25 YouTube video ideas Strategies For Beginners

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25 YouTube video ideas to win YouTube Partner Program

25 YouTube video ideas to win YouTube Partner Program

Who wants to be an instant celebrity or a sensation around the world? All right! I am not joking because it is very possible after the arrival of the Internet.

Yes, anyone can be a celebrity at least on the Internet and become famous without the need for media.

It really does not matter where you live in the world or what you do, you just need a camcorder or your mobile phone, record some videos and upload to YouTube.

The YouTube Affiliate Program will ensure that in addition to being famous, you also earn a good income. So, you may be famous as well as wealthy. It is as if your dream came true.

However, it is not as easy as it seems to be because you have to upload videos that have some meat in it so people can appreciate it.

Uploading any type of video will not work with the YouTube Partner Program. Your videos should be funny or cute or serious or educational or entertaining. It must have something in it that gets you many followers every day.

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So to make it easy for you, I’ve listed 25 YouTube Video Ideas to make videos and upload on YouTube. The good thing about all these 25 ideas is that you can pick up any of them and create a complete channel on that particular idea.

Top 25 YouTube Video Ideas

Let’s see them one by one down. If you use even 1 video ideas and upload regular videos on that topic on Youtube, you can make lots of money.

1. Start with Record Joke Videos

Although joke videos look very easy to record, they can be very difficult. How do you record a joke video?

If you are new to vlogger and can not hit the street to record a joke video then you can start from your home or office. Like April fool’s day or scaring someone with the mask on etc.

You can get ideas on YouTube but not the copies and put your own effort. You can easily upload a series of joking videos 3 to 4 times a week.

2. Make videos where you sing popular songs in your strange voice

You know about article numbers or rap videos. They are very popular on YouTube. What you can do is make a popular song in your own voice with a twist to it. Singing video

You can be more creative and sing a song in a strange or funny voice, like in high pitch or voice with breath or fast paced, etc.

Here you can upload videos almost every day.

3. Create Sting videos exposing public or private sector corruption

Now, if you come from developing countries or even from developed countries, yousting_videos can record videos that expose corruption in both the public and private sectors.

Suppose you want to make a driver’s license and the official is asking for bribe, then you can record on the hidden camera and upload it on YouTube.

Likewise, you can think of many of these ideas and upload videos at least once a week.

4. Make spoof videos about your girlfriend or boyfriend

This is another good video idea for YouTube. Making parody videos are easier than joke videos. However, the challenge would be competition because everyone is in making parody videos.

So, you have to stand out from the rest. The best ideas would be talking about your girlfriend or boyfriend, later you can expand the subject and include things like movies, music, fashion, etc.

Make it unique and I’m sure you can upload a video every day.

5. Ranting videos on current hot topics with lots of F words

Rant videos are really great and people especially love that they do not like the joke or parody videos on YouTube.

You need a topic that you can rant on, the more controversial the better it is. Here you do not have to worry about political correctness or the shit of the PC.

You choose the topic on politics, religion, sexuality, etc. Just rant it for 10 to 15 minutes with a lot of F words in it. You should be able to upload at least one pair of videos per week.

6. Cute Baby and Animal Videos

Again as parody videos YouTube and Internet are full of cute videos of animal or animal videos. Remember “Charlie Bit My Finger”. Cute baby

This is very easy to create the idea of ​​video, since you can start from your home. If you have pets or children, then recording these videos would not be a problem.

However, you should keep in mind that the quality of the videos should be good, you simply can not upload any videos.

7. Your honest comments about the last movie you saw

You could do a series of videos about reviewing movies you just watched. Your YouTube channel reviewing the entire movie could be about movie reviews and uploading videos every week after watching the movie.

You have to give an honest review if the movie was good or not. Use creativity if you want to make it popular, loading a monotonous video will not get a lot of viewers.

8. Videos about the best restaurants you ate or summer shopping

This is another great idea for YouTube if you love to travel in different places like restaurants and shopping malls, restaurants etc. shopping videos

Here you do not have to do anything special just visit new places, restaurants, shopping places etc and write a review or record a video about food, service, etc.

You must be an avid traveler so you do not have to spend anything extra.

9. Check daily groceries from local stores.

Haul Videos are nothing new on YouTube. They are simple and easy to create. You do your errands like buying groceries, products that are used in our daily lives. Groceries

You can take out a product like a jam or kitchen oil or air freshener, etc. and check it out, whether you like the product or not. Talk about different brands and be honest when giving comments.

That’s it, you can upload a video every day.

10. Video Tour of a day in your life

Daily Life You make a series of videos about your daily life. You can upload a 10 minute video showing everything that happened in your day. Just like the day was exciting or boring or really a bad day, I mean capturing all the emotional things.

You can give different titles for different days in a week as for Monday to think a name, similarly for Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.

11. Videos about your living room, bed, wardrobe, colors and decoration

Another great idea for those who love to decorate their living room. Just put it on YouTube for everyone to see. living room

You can create videos about the colors of your living room, different types of bed or pillow design, then what is in your wardrobe, etc. I mean your room decor.

