Top 10 Best 3d Printing Pen Of 2017 – Guide

Best 3d Printing Pen Reviews

Let’s be real, we’ve definitely come to the era where all the things the Jetsons in the cartoon network were doing are coming true, from flight boards to robots to 3D printers, it seems like a few Years we are sure to live the moon. So what’s next for the discussion?

Well, let me introduce you to the 3D art world, I know some of you are probably going to what? But keep on what I’m talking about is the recent innovation of 3D printing pens, yup you heard me right now instead of going through all the hassle of heading to your laptop and having a 3D print, all hardcore fans of Art you like To go wild with your brushes and canvas or pens and drawing books, now you can have that comfort with a pen, it is so simple that you can use it as a regular pen and how do you say this 3D magic works? Well simple use plastic filaments instead of conventional ink, so you’re basically throwing plastic in black blue or whatever color you like and voila! His art is right before his eyes coming to life in a matter of minutes. So if you are wondering what pen to use let’s have a look at the best pen printing 3d from 2017 – Buyers Guide

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10. Glyby 3D Smart Printing Pen

Glyby 3D Smart Printing Pen

Glyby 3D Smart Printing Pen


When it comes to 3D printing pens one of the most affordable pens you will find is this $ 50 model that does a pretty good job in terms of the 3D printing area however it is built taking into account the kids, So that creative creators can open their creativity through this pen that works pretty magic when it comes to operating, is easy to use and without problems, however, if you are looking for some luxury and more on a par with work Professional, then you can give this up One, but at such a reasonable price it’s hard to say no to this baby even if you want to give it a whirl or want to gift a lucky child.


Price payable
Easy to use (especially for children)
Well built regarding quality


Limited mainly to children and beginners
Not recommended for professional artists

9. CreoPop 3D Printing Pen – Wireless 3D Pen

 CreoPop 3D Printing Pen - Wireless 3D Pen


Starting at $ 114 here is a pen that you can carry with you anytime anywhere why? Because your cordless is no running after the rope or lace that gets in the way of your art inspiration, therefore, leaving art lovers discouraged and distracted, this pen is clean and simple and why not? With its added feature of using photopolymers instead of regular thermoplastics, the fun of using photo polymers is that it makes the 3D pen much safer compared to those that plastic melts and burns creating a lot of burns and Accidents. However, with great things, there are some setbacks, and in this case, the innovative light-curing ink is currently only being sold by the company CreoPop 3D itself, which is the only place to get ink that can make some users unhappy Other than that it’s safe and happy with this pen.


New manufacturing and design.
Scented inks can also be used to give your art that extra oomph
The results obtained from this pen have a much longer vitality regarding freshness


Ink supplied only by the manufacturer, limiting its use
Non-attractive design due to its volume

8. Lay3r 3D Printing Pen

Lay3r 3D Printing Pen

Lay3r 3D Printing Pen


Let’s say that size is not everything and when it comes to this pen as huge as it may seem its performance may surprise, its functional uses make it so easy that even a 12-year-old can use this pen and at the same time It is so sophisticated that A professional artist would have no problem while having this pen in his hand. Not only this, but it has a built-in fan and closure system itself, so it does not drain out all the power, talk energy saving! With all that said, the only thing not so good about this brand is the appearance itself as it looks quite heavy and huge to the naked eye, but before you get away from it, you definitely should at least give it a try.


Easy to use
Additional functions incorporated in the fan automatic closing system
Five begin the quality
Quality of a year


Big size
Not appealing to the eye

7. 3doodler 3d Printing Pen

3doodler 3d Printing Pen

3doodler 3d Printing Pen

If you are the type of person who likes to go to the visible aspects of a product, then you will not be disappointed with this pen, its looks are very good as well as how you feel when you have it on hand and at a price of $ 110 the manufacturer provides you not 10 but 50 plastic filaments, keeping in mind that these filaments will last you quite a while they are replaceable as well as not clog-gable, according to the critics people are quite impressed with how this Ink brings To the art of life especially black color ink and the way it is so easy to use no matter what surface you started to draw on, this pen is really good for both beginners and amateur artists
Slim and elegant design
High quality regarding construction
Easy to use and configure
50 additional filaments that are not clogged and can be replaced
Heavy regarding weight
Comes with a learning curve for beginner artists

6. GENESIS 3D Pen Printing

GENESIS 3D Pen Printing

GENESIS 3D Pen Printing

With a motto “unleash your creativity” you can do exactly that with this 3D pen like the famous Lasso Labs behind this name is not new to this business by introducing a well reputed 3D printer and now a 3D pen Which not only performs up to the mark but also comes with 5 filaments that will not clog and will not get hot like other 3D pens usually do together with great performance and beautiful design, there is not much room for criticism with this model .
Excellent warranty
It is not limited to one type of filament/plastic use.
Five stars for quality built. (Small and light size)
Easily used and managed by artists and children
Mostly limited to smaller scale projects
Heats up when used for heavier projects

5. Printing pen 7TECH 3D

Printing pen 7TECH 3D

Printing pen 7TECH 3D

Now, this is a pen that does not even make noises that can divert your artistic sensations because it works in a completely silent mode, accompanied by a thermal control that is unique in its class and will even warn you when your filaments are going to be clogged.
The beauty with this pen is that it is reliable user-friendly because it even allows you to take control of your extrusion according to your desired speed so you not have to worry about moving too fast or too slow, so what is the Catch with such an awesome pen? Well, it has its peculiarities as the filaments that are supplied with the packaging is not enough to last long, and there is a danger when it comes to the heating part of this pen as the pen seems to evoke a lot of high temperatures during use Even so much that it can even be harmful when in direct contact with the skin, however people have still favored this 3D pen over many others why? Because they consider that he is among the best.
Easy to operate at both beginner and expert level
Slim in size and light in weight
Unique system that prevents jamming when the pen is cooled
Aluminum spatula included for safety and protection when it comes to the hot nozzle
1 year warranty included
There may be some problems when used by a beginner
At high temperatures, the pen becomes difficult to use
Filaments included may not be sufficient

