and famous personalities can make a Facebook page that helps in connecting and exchanging with large number of fans. To manage a large amount of functionality, Facebook offers a large number of options and configurations that help manage your account. But these adjustments can be a bit overwhelming. Many users make this query on how to change the name on Facebook in case of any error or block. This process is a bit complicated as there are some conditions. So, here’s a complete guide on how to change your Facebook name in simple, easy-to-understand steps. Follow the steps to change your profile name or Facebook page.

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How to change the name on Facebook  profile


Method 1: – Normal way to rename Facebook account.

If this is your first time changing the name on Facebook, it would be very easy. Just follow the steps indicated.

Sign in to the Facebook account for which you want to rename.

Click the visible icon on the top right of Facebook and then the drop-down list will appear and select the Settings option.

The general settings will now appear.

Then click Edit for the name. Now enter your name and click Revise Change.

Enter your password and click Save Changes.

Method 2: – Rename Facebook before 60 days limit

How to Change/Rename Facebook Profile Name - 2017
How to Change/Rename Facebook Profile Name – 2017

If you have crossed the boundaries of changing your name on Facebook or want to change your name again before 60 days from a previous change, it might be a bit difficult for you. This is because Facebook does not allow you to change the name over and over again. So, follow our guide on how to change the Facebook name on the profile before 60 days or after crossing the limit.

You can not change your name now because you have changed it in the last 60 days. Learn more.


Method 3: – Rename Facebook after crossing the limit.

Usually Facebook allows us to change our profile name several times. But due to the misuse of these features, Facebook had to apply few restrictions. Many Facebook users create a fake account and then after account grow they prefer to change their name and then turn the Facebook profile into the page. But to reduce spam, Facebook introduces the previously explained 60-day limit security. But another big problem is the maximum of possibilities provided by Facebook to change the name. Facebook allows a maximum of 5.6 times to change the profile name. After it changes the name function will be blocked. So in case you are not spamming or for any other reason you had exceeded the name change limit, but you want to change name, then it is only possible to request Facebook via official form.

How to Change/Rename Facebook Profile Name - 2017
How to Change/Rename Facebook Profile Name – 2017


“You can not update your name now because you have changed it many times”

First Log in to your Facebook account you want to rename.

Then open below the given shape.

Visit here

Now fill in all the required details like New name, last name or last name.

Then, select the appropriate reason to change the name.

Now Select Govt issued any proof of identification and make sure that the name should be similar as a new name.

Send the request and wait a few days to respond to the request by email.


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