TradePlus Online Brokerage Charges & Review (Guide To Know)

TradePlus Online Brokerage Charges & Review

Tradeplus is the online brand of Navia Markets Ltd. and Navia Commodities Broker Pvt. Ltd and started in 1983. When a few initial years in Investment Services became stock brokers in NSE in 1995, Participant depositary with NSDL in 1997, Stock brokers in bse in 2010 and commodity brokers in MCX in 2009.

Transparency, Technology and Trust are our guiding principles. They need more than 20,000 customers in India. They have relaunched their services under an integrated online brand known as Trade plus.

TradePlus Online Brokerage Charges & Review

TradePlus Online Brokerage Charges & Review

The essence of most trade is to provide commercial customers online with the lowest brokerage in the online trading business, sophisticated trading and office support platform and reliable customer service. They prefer to be innovative and you will feel this when dealing with us – even right at the stage of opening an account.

Trade Plus Online Services

They are members of NSE, BSE, MCX and NSDL. Services include:

Share Transactions, Equity F & O, Currency Derivatives and Non-Agri products
Demat Services
Platform to negotiate in IPO / MF / Bonds.
NRI Negotiation Services – They are a leader in commercial NRI services with a customer base in several countries.
Creation through the eZewill platform.

Account opening charges: –

Trade a / c – Rs. 199 (currently NIL as a promotional offer)
Demat a / c opening charges – NIL
Demat AMC-Rs. 500 for 5 years (cash 100 rupees per year) O Rs. 900 for 10 years (effective 90 rupees per year)

TradePlus Online Brokerage

They offer zero brokerage plans in commodity trading and will extend currency and stock very soon. Here is our current brokerage structure:

Equity – Cash 0.1% delivery and 0.01% intraday.
Equity Futures Rs. 799/month Unlimited Trading
Equity Options Rs 99/month Unlimited Trading.
Currency Futures & Options Rs 99/month Unlimited Trading !
Commodity (non-agri) Rs 99/month Unlimited Trading !

Our unlimited zero trading brokerage plans is refundable which means you do not pay if you do not trade!

The unlimited trading plan is our most popular, not only because of our attractive prices however additionally due to the impressive support and tools you just get to trade.

In addition, it is a refundable plan. No trade means no charge! Rs 99 are refunded back into your account if you do not have or even negotiate once in the month.

Brokerage Calculator:

Brokerage savings calculator:

Margin Provided: Margin for intraday trade in MIS is up to 10 times for F & Or stock and if you trade with a hedge order, the margin will go up to 30-40X in nifty 50 shares.


Excellent customer service with an uninterrupted and efficient ticket support system that also has TWITTER enabled. Most problems are solved through the knowledge base of over 400 responses and instant chat support itself, however rare queries are usually resolved in a day. Our experienced deal desk aims to produce you a guaranteed high quality and order TPIN placement system and our current call n commercial charges are:

OPTION A – Call N Trade packRs 1000/month unlimited calls OPTION B2 free days every month but Rs 75/day for each segment (MCX, EQUITY) thereafter.

Features of TradePlus Online

They have several value-added services that are part of our VAS ecosystem.

INFINI-POWER – Our technical analysis and graphics software.

Conditional alerts (price / news basis), known as AMS (Alert Management System)

Amazing analytics for intraday traders – INDIA 1st INTRADAY data ANALYTICS TOOL FOR TRADERS.

SMSS intraday trade confirmation.

SMS Research in F & O, Currencies and Actions.

Advanced technical sifters and methods Something – in collaboration with partners.

Tradeplus Online Trading Platform

NSE now for Equities – EXE, web and Mobile available.

INFINI trader (NEST) for Commodities – EXE and web.

INFINI-TRADER, powered by Omnesys Technologies (P) Ltd, which operates exclusively in the raw materials segment.

It is a robust trading system that has a wide range of features including order placement, business visualization & Positions, Cartography, Risk Management, Customizable Market Watch, Cover Order, Basket Order. Etc.

Screenshots / videos for INFINITRADER -http: //

Tradeplus SMP – PayTM Integration

Tradeplus has a separate ecosystem for value-added services and the portal is also called Subscription Management Portal (SMP). SMP allows customers to turn on and off value-added services like something alerts, SMS research, graphics software and many alternative packages. SMP will be funded through PayTM! They are the first broker to have PayTM integration in our operations. However, only the SMP will be funded not the trading account!

With PayTM, they offer various cashback offers and offers too!

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