How To Change/Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page – 2017

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Change/Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page

How To Change/Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page – 2017 (Full Guide)
How To Change/Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page – 2017 (Full Guide)
Facebook is rather a great place to connect with people around the world. Facebook developers are providing new features after a short period of time. As normally, we joined some groups, event, and also such as pages. All these features are the best way to establish relationships between people. Some of us use Facebook for pleasure and others doing business on Facebook. Pages are more likely preferred by small businesses, celebrities, etc to target audience. As we explained the best ways to increase sympathy on Facebook. But it is not easy for everyone to grow their Facebook page. All must implement some strategies to convert the Facebook profile page that are useful to effectively increase likes.
But there is more a difference between targeting and reach normal profile page. Profiles are limited compared with less than a small page. We can only add up to 5,000 friends and only then others may follow. We can send more messages. We can stimulate jobs in the profile. These are just a few aspects that are normally faced by business users use profile. In this case, the best possible solution is to convert Facebook profile page. That means we can easily migrate your Facebook profile page.
How to convert from Facebook profile to page 
First log in account you want to convert the page. Then change the account name you want names. The page will become the name that you used on the account.
Then you need to continue with the migration form. Which will convert the profile page. You can look it up on Facebook help center. Even you can access the button below.
Help Center explained everything about migration and understanding you can continue with the migration through the link provided them. If you can not find the time,
Now click Start now to continue to migrate Profile page.
Then select the category page as a business, brand or community, etc. After selecting the category in which it asked for the password as you wish to convert or not.
How To Change/Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page – 2017 (Full Guide)
How To Change/Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page – 2017 (Full Guide)
Sometime shown also that error to log on to your account from a device previously used for log. So do not worry take 24-48 hours due to security account after this time will be able to migrate.
How To Change/Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page – 2017 (Full Guide)
How To Change/Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page – 2017 (Full Guide)
After full conversion of your page is ready for use. You can also enjoy your page from your existing account can also make another account as administrator by e-mail adding to the administration panel.
Changes After the conversation page.
When you convert your Facebook profile page, there are certain amendments thereto. We feel to make you aware of these changes so that you can better manage your page again. Keep them in mind before changing your profile page you’ll lose a lot of information.
These changes are:
All your friends will become fans of the page nine. IE. All friends will become users who have liked the page.
Links to your Facebook profile will change to links to your Facebook page. Anyone clicking on behalf anywhere will now be directed to the Facebook page.
Your Facebook page will have the same name and profile picture Facebook profile.
You will lose all updates and photos you’ve uploaded to your profile. So make sure you have a backup.
You will lose all messages and conversations. Your inbox will now become inbox page.
You will not be a member of groups they once were.
How to return this profile page?
Yes, it is possible to revert back to your profile page. But only once, so if accidentally migrate Facebook profile page. Facebook gives form to appeal to reverse back into your account page. This form requires ID proof. D.O.B whose name should match the profile of the turns. So if you are able to provide, then you can appeal here.
After appealing if the application get approved, then the page will automatically become normal profile.
In conclusion, hopefully we’ll learn something new and to understand the concept of converting Facebook profile page. If in doubt, please let us know in the comments.



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