How to dye hair with lemon juice At Any Age

How to dye hair with lemon juice

Do you want to dye your hair but are afraid of the chemicals and also the damage it will cause? Well, there are some different ways you will dye your hair or rather, lighten it or highlight it; And lemon juice is one of the most effective ways to try that.

Dye your hair with lemon juice

How to dye hair with lemon juice

How to dye hair with lemon juice

Prepare the dye: – To start making your “dye”, you would like lemons. Take so many lemons that you want to achieve full coverage (or partial coverage, just in case you are simply doing the highlights). Take the lemons, and applying pressure with the heel of the hand, roll on a hard surface. This can be an honest trick to extract extra juice out of any citrus fruit.

Apply: – Cut the lemons into quarters. Boil one cup of water. With this hot water, combine freshly squeezed lemon juice. Make sure the juice and water are equal in volume. If your hair dries quickly, this could make it more frizzier. So combine equal parts of orange juice (since it is a bit acidic, though less than that of a lemon). If you have dry hair, you will also add a squeeze of conditioner to the lemon mixture and beat well.

Immerse yourself in the sun: – Mix bottle during a spray bottle and cover all the hair by spritzing. Once your hair is covered, run a sparse bristle brush through your hair. Also, you will need to get highlights instead of full coverage.

To do this, soak a strip of gauze in the lemon mixture and holding the section of hair in hand, wipe with the gauze strip. You will need to make some coats to get the desirable contrast. Also, keep some clips handy. Once you have finished with the strips, attach a clip to simply choose them each time.

Finishing: – It is necessary to sit in direct sunlight for a minimum of one hour or more in order for the color change to become visible. So, choose a spot and sit in front of the sunlight so your hair gets the most exposure.

Also, since you are going to sit in the rough sun for a long time, it is suggested to use sunscreen. Use one with SPF 15 by applying thick on your face, neck and any exposed part of your skin. Once a day in the sun, reapply the juice and soak for another thirty minutes.

Natural Additives: – To complete the whole method of hair lighting, wash your hair once the color is set and give your hair deep conditioning. This may be necessary because lemon juice drastically lowers the pH level of your hair, which causes it to dry quickly. If you want your new raised locks to look soft and silky, deep conditioning is absolutely necessary.

There are various additives that are only incorporated into your natural hair illuminator to enhance the effect of the illuminator or make your hair softer and smoother.

Cassia: This looks like cinnamon, but it has a different flavor and a slightly golden color. Apply powder and mix with lemon juice to give your hair a golden glow.

Chamomile tea: – Put the tea in the hot water before adding the lemon juice. This helps give you good golden highlights.

Cinnamon: – Cinnamon also helps in imparting a brown, golden tint to your hair. It works well on darker hair.

Honey: – Helps in hair conditioning and reduces frizz.

Now that you only know how to dye your hair with lemon juice, what are you waiting for? Lemon juice can condition, soften and make your hair look very healthy and bulky, while jointly providing you those parlor-like streaks at home. So lightening your hair with lemon juice is no longer a tedious task, try it today!

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