How to avoid pregnancy after 1 month without abortion (Full Guide)

How to avoid pregnancy after one month without abortion

avoid pregnancy after one month : Pregnancy can be a messenger of countless congratulations or a messenger of enormous stress. Although there are several processes to prevent pregnancy and protect itself, there are also many cases of this type where preventive measures do not protect against unwanted pregnancy. But then there are birth control pills that will help you avoid pregnancy within 48 to 72 hours of last intercourse. There are also some situations in which your body can not support a healthy development of the fetus.

In such situations you need to worry about how you can stop the pregnancy after 1 month. After all this, even if the pills could not stop you from getting pregnant, then all you have left is abortion. Abortion is one of those things that is very personal and a great decision hard to take.

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Terminating the pregnancy or ending the pregnancy before the fetus becomes alive is known as an abortion. Making a decision for abortion is not easy and also a month after pregnancy, as it can affect the health of the woman. There are several things that must be done before making a decision regarding abortion. Abortion affects not only the woman physically but also mentally and emotionally.

In the long run, it can lead to additional complications if the woman is willing to become pregnant. In such conditions you need to consult your doctor, go to a counselor or anyone who is quite reliable in your family. But if you are not willing to get an abortion, then here are some alternative measures that can help you. We have discussed and described some alternative methods that will help you end the pregnancy after a month.

Depending on the health of the woman, as well as the age and health of the fetus in the greatest concern, some methods are given below.

Method – Avoid pregnancy after one month without abortion

How to avoid pregnancy after one month without abortion

How to avoid pregnancy after one month without abortion


Avoid pregnancy after one month without abortion


Medical method

This method is a type of abortion that is done through medication. The fetus can not be developed with the help of medicines. Mifepristone and methotrexate are the most commonly used drugs for termination of pregnancy after 1 month. Mifepristone works together with progesterone and helps to destroy the fetus. While methotrexate is a toxic chemical that assaults the cells of the fetus and therefore results in abortion. In any case, Misoprostol is provided to perform the dead fetus. Here is the procedure.

The process

In this abortion procedure, visit your gynecologist at least 3 times to complete the process.
The first dose of medication is mifepristone.
After the first dose, you are supposed to know the doctor again after a few days for the second dose called misoprostol.
This medicine produces contractions in the uterus and allows it to drain.
The abortion process can lead to bleeding that can continue for about 2 weeks.
Bleeding and spotting can continue for several weeks.
Visit your doctor again, the third time to be more precise to know if the medication worked correctly to end a pregnancy for a month.


If you have more than one month of pregnancy you do not opt ​​for this procedure.
If you are over 35, then do not opt ​​for this method.
If you are a chain smoker or if you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, then do not opt ​​for this method.

Saline water method

This process is another way to destroy the fetus. In this procedure, salty water is injected into the uterus. This leads to fetal harm by poisoning it with salt. It kills the fetus and goes to dehydration.

Prostaglandin Method

This method is led by the injection of certain hormones into the uterus that causes premature labor pain, resulting in the death of the fetus.

Chemical method

Here we are inserting the Zygote into the uterine wall, as it helps to prohibit pregnancy. The remedy used in amalgamation is used in abortion. The widely accepted processes are the Nuva Ring-Vaginal Ring and Ortho-Evra Birth. These processes will operate on gonadotropins that make ovulation. The change in lining of the uterus will prevent implantation.

The sperm is not allowed to enter the uterus by the cervical mucus and, therefore, results in the thinning of the lining of the uterus. This method should only be taken into consideration when no other methods are applicable or useful enough to prevent development during pregnancy.

Abortion with herbs

In this process there are multiple unsafe and improper ways to stop the pregnancy. It is a difficult and very rare procedure. Here pregnancy is avoided by using some herbs. Yarrow which is scientifically known as achillea millefolium is a herbal flower used for miscarriage.

A certain amount of dosage is given that when it acts, it leads to miscarriage. This method is not healthy to prevent pregnancy after one month. You should take your mind to adapt to these situations properly before going for these methods.

Take pills

Pills are basically medicines that when consumed within or after a certain period of time helps prevent the development of the fetus. These pills can be consumed up to 63 days or 9 weeks after a woman’s past menstrual period. These pills usually have a course of consumption, at the end of which pregnancy is prevented.

The pregnancy pill is actually very effective and has 98% positive result. You should be in regular contact with your doctor and at the end of the course consult your doctor so your doctor can tell you whether the pills worked effectively or not. Some pills prescribed to prevent fetal growth can cause some serious harm if the pregnancy continues.

So before you consume any medication consult your doctor about the pros and cons of the drug. When the pills are consumed, you may feel an allergic reaction, infection in the uterus and can sometimes cause the blood to clot in the uterus. It is recommended to consult your doctor before opting for this method.

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