17 Ways To Make Money From Website Or Blog (Full Guide)


How to make money from the website or blog

How to make money from the website or blog

How to make money from the website or blog

Make money from websites or blogs is the main thrust to convert a normal Internet user into a professional. No doubt some people can say they start blogging or website just for fun, but the truth behind every mind is just to make money. Take an example as if getting a job in any company where you have to work 5 to 6 hours without any salary or just receiving blessings from the members of Manager or Company, will you join that position? Obviously the answer will be No. Then ask yourself if you daily spend a minimum of 3-4 hours to do a hard job on the blog or website just to have fun and get parsed from others without any income is just a waste of my time Dear friends. To become a successful web developer you have to think like a pro.

Your are many different ways to money money by using website or blog. As my point of view, I think if you have visitors power, then you have unlimited ways to win. Then nobody can stop you to win money but your are some secret facts behind the success. Just like if you have good product and services that reflects a good user experience, then it will help increase your strength in the online business.

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Which method is better and what to choose?

This is a big problem for everyone. I also face many difficulties while choosing the right and effective way to win. I would suggest to each person reading this article that their number of different methods, but all depend on the type of your website or blog. The methods will be the change in the basis of the category of your site. So here I have listed some of the best methods that will definitely help you win.


Advertising methods

Advertising is the main source of income online. As I explained in my article on Making Money with Advertising and How Does It Work? It will help you learn and clarify doubts about the advertiser and publisher relationship. If you already know how advertising works then I want to explain the types of advertising methods.

PPC Ads: – This is one of the best methods to make money. In this method you will earn from each click. If you do not know about PPC (pay per click) and want to know if you can make money by using ppc program. So I recommend reading my article two about PPC and its best programs that help you understand in detail and it also helps you to know how to money money from them. Read My two articles that are


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

CPM Ads: – This is another form of advertising. That is based on the impression not on the click known Cost per mile means Cost per impression of thousand ads as I already speak about. If you do not know or never read about CPM, then here is a great opportunity to understand them in detail. I already write and article on Cost per mile and its best publisher programs that helps to take profits from every impression on your website or blog. So I suggest reading my two articles to know more details

I am not explaining PPC and CPM in more detail in this article because I have already written articles on advertising details in the earn money category. So explaining everything again is not possible and also make theme long and I want to cover many other ways as possible.


Direct Ad Space

This is another way to make money from ads, but in this method your is not necessary for any third party advertising. It means you can sell direct ad space of different sizes and rates. If your is any interested advertiser they want to buy space on your website or blog for your promotion of your product and service. Direct advertising can be based on PPC or CPM depending on the publisher of the website and the advertiser they want to adopt.


Affiliate Earnings

Affiliates is the best way to make money with or without a website. Affiliates are based on the commission of any product and service. In this method your is any interested trader who wants to sell and offers people to make the sale or your product and earn commission. Their are many different networks like Amazon, eBay, where the number of different merchants are available to do affiliate marketing. If you want to get more information about affiliates working and want to know how you can earn money easily by using the program then you should read my article on

Sale of own design products

This category is only useful for average skilled people if you have any product or service you feel your visitors may have interest in buying that product then you can make money by selling your own product. If you have some kind of knowledge like graphic design then you can sell your service and do the design for the clients. You can also sell your own design product like T-shirt, images, graphics and animated products, paint or many others think depending on your imagination and the interest of your user that helps you to earn more.

Selling products you do not own

This is the same affiliate and marketing, but affiliates to join any program offered to affiliate marketing. But instead of using these services you can also sell direct space to any trader or you can also sell products of any particular person or any friend who have an interest in selling products from your website. This way you can make some secondary income with other sources as well.


Sale of websites and domain plans

This is one of the best method to earn a huge amount of income only if your site or blog have good visitors. If your website or blog is based on internet marketing, then selling these plans are relevant to your niche site that will help you make good sales. There are many best registrar platforms like GoDaddy, Hostgator Bigrock, BlueHost. Mostly all web developers use these companies to buy different plans, including domains, hosting, server, emails and much more.

