Full Introduction to TENS Therapy – Guide


Introduction to TENS Therapy

In our childhood, the tingling and hugging never stopped laughing. But as time goes by and each day we get busier, these memories are fading from our minds. And yet, as you read these lines with your spine becoming more rigid with each passing day, your happiness and relief are still tingling! It allows you to calm your receptors and tight muscles of the body by testing in miraculous TENS therapy.

Introduction to TENS Therapy

Introduction to TENS Therapy


So the first question we have to ask ourselves is what does TENS mean? TENS means transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Transcutaneous means through or through the depth of the skin. Now let’s investigate the composition of a TENS unit.

A TENS machine consists of sticky pads and battery. The sticky pads are our electrodes. The pads are placed on the skin, when the device is turned on, electrical impulses are generated. The magnitude of these impulses is one that is not of a massive rank. Rather, they feel like a tickle when you sit down by the body. This tingling sensation is based solely on what TENS trusts. The thorny sensation thus produced has a galvanizing effect on the muscles. Pain relief is achieved in TENS using the following strategy. The electric current (of an order not so great) acts on pain signals that move through different arcs towards the central nervous system. Once these signs of pain are reduced, the pain is automatically cut off.

In addition to acting on the pain signals, TENS also triggers the release of endorphins. These chemicals are newly synthesized and are known as “positive chemicals”. Although they do not mimic morphine, but what they do is that they bind to the opiate receptors. It naturally leads to what we call a good feeling in our body. However, endorphin binding does not lead to addiction.

So now we have a basic idea of ​​how this device works and also, we have a sketch in our mind about what its essential purpose is. Let’s expand our spectrum and take a look at how TENS therapy is handled differently in different places. Physiotherapists use electrodes that are made of rubber. These electrodes are placed on the skin and perform the therapy. Acupuncturists usually have other ideas about using the TENS unit. They connect the device to acupuncture needles. The subsequent strategy has a stronger effect compared to the previous one. The Chinese are obsessed with energy flow, so they are using this tool to build the flow.

There is much controversy as to whether TENS can be used for calming effects or not. However, after vigorous and recurrent experiments that expand over the years, we are in a position where we can safely say that therapy through the stream is not completely dangerous.

While the unit itself is readily available, one should consult with your doctor or health care advisor to know if the TENS unit is suitable for one or not.

So it’s time to say goodbye to the unbearable pains with just a TENS TENSUS!


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