Upload at least 3 videos each week.

12. Videos of hairdressing and makeup

Makeup videos This idea is for women only. If you like hair and makeup, then you can upload videos that are fun as well as informative.

Shows how to use eyeliner or mask or a new hairstyle for each day. Try to build your own brand because there are many YouTube channels out there and you need to stand out from the rest.

13. “How” Tutorials on educational topics

One of the best videos are How To videos, basically videos tutorials teaching everything about a particular topic. How to videos

For example, if you know MS Excel, then you can create videos of how to learn about excel spreadsheet in just one week.

People love video tutorials on any subject like shared market or high school math etc. Here you need to take extra effort to create quality videos whether it is PowerPoint presentation or other research work.

Upload a video every day.

14. Cooking videos about new and innovative recipes

Again really great video ideas for ladies! You can start a channel dedicated to the kitchen and things related to it. Cooking videos

Incorporate all kinds of Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, etc. recipes. Try the fusion recipes and try them on, make your show more lively.

Innovation is the key to defeating the competition.

15. Comments Videos about the latest mobile phones

Everyone loves to buy a technology gadget like cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc., especially their Samsung or Apple Smartphone. Latest Mobile

You can create videos by reviewing these gadgets, especially the Smartphone. This is nothing new, since YouTube has a lot of channel review gadgets.

You can also have one, but to get more visitors you need to create your own brand. Do something crazy or fun. Like even smashing a cell phone on the floor or ripping your old tablet.

16. Create FAQ Videos

Videos FAQs Frequently asked questions videos might be great for you because I do not see too many good FAQ videos on YouTube. You can easily create fun trivia videos with your friends at the office or family member at home.

If you want feeling then ask questions that are really controversial like sexuality or other things related to it. This will really help you get more views. You can easily upload two to three videos a week.

17. Interview videos with friends, co-workers or family members

Interview interviews Interviewing is very similar to FAQ videos. The only difference you need to understand is in the interview videos that you need to be more professional compared to FAQ where you could be casual.

Interview people not only in your office or at home but on the streets and ask them about their daily lives and their difficulties. You can easily create a complete channel on this topic.

18. Create videos in games

Game Videos This is a very good YouTube video idea for high school kids who are in the game. The game videos are very popular on YouTube only thing is that you need to beat the competition.

Showcase your gaming skills and record videos with your friends about new games and their comments. It would be fun and make some money with him.

19. A series of challenge videos

Well, challenge videos are very popular on YouTube and I should have mentioned this in the Challenge videos on this list. But I’m doing it here because the challenge videos are difficult compared to saying parody or joke videos.

You have to take the challenge as you are going to eat a bowl of chicken nuggets or drink a bucket full of cola, or you will not sleep for the next 7 days or you will watch the movie continuously for the next 36 hours, etc.

If you like, you can upload at least one video per week.

20. Videos of the gym or training Aka Health & Fitness Videos

Training videos Health and fitness videos, a challenge dedicated to the gym and yoga. Create videos giving advice and new exercise. People love 6 pack abs and they want to do yoga.

So you can create fun health and fitness videos. Show new moves and incorporate the music in your background, be different than others.

21. Weekly Time Lapse Videos

Weekly videos Time lapse videos are where you create a montage explaining what you did all week or one day. The videos are standard on YouTube, you can see any of them and get inspiration.

The only thing you need to do is how to bring in something new to it. You can create at least one video per week.

22. Movie yourself while shopping, dancing, driving etc.

Movie yourself This is like Big Brother or Big Boss where you can shoot while you are doing things like going out, dancing, driving or having fun with your pet.

You can create a series of videos and upload every day easily. However, the videos should not be boring.

23. Create a public interest video like Show Holes, No Streetlights etc.

This could be like creating videos of snacking and exposing corruption in public life. Here in their place the public interest videos of doing a bite operation can create videos that show the pathetic condition of public services such as bumps, no streetlights, buses or overpopulated meters, etc.

You can also make videos spread awareness about drug use, conduct interviews or frequently ask questions. You can get ideas to create at least a couple of videos each week.

24. Videos in response to another video

Response Videos Creating a series of videos that respond to other YouTube videos means that you create videos commenting on other YouTube celebrities.

Your videos should say how they like or dislike it. You must be honest and put others in the right place. You can easily upload 2 to 3 videos every day as it is very similar to ranting videos.

25. Video series showing your inner talent

The last idea is very general since it says nothing in particular that can be done. You just have to show talent to discover your inner talent and put it on YouTube.

His talent can be anything from juggling to rolling, impersonating rap actors, etc. Discover a talent and upload videos once a week.

So these were 25 brilliant YouTube video ideas to become a successful YouTube video partner.

You can pick up any of these and create an entire channel on it. Choose one of the ideas according to your talent.

I want to conclude by saying that there are many video channels on YouTube, but that will be successful only when it comes to bringing something new.

Do not copy someone and build your own brand and that’s the secret of being successful on YouTube. I wish you all the best to become an Internet celebrity.


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