Creating YouTube playlists with a Google spreadsheet (Best Method)

Creating YouTube playlists with a Google spreadsheet

A couple of YouTube videos, some easy Google formulas and a Google spreadsheet, that’s all you would want to quickly create a YouTube playlist. It will be an anonymous playlist, not connected to your YouTube channel and will be an honest way to group several videos to share on WhatsApp, Twitter or an email newsletter.

How to create YouTube playlists with Google spreadsheets

Creating YouTube playlists with a Google spreadsheet

Creating YouTube playlists with a Google spreadsheet

To get started, open this Google Sheet and place the URLs (links) of YouTube videos in column A (one video per cell, starting with Cell A3). As you paste the video links into cell A, column B is populated with the video ID while column C may include a video thumbnail. This helps you to double-check that the URL of the video is truly targeting the desired video.

When you’ve finished writing your video URLs, visit cell A1 and you’ll find a link to your YouTube playlist ready to share with the world. If you add or remove videos from column A, the link in the playlist is updated automatically. Simple. Share the Google sheet with others and collaborate to create a YouTube playlist.

YouTube Playlist Generator – How does it work?

When you paste the video URL into column A, the REGEXTRACT formula uses the following regular expression to extract the ID from the YouTube video.

=REGEXEXTRACT(A3, “youtu(?:.*/v/|.*v=|.be/|.*?embed/)([A-Za-z0-9_-]{11})”)

Once video ID is available, the IMAGE formula is used to create the video thumbnail for that YouTube video.

=IMAGE(“”&B3&”/hqdefault.jpg”, 4, 80, 120)

Now comes the most interesting part – the generation of the YouTube playlist. Well, that’s an easy URL hack where we concatenate the video IDs with the JOIN () method and make a direct link using the HYPERLINK () method.


These instant-generated YouTube playlists are not saved to your Google account. Can | Build a permanent YouTube playlist in which multiple people can collaborate with a Google form and Google Scripts.

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