4. Ccbetter Intelligent Pen

Ccbetter Intelligent Pen

Ccbetter Intelligent Pen

At number 4 we have what is known as Ccbetter smart pen which is also under the alias of Joyluxy pen, as this is the manufacturing company, upon receiving this pen you will be supplied with a number of 2 filaments you can not However, there is no restriction on not being able to use filaments purchased separately. By purchasing this pen, you will not only get the pen along with filaments, but it will also be provided with a holder where you can place your pen in when it is not in use along with an OLED indicator that gives you comments on when the pen Is ready to use and heated. Regarding pen performance when tested it gave very large results not only when used on some different surfaces and materials but also regarding who is using it both newcomers to the art world as well as expert artists. There was a small mishap when opening the box and reading the instruction guide where the instructions simply did not seem sufficient and would have helped that it was quite thorough for those people who rely on instruction guides besides this the pen is all set and a good deal!
Attractive modern design for the eye
Additional pencils
OLED indicator for when ready to use
No detailed instruction manual was provided

3. Printing pen Scribbler 3D V3

Printing pen Scribbler 3D V3

Printing pen Scribbler 3D V3

At $ 99.95 this pen is a follower of the popular pen Scribbler, and has done well by its name not only this pen comes in different colors, but the filaments are also available in 8 different vibrant colors including blue, green, purple, red, White and yellow. We know that people complain about the bulkiness and design of most pens, but this is not the case with this pen as it is elegantly built and lightweight and can be used very easily, and like most 3D pens It comes with a learning curve, so it may be a certain annoyance when it comes to newbies who use it however if your looking for the pen as an integer then this is definitely something to try.
Usable on different surfaces and materials
Stylishly built
Not too heavy light weight 2.6 ounces
Additional OLED for better usability
Without complications
Provided in a variety of colors
Filaments also found in different colors
Due to its design, it can take some time getting used to especially for traditional artists.

2. 3dSimo Mini 3D Printing Pen

3dSimo Mini 3D Printing Pen

3dSimo Mini 3D Printing Pen

Among all the pens mentioned here this is by far one that is not just a 3D pen, but much more that the pen comes with a multitude of features that will make the artists catch their breath, not only can you use this as the basic 3D pen Yes, but you can also use it to weld, cut and burn as it comes with these accessories. At a price of $ 129, this is a beep for artists from around the world as well as a great gift for any occasion. Not only are you paying the price of one with so many other tools with it, but the fact that this stylus comes with a phone application makes it more convenient, you can connect to your iOS, Android or Windows and control your pen drawing. Touch your phone even though the features may not be so technologically updated but still the fact that you can view tutorials and choose different options and profiles makes it even more attractive.
Polymerization, welding, foam cutting and ignition tools
Stylish design
Easy to use
Very reasonable price
It can be used with Smartphone technology although the mobile application
The learning curve can be difficult for new users
A little fragile when it comes to quality.

1. Lix 3D Smart Pen

Lix 3D Smart Pen

Lix 3D Smart Pen

At point number 1 we have the smart 3D pen of the company Lix, now do not be intimidated by its super small size, as this pen will make you fly is not only so a way that you will find it irresistible Show off it, but it comes In two stunning colors Matte black and matte gray, what so special about this pen that says fine at a price of $ 139.95 this pen has taken the lead when it comes to performance no matter what kind of surface it is used And it does not matter Wherever you use it, it will not even make a single noise along with a USB cable and 2 strands supplied. The USB cable is different from other pens where you have to plug in a power outlet, but here you can simply plug in a power bank kept at your side! Talk about this convenient pen surely drifting point at number 1.
Small size
Extremely easy to use
High quality built
Reasonable price
Can heat and cool quickly
Excellent quiet mode
Other 2 filaments ABS
Supported by USB cable instead of power sockets
Not that we could find any!
What to Look for When Buying a 3D Pen Here is a simple checklist that you should keep in mind whenever you want to buy a 3D pen always keep in mind some pointers.

Buying Guide:

To use the best 3D pen, you need to check before function:


They prefer the most elegant designs such as when the pen becomes bulky that difficult to hold in the hand as well as perform correctly since they will not be able to grab the right, the key here is light and small  Control: When looking at the model See In features that you as the consumer can control, whether temperature or cooling, speed as well as pen intelligence in terms of performance and additional features make sure you have a pen that gives you maximum controllability or At least moderate.

Filament Type:

When buying the 3D pen basically runs on the filament inside it which is why it is a very important part of the buying process although there are a number of different filaments available in the market but you should keep in mind that the Filaments that are Replaceable are much easier to treat and use in the long run.

Name of the brand:

Check for brands that are reliable though there are a number of different brands in the market, but you have to be interested in checking which brand provides what, Lix, Scribbler, 3Doodler are just a few of the names that are based on when it comes 3D art, however, make it a concern to take responsibility into their own hands as once they have bought it, then there is no going back.

Review Comments:

Reviews are here to help you, there may be fake marketing, but you have to go through many sites and see what are the good and bad common features that different sites provide you. It is not enough to rely on a review exam in different criticisms; The internet is an ocean to look for videos and articles, but be sure to always go through the reviews when buying any product.

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