How To Make Stillman Diet Plan – How and Why Faster

Stillman Diet Plan – How and Why

The Stillman diet are some things you should definitely try. And, yes this diet will work! This revolutionary diet was designed by Dr. Rick Maxwell Stillman, a renowned and famous physician. This man has dedicated his life to treating obese and fat people for a little over four decades!

This is a weight loss diet plan that really works and is based on an easy diet theory. What is this theory you ask for? This can not be something new! This is what we have been taught in school, college and through the media all the time! “The right balance of low-carbohydrate, high-protein, low-fat foods.” Yes, this is the same principle in which the Stillman diet works.

It emphasizes finding the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Over the years, while working with overweight people, Stillman found that people who followed a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet experienced faster weight loss.

The diet recommends consuming protein for half an hour per day because the metabolism is stimulated and is still busy digesting the protein. Therefore, the digestive function gets the necessary boost. Stillman first tried a similar diet program on himself and succeeded in losing about 50 pounds.

Stillman Diet Plan - How and Why

Stillman Diet Plan – How and Why

For this, he increased his protein intake to 90 per day. Although the plan seems to be overly restrictive, the way it reduces weight may have to follow religiously throughout the program. With the Stillman diet, you pretty much just melt anything from a mere seven to a whopping fifteen to twenty pounds in the first week of following the diet, and a neat 5 pounds every alternate week thereafter.

Basics of the Stillman Diet Plan

The foods chosen in the diet plan will not only help you melt those extra pounds faster but also make you feel more energetic than before. It works like magic. According to the Stillman diet, you have to consume six small meals per day instead of three larger ones.

This division of the food portion throughout the day triggers the important process of ketosis in the body. When the body does not get the required amount of carbohydrates it is customary, the body has no choice but to enter the ketosis phase since carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for your whole body.

As we all understand, it is in the absence of sufficient carbohydrates that the body begins to feed off the fat stores that are stored inside for energy, which stimulates rapid weight loss. Therefore, this diet low carbohydrate propogates, to get the body to begin to feed off fat reserves.

Protein is the main ingredient in this plan. If you feel you are losing important nutrients or micronutrients, you can always consume vitamin supplements to make up for the deficiency. But if you include a variety of proteins in your diet, the chances of deficiency are quite low.

Different Stages of Stillman’s Diet Plan

The Stillman diet plan works in 3 phases.

During the first part, you will need to eat foods very restrictively because you are only allowed to eat certain types of food.
On reaching the second and also the third part, all the foods that were removed from the list, are slowly introduced one by one in small quantities.
The main intention of breaking the 3 phase diet plan is to make sure you just keep the body slim and well done once you lose weight for a long time. If you recover a few pounds in the third part, then you are advised to go back to the first part to start the weight loss process.

Meaning of Workouts in the Stillman Diet

The Stillman diet puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of workouts. Recommend strength or resistance training to keep the body lean and fit. Weightlifting, being the primary tool of most resistance training regimes, will carry out this weightlifting exercise at home and provides your body with weight lifting practice.

This works best for people who do not want to waste their time in transition to get to the gym. Aside from toning and strengthening your body, exercise together will increase your stamina. Cycling and running give a complete workout and satisfying body, while push-ups help tone your belly.

Recommended foods for the Stillman diet

With so much stress on just proteins in your daily diet, you need to be wondering what exactly you’re allowed to eat. The diet recommends inclusion of some of the crucial food items. You’ll safely eat protein-rich food to your heart’s content. Such foods include low-fat cheese, lean meat, soft or hard-boiled eggs, farmer’s cheese, lean fish like flounder, cod, haddock, low-calorie gelatin and different food like lobsters, crabs, shrimps and oysters.

These foods are rich in protein and keep you satiated for a longer period. So, even smaller portions of proteins keep you satiated and your food intake is controlled.

The Stillman diet plan conjointly advises drinking lots of water to stay your body hydrated. After you begin following a low carbohydrate diet, chances are you will suffer from dehydration. Hence, you must follow drinking 8 to 10 glasses of clear water each day. You’ll additionally maintain the fluid level in your body by drinking diet soda, coffee or tea occasionally.

Foods To Avoid It

As said earlier, the Stillman diet eliminates a number of commonly eaten foods from the list. Here is a list of such forbidden foods:

1. Foods That Add Flavor: – The Stillman diet recommends banishing fat and rich foods like salad dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup and different similar foods that are used to add flavor to the recipe. However, use of spices and herbs to add additional flavors to the meal is allowed.

2. Fat-Rich Foods: – The diet eliminates all fatty foods like margarine, dense skin poultry, greasy, fried foods, whole-fat dairy products, sauce, gravy, tartar, etc.

3. all types Of Sugar: – All types of sugars, natural or refined, are restricted under this plan. Except brown sugar, molasses, white sugar, corn syrup, sugar cane syrup, natural sugar and different varieties of refined sugars like candy sugar, fruit juices, syrup with sweeteners, sweet desserts etc. Are a big NO during this diet’s blueprint.

4. Starchy Foods: – Foods that are rich in starch, as well as whole wheat, legumes, dried potatoes, white bread, barley etc. Are banished from this diet.

5. Vegetables And Fruits: – Surprisingly, the Stillman diet plan conjointly banishes consumption of vegetables and fruits. Lettuce and salad too are struck off your daily diet, which can bring a smile on the face of many!

Alcohol is also prohibited because it is rich in carbohydrates.

Although, the diet has its own side effects, if carried out under the guidance of a health expert, you will surely lose weight through the Stillman diet.

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