Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?


Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

There are lots of ways to transfer money online, right?

Payoneer Review : But not every money transfer services worldwide to help all nations, countries. Eg PayPal (PayPal There are few countries are not accepted)

For this reason, you should avoid doing business online? You should not engage in your work freelancing? Upload from your customers? You should not buy stuff from Amazon, eBay, etc?

Why not? You should…

But how?

Here this new service for international money transfer comes.

Yes, it is Payoneer.

Payoneer is a global cash handling, just like with PayPal, but has some distinct features compared to PayPal. Payoneer In this review, I will take a look at Payoneer and explain how you can benefit from it. And will show you how far is Payoneer effective and useful for your online marketing business.

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Payoneer Review: It’s a scam or …?

What is Payoneer?

Before going through Payoneer full review, you might want to know what is Payoneer.

Payoneer is a financial services business that offers a money transfer and online payment services for e-commerce founded in 2005 with a $ 2 million seed fund CEO Yuval Tal then other private investors. Currently, Scott is CEO of Payoneer Inc. Scott Galit.

Payoneer offers various services related to the transfer of money, such as bank transfers, online payments, transfer money from account to account, debit master card prepaid reloadable. And also, account holders can withdraw money from the bank accounts of local Payoneer (available in only a few countries) or their e-wallets. Payoneer is currently available for more than 100 coins in 200 countries.

When someone pays by Payoneer Mastercard (eg purchase goods from local supermarket), payments will be converted into local currency automatically. Payoneer provides also a payment service in the US, where you can get a free US Bank (USA virtual bank account).

In fact, Payoneer is a must use money transfer online by everyone, especially people who are outside of the US and want to receive money through US companies faster.

Using Payoneer?

Within ten years prior, Payoneer service quickly spread throughout the world and so many US companies began supporting Payonner as a reliable service processing money online. Here are some companies that accept payments and payments from Payoneer.

123RF Inc.
Amway Corporation
digital River
Envato INC (includes all sites in the network Envato like Envato Studio, ThemeForest etc.)
Hide my ass!
Google Inc.
Keynetics Inc. (ClickBank)
Microsoft Corporation

Besides these companies, you can get instant payments from other companies using US service payment of Payoneer.

Many individuals who are located in Asia and Africa use Payoneer payment service efficiently. Because it is compatible in most cases payments are available within 2-3 hours.

Payoneer is for you?

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

If you are a blogger, internet marketer or an independent contractor, then Payoneer payment service is right for you. In most service companies, you may find that Payoneer option is available to withdraw money.

As an example, here is the withdrawal section of ThemeForest (a partner site of Envato Inc.). Even if I do not sell anything there, I promote affiliate products on this blog and other channels.

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

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If your country is a country not supported PayPal, Payoneer then would be the best choice. If you need a fast payment service that is accepted worldwide, then Payoneer service could be the best money processing.

The applicant must be at least 18 years old to apply for a Payoneer account. You will not be charged MasterCard account creation and reception. But Payoneer charge an annual fee and a fee when you withdraw money from local ATM machine. (More on this later …)


By using Payoneer money as processing service online, you could get a lot of advantages. Here are some of them.


Payoneer constantly improve their technology to ensure customer privacy and authentication. So you need not to worry about the protection of Payoneer account. You can set up three security questions that will be asked whenever some attempts of fraud account login. Only you know the answers, just so you can connect to your account.

Also turn off your Payoneer Payoneer MasterCard Payoneer account when not using for a while. You can turn your back Mastercar. But this is a good move to ensure your money is safe with Payoneer.

Free MasterCard:

I do not know any other way you can get a free MasterCard card. Payoneer MasterCard offers each account holder Free, which is supported in each country. So you can withdraw your winnings by local ATM machine in minutes. Also, Payoneer will replace another card if you lost existing MasterCard.

US payment service to get a free Virtual USA Bank Account Verification:

This is one of the best deals Payoneer offers people. With Payoneer payment service in the US, you can open a free demo account from US Bank. To open this account, it must meet certain requirements, but once you get these requirements, you can open a bank account in the US online free at all.

