How does a TENS unit work? ( Best Guide)


How does a TENS unit work?

Pain, pain and stress. Three feelings that no one wants to pass. But in this age of silence and haste, where one is forced to find fatigue, stress is something normal. We can not say much about mental tensions, but as far as their physical stress is considered, TENS is at their service. This wonder of today is bound to relieve all sorts of pain through which an individual passes daily in the course of their work. Let’s take a look at the working mechanism of the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit.

How does a TENS unit work?

How does a TENS unit work?


Operating principle

The TENS unit prevents pain signals from traveling through the nerves to the brain in the central nervous system. It stimulates nerves that are not suffering from pain. This personally used and controlled unit works on a theory known as The Pain Gate Control Theory. The priority of the brain is being played with in this theory. The brain receives all the signals if the pain causes it or not. What makes the TENS unit is that it stimulates signals through non-pain nerves that are intercepted by the brain faster compared to the pain signals. Therefore, the cascade of events that could have caused pain is prevented. Simple and effective.

Types of pulses

There are two types of electrical pulses in which the TENS unit works. Both function differently, describing themselves as follows:

High pulse rate of 90-130 Hz activates blockage of the pain pathway. Signs of pain are avoided as a result. He actually works on Gate’s theory of pain control.

When the TENS generates low pulses of 2-5 Hz, it causes the release of positive chemicals known as endorphins. These chemicals are synthesized again. Although they do not mimic morphine, but what they do is that they bind to the opiate receptors. This naturally leads to what we call a good feeling in our body. However, endorphin binding does not lead to addiction.
So these are two basic working mechanisms of the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit.

No rocket science is involved at all. TENS is indeed a revolution, soothing our agonizingly painful stress!


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