Avoid pregnancy after copulation naturally by home remedies

Avoid pregnancy after copulation naturally by home remedies

Avoid pregnancy after copulation : Most people try to have a protected sex, but they often do not have one. This can be caused due to the failure of the more careful processes which is quite normal. It may sound scary but it is a fact. Protective measures often do not protect you or your partner from the results of sexual intercourse. As we know, contraceptive measures are taken to safeguard you and your partner from the outcome of sexual intercourse, but these measures also fail. You may have to deal with things like STD (sexually transmitted diseases) or pregnancy despite all the preventive measure you took.

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As in the case of sexually transmitted diseases you need the proper help and support of doctors, for pregnancy we have some natural home remedies. With the help of these natural home remedies you can easily avoid pregnancy after intercourse. Even if the protective measure did not work, these remedies will surely work. Do not lose your cool if you get pregnant, just follow these remedies for effective results.

Home Remedies to Avoid Pregnancy After Sex

Avoid pregnancy after copulation naturally by home remedies

Avoid pregnancy after copulation naturally by home remedies


Avoid pregnancy after copulation naturally by home remedies

Well, as we all know home remedies include all the ingredients and substances that are readily available at home and are not a big deal when it comes to using them. If you think plants, herbs and other kitchen elements are only meant for cooking then you are totally wrong. There are greater purposes that these elements can serve and are very effective. Here we have listed some natural home remedies that will help you avoid pregnancy after intercourse.

Leaves of intelligent grass

It is the herb most commonly found in the world. It consists of three components, specifically rutin, gallic acid and quercetin that obstruct early pregnancy.

In 4 cups of boiling water add 4 ounces of fresh weed leaves.
When the leaves boil, lay it down.
Drink the mixture until you get your periods.
It also helps promote the regular menstrual cycle.


It is known as a natural birth control remedy because it reduces sperm motility which results in zero fertilization possibilities. Helps prevent pregnancy.

Neem can be used as leaves, leaf extract or oil, all forms are very effective.
The neem oil is pushed through the injection into the position where the uterus and fallopian tubes are attached. Kill the sperm within a fraction of a few seconds.
As we know that neem is very useful for health, the neem leaves they consume are also effective.
Neem tablets are also an option that when consumed by men promotes sterility.

Parsley (Ajamoda)

Parsley is also considered as one of the most effective home remedies that can prevent pregnancy.

Parsley is an herb that is basically consumed as herbal tea.
Boil this herb with water, strain and drink.
The best part is that this has no side effects and is a brilliant remedy.

Dried figs (Anzeer)

Dry fig is one of the popular remedies to prevent pregnancy after intercourse.

Take some dried fig after intercourse.
Consume every day until you get your periods.
It is also known to increase blood circulation.

Angelica (Choraa)

Also known as Dong Quai this herb is known to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is an effective natural home remedy to prevent pregnancy. As it is believed to stimulate uterine contractions, it is most effective if consumed within 15 days of the last sexual intercourse.


It consists of only two components, the philocarpine and routine, the rue is known to induce early abortion. It is an element intended to avoid pregnancy and it is recommended to consume in the form of tea.

Mix 2 teaspoons rue in a cup of boiling water.
Let the mixture steep.
Paste and consume.


Consuming papaya just after intercourse helps prevent pregnancy, as it is known as an effective home remedy for unwanted pregnancy.

Consume papaya in any shape you want, which can be juice or fruit.
Consume for 3 to 4 days from the day of intercourse.
Avoid consuming the fruit if you get positive results with the pregnancy test.


Used by the Quinault Indians, thistles are considered to be a powerful herb to prevent pregnancy. Helps promote momentary sterility.

In a bowl of boiling water, put the herbs.
Boil until the water gets a bitter taste.
Strain the mixture and consume it.

Artemis (Indian wormwood)

Something similar as parsley, sagebrush is a leafy herb to avoid pregnancy.

When dry, use the leaf of this plant to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
Have the dried leaves with a glass of water.
Limited consumption is recommended if you have kidney problems.
Excessive consumption can also cause kidney infection.

Dried apricots

Dry apricots are recommended to be consumed immediately after intercourse when in the preliminary stage. Consuming after getting positive pregnancy results is useless, so eat it right after intercourse to get effective results.

Make a mixture of 100 g of dried apricot, 2 tablespoons of honey and water.
Boil this solution for about 30 to 35 minutes and drink 1 cup of it every day for 1 week.
Avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Ginger root

A commonly found cooking ingredient that helps prevent unwanted pregnancy. Ginger that is very useful to avoid pregnancy can be the solution to your problem.

Wash a piece of ginger.
Grind and mix in a cup of hot boiling water.
Boil it for another 2 minutes and leave it steep for the next 5 minutes.
Strain the solution and drink it while it is still hot.
Consume 2 cups of the mixture for a week or more according to your suitability.


The presence of rutin in buckwheat avoids fertilization and is an effective home remedy to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Consume this herb with water.

Consume 500 grams of buckwheat every day.
Mix with hot water.
Paste the solution after a few minutes and then drink.
Having no side effects makes buckwheat an effective natural remedy to prevent pregnancy after intercourse.


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