Garlic Home Shampoo For Hair Loss (Guide To Know)

Garlic Home Shampoo For Hair Loss (Guide To Know)

Garlic Shampoo: – According to our normal hair cycle, we all lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. That is normal. However, once the amount exceeds, it becomes a significant concern, indeed! Acute hair fall (hair with follicles glued to them) will be a sign of baldness and one should begin to follow an effective remedy as soon as one gets to notice.

While expensive hair fall treatments in salons and spas may or may not work for you, there are some natural solutions like garlic shampoo that can offer you relief from hair loss concerns for sure.

The infused garlic shampoo will not only prevent hair loss, however, it will also make your hair healthy.

Garlic Home Shampoo For Hair Loss

Garlic Home Shampoo For Hair Loss

What are so good about garlic shampoo?

Being a herb with a wide range of diet as well as beauty edges, garlic has found its way into our hair care as well. It has been used as a hair loss treatment since the last decades and also the effects are wonderful. So, using it along with your shampoo will not disappoint you. Let’s take a look at all the goodness of a garlic shampoo you can give yourself:

It is an infallible natural remedy to stop hair loss. Garlic is loaded with sulfur, which takes great care of our scalp and improves your health by stimulating the flow of blood through it. As a result, the vitality of our hair fibers increases and we get rid of thinning hair.

It promotes hair growth to give us beautiful long hair. Garlic is loaded with essential vitamins (B6, B7, C, etc.) and minerals (copper, sulfur, selenium, etc.) that are very beneficial to the health of our hair and eventually help it to grow significantly longer.

Prevents premature aging of the hair and helps restore its natural color. The high copper content of garlic will maintain as well as intensify the original pigmentation of our hair fibers, thus fighting against premature aging successfully.

Garlic Shampoo Recipe

People usually find themselves more comfortable in choosing garlic mushrooms otc for their hair loss treatment. However, if you are a lover of DIY projects and want to go natural in order to increase the health of your mane with a quality garlic extract, this easy recipe is the best one for you.

You need:

Fresh garlic, organic raw – 10 to 15 teeth (Pay close attention to quality)
Water – 1 to 2 tablespoons.
Olive oil – 1 teaspoon (optional)
Essential oils (tea tree oil, peppermint oil and jojoba oil) – 10 drops each (optional)
Organic shampoo – as needed (based on length and volume of your hair)
A grinder mixer / food processor.
A mixing bowl.
A spoon.
A mason jar / empty hermetic bottle / any other container for storage.

Steps to follow home recipe of garlic shampoo

Start with peeling the garlic cloves carefully. Clean and rinse with running water to make sure there is no trace of dirt.

This can be vital as any type of contamination in your home garlic shampoo can affect the results and spoil your efforts.

Put the clean garlic cloves into the blender grinder or food processor and add water to it to facilitate grinding. If you are using olive oil and different essential oils like tea tree oil, mint oil and jojoba oil, add them at this stage.

Turn on the grinder or processor and make a smooth, creamy paste. Try to get a consistent consistency so that you do not face in difficulty in blending with the shampoo in the next step.

Now, pour the soft, organic shampoo into the mixing bowl according to the requirement and add the garlic paste to that.

Mix well with the spoon. Make sure that the consistency of the final blend is not too thin. On the contrary, it must be thick to some extent.

Transfer to mason jar or hermetic bottle and store in a cool, dark place.

How to use garlic shampoo for hair loss?

Garlic shampoo will be used 2-3 times a week to keep hair from falling. Simply take it in the palm of your hand in small amount and apply to your hair thoroughly. Massage the shampoo into your scalp gently by moving your fingertips in a tiny circular motion. Do this for 15-20 minutes. Wait a couple of minutes and let him sit down.

Then rinse with warm water. Finally, wash your hair with cold water to finish the procedure.

However, you should get large, juicy garlic cloves that are purple or whitish in color. They are more fleshy than the yellow ones and therefore, will provide more benefits to our hair. If you wish, you will also buy commercial garlic infusion shampoos available in the market.

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