Best Mobile Wallets in India for Online Payments Android/iPhone/Windows Apps

The Best Mobile Wallets in India for Online Payments

Mobile Wallets: – India intends to become cash now. The online mode of payments has been increased, and most people are looking for safe and secure ways to do so. If you are also looking for the same, then this article is for you.

Mobile wallets or digital wallets or e-Wallet applications allow you to pay electricity bills, mobile recharge, get movie tickets and do much more from your mobile. By linking your credit or debit cards or your bank accounts with these e-Wallet applications, you will simply make a payment with your mobile.

Generally, you can charge money in these digital mobile wallets through Internet banking or through your credit or debit card. In most of these e-portfolios, there is a limit of Rs 20,000 for users who have not submitted their KYC documents. If you send these documents, the limit rises to Rs 1.00 lakh.

Before proceeding, we should always recognize a bit about UPI, that is, the infrastructure above which end-user applications are built, so we use the features it offers. Unified Payment Interface or UPI is the new mode of payment.

The Best Mobile Wallets in India for Online Payments

The Best Mobile Wallets in India for Online Payments

Sending and receiving using the UPI application is easy with Virtual Payment Address (VPA) and there is no need to add the details of the beneficiary account, the account number and the IFSC code. Each bank has its own UPI application and be sure to install the UPI application from your bank that allows you to send and receive payments between two bank accounts.

Mobile wallets to make payments online

Mobile wallets allow us to make invoice payments, mobile recharge, transfer funds and much more using mobile. With e-Wallet applications installed on your mobile, you do not need to carry cash. During this post, I am going to list download 10 applications of mobile purses in India to make payments online.

1. State Bank Company

State Bank buddy by the state bank of India is the first Indian mobile wallet available in 13 Indian languages. Using this shipping money, asking for reminders to cancel fees, instant bill payments and more from your mobile. Sate Bank buddy mobile wallet helps you to do so by linking your credit or debit cards to it. It allows you to charge the amount in your wallet and make payments to your contacts in the phone book. It’s available for Android and iOS.

2. HDFC PayZapp

PayZapp from HDFC Nabk is available to customers from all banks and allows you to make payments with a simple click. Make payments easily by adding credit or debit card details. Your card details are safe with the bank and you do not have to worry about that. PayZapp mobile wallet three security checks for each transaction. It’s available for Android and iOS.

3. PayTM

PayTM is one of the best digital portfolios to make payments. It allows you to add your credit / debit cards and link your bank account with it. Make use of the QR code to simply send and receive payments. PayTM mobile wallet allows you to buy movie tickets, online mobile recharge, pay electricity bills and much of your mobile. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows mobile phone.

4. Mobikwik

Mobikwik is another versatile & Secure that allows you to pay or transfer cash using the mobile phone number. It allows you to carry out mobile recharge and pay bills in a matter of seconds. Use Mobikwik’s mobile wallet and buy anything online with good discounts. Paying bills, mobile recharging, shopping and more has become quite simple with Mobikwik’s mobile wallet. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

5. FreeCharge

FreeCharge e-Wallet lets you add credit and debit cards that make it easy to make payments. It is the fastest growing digital payment platform that allows you to pay electricity bills, mobile recharge and DTH and more. Use the FreeCharge mobile wallet and avoid long lines. It makes us easy to make online and digital payments firmly using the mobile. FreeCharge is offered for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

6. ICICI pockets

Pockets is the first mobile wallet application in India that allows you to make payments based on UPI. ICICI developed this mobile wallet, and helps you make payments online. Currently shopping anywhere, pay any person and bank with ease. It allows you to transfer money, book tickets, recharge mobile phones and much more. With a single click, sending and receiving payments to and from Pocket users. It’s available for Android and iOS.

7. PhonePe

PhonePe of the Flipkart group The company works on the unified payment interface. It allows you to make all your payments safely. You will make the bank to bank transfers using the virtual payment address. Because it is a UPI application, there is no need to add details of the beneficiary account.

PhonePe wallet mobile offers you discounts and coupons when you look online. You will fill your mobile wallet by linking it to your bank account and allow you to make maximum transactions of up to Rs 1 lakh. Be sure to install this e-wallet on your mobile and make payments online. It is available for Android.

8. Money

Ola money allows you to make payments for all your daily needs. Recharge the money wallet from the wave using your credit / debit card or net depositing. Keep track of your transactions by looking at your transaction history. Paying for the wave and other taxis together made it easy with this mobile wallet. Ola money mobile wallet helps you transfer money to your friends. It’s available for Android and iOS.

9. Airtel Money

Airtel’s money portfolio was launched by Airtel Payments Bank. Make payments, recharge mobile phones and transfer money to your friends from any bank account with this mobile wallet. You will shop online with discounts and nice coupons. Bank and remittance services are backed by Airtel money. With this e-Wallet application, you will make one-click payments. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows mobile phone.

10. CAL

LIME is launched by Axis Bank providing its payments, banking services and shopping centers. It is available for one account and no account holders. Pay your shopping bills, mobile recharge, purchase movie tickets and more using LIME mobile e-wallet. Simply add the details of your credit or debit card and make payments through your mobile. It is available for Android.

Windows 10 mobile users may want to check out Microsoft’s portfolio. It allows users to play and pay easily! There are many other digital folders for your Windows mobile phone. You may want to take a look at them as well.

There are many others like Oxigen, Jio, etc., which are available. MobiKuick, Paytm, FreeCharge are currently being accepted in Tool Squares. FreeCharge can be used to pay cops Fine challans. Reliance Jio plans to bring onboard 10 million commercial establishments for its Jio Money Merchants plan. MobiKwik is accepted by IRCTC.

Paytm supports air tickets. If you and the recipient have Paytm or MobiKwick applications installed, you will transfer money simply by entering the mobile phone number. In addition, you can send money directly to online bank accounts. So make sure you just see all of its features and download the one you want directly from your official app store only.

These are some of the most effective mobile wallets in India to make payments online. I hope you discover this useful post and start using them right now.

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