5 Reasons Why Prague is One of the Best Cities to Visit in Europe (Guide For Tourist)

5 Reasons Why Prague is One of the Best Cities to Visit in Europe

5 reasons why Prague is one of the best cities in Europe to visit

5 Reasons Why Prague is One of the Best Cities to Visit in Europe

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most popular European destinations for young and old. How many friends or colleagues? Certainly everyone is talking more about this magical city. Thanks to the low budget you can go, do not have to think twice.

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Here is a list of 5 reasons Prague is one of the best places in the city in Europe.

1. It is a city on a human level.

You can never know until you try it! Prague, it’s one of the most important European metropolises, is a city that is walking from one place to another, walking is easy. North as the Jewish quarter of the famous Wenceslas Square is a 15 minute walk (or a maximum of 2/3 stations by bus or tram). So Prague is a city that offers something for everyone, but you avoid the chaos of the metropolis.
Lost in its narrow streets will definitely fall in love with the city and walk to treasure hunted even the most hidden places … and who can find the nearest restaurant knows something to eat at night!
Be explored: Kampa, especially during the Christmas season when you can go between the markets and enjoy the overwhelming smell. In summer, Kampa lets you dive into the quiet green areas, which will enjoy magnificent views of the Vltava River. Here is the story of John Lennon, John Lennon, a beautiful expression and symbol of the freedom of the Berlin Wall.
Lunch: Restaurace Kampa Atlány

5 Reasons Why Prague is One of the Best Cities to Visit in Europe

Half of the duck roasts served with cabbage and potato dumplings red; Fried pork fillet with strips of red wine in Moravia Restaurace Kampa Atlány.
Place the dream: Shooters Island (Střelecký), ideal for hiking or reading a good book. The small island is also sunk in the heart of the city, but far from its hustle and bustle.

2. City budget … why?

Spend 4 days in Prague really little, about 150 euros cost. With this budget, the hotel is located in the heart of the city, within a short distance of the city center 5) and ancillary costs.
To be able to go on a trip with a family, this is the place to go. Remember to bring it with you!
Transportation, you can subscribe for 24 hours with 110 CZK (equivalent to 4.20 €) or 72 hours with 310 CZK (about 12 €). The one-way trip for 90 minutes costs 32 CZK and 30 minutes, the 24 CZK.
Helpful hints:
1) You can buy tickets, as well as stations or retailers (shops snuff), so in supermarkets like Tesco. If you want to use your credit card, go to the yellow machines around the city.
2) In order to understand how much you spend in the currency of your country, divide the amount of the Czech krona exchange rate currently invested on your money. In Euro, for example: 310 CZK: 25,669 = 12,076.

3. New trends: bars and vintage style, modern atmosphere and vegetarian dishes

Certainly, Prague is not lumpen in terms of new fashions and lifestyle styles, especially with regard to young people. It is easy to find in some of the newer parts of the city. Local proliferated in vintage style, offering healthy alternative snacks, breakfast and brunch with a rich and varied menu, displaying delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes.

5 Reasons Why Prague is One of the Best Cities to Visit in Europe

AVUM chopped chili, lemon and arugula; Avocado slices w / dried tomatoes, chream cheese, rocket and sesame in the room cafe Prague.
Quite charmingly the crowd of people who drive these places frequently, the only coffee work on the PC to drink, young couples and groups of friends. For the evening there are a lot of pubs and clubs that make good music, often live, and where you can dine or drink something really low price! For breakfast or brunch: Cafe Prague (Korunní 1208/74, 101 00 Praha 10). For dinner: Bar Polo (J. Želivského 1790/35, 130 00 Praha 3-Zizkov).

4. There was once a city surrounded by nature

Prague is a city that does not hurt. In the glow of artistic and architectural styles that have more than a thousand years of history and historical events that have changed the history of the Czech Republic and in Europe, remember that the Czech capital is on 9 hills and is crossed from the Vltava. Yes, Prague is not only the history and art, but also green areas, parks and gardens. Definitely worth visiting Petrin Hill, from where you can admire the magnificent view of the city from above.

5 Reasons Why Prague is One of the Best Cities to Visit in Europe
5. Prague more … Excursions!

Prague will certainly know the typical life of the capital of Eastern Europe, but to better understand how to live in the Czech lands, you have to get away from the big city and get away and organize an excursion to the nearby cities.
If the weather is not so, one might think of a visit to the city Kutna Hora (70 km from Prague) by bus or train (179.5 CZK round trip by train). Nestled in the heart of Central Bohemia, with its historic center and two churches of Santa Barbara and Our Lady of Sedlec is a site of UNESCO.
In the district there are some silvermines in the past work for the local population have provided. Surrounded by vineyards is also an important wine growing area and the main attractions are the Karner, Italian court, the Museum of Bohemia and medieval silver mine, Santa Barbara Cathedral and stone house. This small village in the middle of nature, you will leave the network, refresh and get away from the tourist capital flows.
Lunch: Restaurace V ruthardce (15/10 Dačického nám.).
If you have more time, visit Český Krumlov. You can even get there with a Flixbus Prague main train in less than three hours at a price of € 18 return trip.



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