Bad news Apple fans, New Leak proposes, No iPhone 8

no iphone 8

Bad news Apple fans, New Leak proposes, No iPhone 8

no iphone 8

According to reports and the latest leaks, the Cupertino giant Apple can not start on the smartphone and most expected from 2017, of course, the “iPhone 8”. It seems a bit perverse, but it is true.

Bad news Apple fans, New Leak proposes, No iPhone 8

iphone 8 : Recently, Mac Otakara leaked to the iPhone in August launched in the country almost everything we know about the new Apple smartphone so far. Starting with the name: the previous rumors reduced the possibility that instead of the iPhone 8, the Cupertino device in 2017 “iPhone X” designated. However, said the Japanese half would eventually issue iPhone.

The reason why the Japanese publication argue that the giant Apple technology have decided to bet on this nomenclature to follow the line drawn to other high-end devices. For example, the above-mentioned version is watching Apple Watch output, so it would be logical that the company’s iPhone edition chose to name their new phone.

Another aspect underlined Mac Otakara is that the new iPhone 2017 is not as described in the previous rumors, but the brand works on a large prototype catalog with the most varied features: display different surface materials, different technologies, as well as options with and without launch -Button.

It is here that we find the first bad news. So far it seemed almost confirmed that the iPhone 8 will be the first mobile phone with OLED display from Apple as the company signed an agreement with the South Korean giant Samsung signed 160 million OLED panels.

The second bad news from the report is that Apple Mac Otakara’s transition to the new iPhone 2017 USB Type C, so that the plug flash would not be replaced. Although the mood of information for many users to use the predecessors cables, the fact that the USB Type C has many advantages, and also support cables and other smartphones with Android charging.

The third Japanese gate leakage disadvantage is that the device hit the market time after its announcement, the rumors will be held in September. It is likely that the technology giant Apple wants to enjoy the Christmas business, but I do not know how long it will take to reach the market.

As always, when it comes to rumors and leaks, the company has not made any official confirmation, so we can not say that the information will become reality. Mac Otakara made several predictions as the iPhone headset port 7 disappears and 7 more, but sometimes also releases news that has not yet been met definitively. Therefore, we still have to wait for an official confirmation.


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