I use my US bank account to receive money virtually from US companies and other European companies offer direct deposit to bank accounts in the US as a payment option. We need to wait and see weeks to get my wages. American bank with direct deposit, can I withdraw my winnings within a few minutes.

European bank accounts to receive money from European companies get faster:
Yes, you can now receive money from European companies quickly and easily. When you have an online account Payoneer, Payoneer team will create a European bank account for you. (I have two bank accounts in Germany and the UK)

So next time when you want to receive a payment from a European company, just provide your bank account details check. They will deposit money and transfer them to your local bank or withdraw them using your prepaid MasterCard.

Easy to use:

How many American and European companies accept as reliable payment system Payoneer, you can configure default Payoneer as a payment method two to three clicks. Also, as Payoneer card is a debit card authentication only once (no need to recheck the identity), you can easily pay bills, recharge card and make purchases online.


Payoneer supports over 100 currencies worldwide. No need to convert funds in local currency to do with you. Payoneer MasterCard converts them automatically to local currency at competitive prices. You do not have to do anything for it.

Account for money transfer account:

Now you can transfer money from one account to another easily with Payoneer. This is very useful if you provide personalized offers to your customers. If the buyer uses Payoneer, you can benefit from secure and rapid service Payoneer cash handling one-on-one.

Money transfer in local bank account:

This feature is currently available only a few countries. But we can expect that Payoneer will allow this service to other countries. If you are in one of the countries which is supported Payoneer direct bank deposit, you can withdraw the money in your bank account local, with just a few clicks. How wonderful is it?

Multilanguage support online:

Unlike other payment processing services online, especially unlike PayPal, Payoneer has a robust customer support service, which operates 24x7x365. I used Payoneer online chat service several times and was able to solve my problems within few minutes. This is a must have feature in every company where users have problems.


You’ll avoid taxes when shopping online with Payoneer Card and sending funds to friends, relatives and customers abroad. Payoneer has reduced monthly fee for unlimited use of time.

PAPP phone to check account balance:
Now you can download and install the app for Android phones and iPhone Payoneer. With these apps, you can check the balance of the mobile phone for free. There is no need to use ATM machines that need time and also a charge too.

Financially responsible:

You spend only the amount that is loaded on the card. Payoneer MasterCard is a debit card, not a credit card. So you know that the maximum amount to be spent. So you can manage your account responsibly.

Charging money from the local bank (savings or checking account) Payoneer account:
Like other payment processors with Payoneer, you can upload money from your local bank and credit card in your Payoneer easily. This is very useful if you have a seller who has just Payoneer as a payment method.

Various payment options:

You can withdraw money from several different methods. Are,

Deposits in local banks around the world
Prepaid cards.
Wire transfers (only available for some countries)
Global and local e-wallets
local currency paper checks.

My experience with Payoneer so far …

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

In these tutorials on how to open a virtual bank account in the US and how to get a free Mastercard, I explained about my experience with Payoneer. When I first apply for Payoneer, I have read the terms and conditions of Payoneer.

At that time, I was 17 years old. So my request was rejected. After I passed the age of 18, I contacted Payoneer team and set up my account again. Within a few weeks, I received my book Payoneer.

Then applied to the payment service in the US to open a US bank account for me. Within a few days, my application was approved for US payment service. After that it was easier to me send and receive money from Payoneer. Using my online bank account verification (first century is a bank account), I got online payments from Clickbank and other US companies.

Our payment service – Payoneer

So far, I have received several payments from American and European companies. I also used Payoneer Card to recharge prepaid SIM card and buy things online. My last purchase was hiding my ass! VPN (HMA!). Super-VPN is a service that can change my IP location anywhere in the world. As a blogger, internet marketer and SEO, I know the importance and usefulness of IP address change IP location. You can check out the current numbers of servers and server locations HMA VPN here.

It’s been over a year since I started using my financial services businesses Payoneer. only reduced fee for annual fee of Payoneer. But not part of my affiliate commissions and no money charged from my local bank. I was received from a person who I referred to Payoneer!

In general I am happy with Payoneer, not just only because it is a popular payment system that offers various payment services, but also their customer support service is remarkably flexible. When you’ve got a problem, I’m just a few clicks away to solve the problem.

