Happy New Year 2018 Top 10 Messages for Friends

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Happy New Year 2018 Messages for Friends

Happy New Year 2017 Top 10 Messages for Friends

Happy New Year 2018 message to friends:

Many of you looking for a good New Year greetings to your best friends, and we’re here with the message Happy New Year for friends, which is unique. Prior to this, we welcome you to yet another triumphant year of our hearts. We will be adding new posts to our blog and update existing content. Here we will be posting.

Are you looking for New Year 2017 Messages for friends, and we really strive to provide high quality for our readers. As you know, we are ready to welcome 2017 with love and happiness, and we are here to provide you with all things related to the new year. These next year for family messages are very necessary for some of you to send to your friends and others. These wishes and New Year messages sent to our team and we are pleased to provide you with these messages.

Hello everyone, today we are writing a romantic New Year SMS on our website for you. We know that you are looking forward to SMS from the romantic new year 2017 on our website. Now you can easily wish a happy New Year with friends using the new SMS year. We hope that you enjoy these many messages. You can also share these messages with your friends by clicking the Send button below.

Happy 2017 Friends Quotes

Happy New Year 2018 message to friends:
Here we present some of the best New Year quotes and greetings to your friends. Simply send these wishes to your friends and make them happy.

The old year leaves. The dead past bury its dead. New Year’s possession time clock. Long live the responsibilities and opportunities of the next twelve months! “- Edward Payson Powell

“When you hold a grudge, you want to hurt someone else, to reflect your level of pain, but the two rarely meet.” – Steve Maraboli

“May the New Year to make a correct all your flaws and brush,
All you Virtues, as you try to put your best foot,
Sending greetings 2017 Happy New Year! ”

“This bright new year is given me to live every day,
With Zest For daily grow and,
Try to be my highest and my best …! ”

you and your family want a happy, bright, healthy, prosperous and happy new year to come! – Happy New Year

Your success and happiness lies within you. Resolve to keep happy, and joy, and you form an invincible host against difficulties. Helen Keller

Just apply a new flowering of the aroma and freshness around …
New Year to add a new beauty and freshness in your life.
Happy New Year.

New look Year lights; good humor lost in a mood of failure returns. I decide to stop complaining. ”

– Leonard Bernstein

She’s a few years ago, I decided not to bother with New Year’s resolutions, and I stuck with it ever since. ”

– Dave Beard

Never Say permission in advance, or twice as heavy duty. ”
– John Selden

New Year 2018 Greetings to friends

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Happy New Year 2018 SMS Romantic

Naya Saal Aaye Banke Ujala,
Aap ki Khul Jaye Kissmat ka Tala
Hamesha Aap from Rahe Meherban uPAR Vala,
Yahi Dua Karta Hai Yeh apka chahne Val …
Happy New Year 2017

My wishes for you, great start for Jan, Love for February, March of peace, no worries for April, Fun for May, June and November Joy, happiness decks, have a happy and wonderful 2017

Har Kadam re Khushi ki Bahar APKO thousand,
You create Deti he Naye SAAL ki shubhkamnaye APCO.
Happy New Year 2017

I thought that before his death,
But I’m waiting for
Who will come first to me
Or my death you
Because your separation feed me as a food poison
Come to this special event in 2017

New Year is a time of celebration,
Love, life, friendship,
Therefore, it is time to give thanks to God,
For wonderful friends,
And to bring into their lives,
they bring a lot of magic to ours,
Spend a relaxing holiday! ”

The first time I saw U I was scared and 2 Touch.
The first time I hit U I was scared 2 kiss and.
The first time I kiss you, I was afraid to love and.
But now that I love you I’m afraid of losing U 2 u!
Happy 2017 dear

Whether it is the fear of an outlaw,
To do this, the whole New Year
Wanting to heart in the ear,
Very good year!

Another year of success and happiness passed.
Every year, new challenges and
Obstacles in life. I wish you courage and hope
Faith, to overcome all the obstacles that you encounter. can
Do you have a great year and a great time to come.
God bless you.

It is the new year in May,
Lumha Bher rafakat ki Muj to mil-jae,
Can Apne Tere Naam Tere Subah keg DUN,
Ager you jae mil Buz-i-story May
Can apni zindgi Tere Naam Ki Haseen Shaam keg DUN.

It’s time to have fun and party
Welcome to the new year for success
This is an opportunity to warm relations
Visiting our friends and relatives
This is an opportunity to give gifts and presents
In order to enjoy the fun gifts
Happy holidays and New Year season
I miss you when something really
Good is because you are the only
I want to share with .. I Miss U
When something bothers me
Because you’re the only one
I includes
I miss you when I
Laugh and cry, because I know that you
He who laughs grow my
& My tears disappear.
happy New Year
These are the expected items from us. Thus, we wish you a very good year, and it’s nice to share these messages with friends and family.


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