How to apply for Payoneer

Every person aged over 18 can apply for a Payoneer account. If you are under 18 and want to create an account to receive money from freelancing services, you can apply for a Payoneer account for one of your parents or another relative. Once you reach 18, you can apply for an account.

Before starting to learn how to open your account, would like to know the fees they charge Payoneer from you.

When applying for a Payoneer account, the card will belong to you, but payments are made using the company Payoneer payment table. For my book, Avangate is the company that supports me to send / receive money online. If you apply by Shareasale, you get a label Shareasale MasterCard logo. As with other US companies.

So Payoneer charges could be different because the American company card and use the card is associated. Here are the fees from my account Payoneer, which is associated with Avangate Inc.

Note: Your account Payoneer charges could be associated with your company different mass Payoneer payment and card usage.

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Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?
Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

How to apply for a Payoneer account

Even through Payoneer is very useful for people who are outside the United States, US residents may also accounts for free. Here’s how to open the account shortly.

Step # 1: Go to Payoneer here.

Bonus: When you sign up Payoneer through this link, your account will be charged extra $ 25.00 for free after your account is charged $ 100.

Step # 2: Click on the sign up button and fill in the application form.

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?
Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

Once you have successfully completed the form, you will see a page thank you.

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?
Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

If the application has some errors, you will be notified that the application is refused. Like I received a few years ago.

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?
Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

If the application is without error, you receive a success message.

Step # 3: Turn MasterCard

The next step is to activate MasterCard. It could take two weeks or more to receive Payoneer card. It depends on your geo-location and efficiency of mail delivery. Once arrived, you should activate the master card.

MasterCard will receive a four-digit number. You must send this number to verify that you received the card.

Payoneer login to your account and click on “Check Card”.

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?
Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

Then provide the information on your card such as card number, PIN number (you can enter a number manually you will use to withdraw money from ATMs and other security cases).

Once you have successfully activated your card, you will receive a message from your e-mail.

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?
Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

Step # 4: Once the application is approved Payoneer MasterCard, you are ready to apply for Payoneer payment service in the US. For it must follow a certain way. For more information, read this article: Open a virtual bank account for non-United States Free US residents using Payoneer

You will receive an email from your account ..

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?
Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?

Once you have successfully completed the above steps, after a few weeks, you’ll receive another email from Payoneer.

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?
Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?


Now you’re ready to go with Payoneer!

Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?
Best Payoneer Review 2017: Best PayPal alternative?


Payoneer against and what should improve

Although Payoneer has lots of features and offers various business services, internet marketing and freelancing, there are still some parts Payoneer should improve. Some of them are like my opinion,

Payoneer Payment Processing Integration to other third party services:

I found that this is one of the biggest problems most bloggers and internet marketers face. If you live in one of those countries where PayPal is accepted, so you know the importance of having a reliable and secure to transfer money internationally as Payoneer.

But unfortunately I could not find more ways to integrate with other systems and forms Payoneer. I use Jotform to collect information from clients and my readers. Jotform good uses technology to integrate other payment systems easily with a few clicks. Even if Jotform ClickBank provides that a payment processing system, we could not find in the list of Payoneer payment processing services. I also contacted the support team Jotform on this issue.

Payoneer Buy Now Buttons:

PayPal Payoneer is beyond when it comes to collect payments from customers. If Payoneer can offer purchasing options, more people will start using Payoneer for their business affairs.

Payoneer donation:

This is a similar situation as the buttons “Buy”. I saw that many people ask if they can create buttons Payoneer donation. If you want to use Payoneer for donations, currently you can not use Payoneer to automatically load funds into your account. Even through Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card has a service charge, not available for each account.


Payoneer charged every time you withdraw money or a decline in ATM fee. So this might be somewhat difficult for a beginner internet marketers. But once you’ve set the appropriate changes, such as using Android or iOS apps for checking balances, paying bills, service charges online, etc. You can overcome many of these difficulties.


The internet has made a global village where people come from around the world have started their online businesses with various companies. Some have started their own business, such as building a website, a product launch information, etc. Others have become affiliate marketers, content writers, video game testers, video creators, graphic designers, independent workers through Fiverr etc.

Many of these self-employed workers working with large companies such as Upwork, Envato. Many of these are


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