Therefore, these companies also offers affiliate programs where you would not like to earn commission on every sale. It also offers discount coupon codes that help us attract more customers. As I have already commented about 3 ways to make Bigrock money that helps you learn how exactly this procedure works. Then I have also written an article about

How to make money from Affiliate Hostgator? It is also beneficial to earn a decent amount by selling these types of plans.

Selling blogs or website themes

As we see many times any website or blog that sells Premium website or blog designs. This method is only for those people who have a great knowledge in web design and have great imagination to design any look. Required knowledge in different languages ​​like HTML, JavaScript, PHP or much more depend on you have design.
This way, if you are able to design any web template you can sell the Blogger or WordPress templates on your site. This method is really amazing and effect method to make a good profit online.


Donation Sheet

This is also a better way to earn small amount of income side by side with another source. By adding the donation box on the website you can make a few amount of money, but it can be on a large scale also if you have any kind of organization or NGO. Where people can donate money to help others.
But if you are running commercial website or blog based, then you can only win few, but only went to anyone your user impressed with their hard work or find their services useful. It is totally dependent on nature and mood or any user if they want to inspire you and work, then you will donate some money.


E-book sales

If you are the source of writing articles or books on any type of topic you are in the footsteps on these, then you can earn money of your interest in writing. In simple words eBook is the collection of different topics in book form online. Your website is many where we see eBook to download.
This way if you have knowledge in any topic related to the topic, Trade, Marketing, Internet, or any kind of knowledge then write different articles and collect them in eBook form. If you feel that your eBook will be helpful to your users and visitor and they may take interest in buying your eBook then you make some money from you eBook by posting them on your website or blog.
But if you do not want to make your own eBook Then you can sell eBooks from the Affiliate Program of other Authors and you can earn commissions as I mentioned in the Affiliates tab

Premium Membership

This method is only useful for web site based group discussion, community or any type of website based on the forum. There are some websites that make some content or discussion free and public, but they have some useful private content and discussion. So to access your private content you have to do premium account on those websites. For example SeoMoz is the largest platform for premium members.
So to make money of the top quality you need huge amount of visitor on you web site. In this way, you can increase premium members in your community or Forum


Take polls and surveys

Your many network from where you can earn money by promoting your surveys and doing surveys on your website or blog. If they have good amount of visitors, then you can focus on these surveys and surveys.
If the visitor like to complete a genuine survey that helps earn income from each survey and successful survey. Its many different available programs like Survey Monkey that allows you to earn money from taking surveys.


Review products and services

This is another better method for making money by reviewing or writing for any product and service. They are many companies that pay to another website and blogger just by writing and reviewing their products and other services in front of other peoples.
So in this way if you have good flow of visitors on your site then you have a great chance to win by reviewing and writing for others. Its many programs available that are based on Sponsor Review where you can choose any service in your interest based.


Junk mail

This is also a better idea for earning money from email marketing. By using email marketing you can make a list of emails that helps to increase the popularity and user of websites. By using this method you can make money from other sources as you can promote any product and service in front of many different readers by doing email marketing.
Their programs are many like Aweber which is the best place and popular place to do email based marketing and increase your sources of income.



This is also a better way to make secondary income only if you have good visitors. In this method you can add different works tab in you website where you can make loads of the person wanting to promote your works and your interested visitor will apply for any work. But this totally depends on them niche of your blog. This is not an easy method, but this will only work if you have lots of visitors who are interested in these activities.


Something is missing?

I try my best to cover the important issues and the best method that will really help you to survive online. But the conclusion of my side is whether they have the power of the visitor or the best user experience, then you have great chances of winning and never rely on the only source to win online try to doubt different methods as well.

Your unlimited ways to take profits online are only up to you and work. If you have strategy then you will gain more and more. So do not waste your time just thinking and having fun. Try to do something new that will help you to make you better position in the online business.
If you feel like you have lost some important way to make money with the website then you should leave your points of view. If your suggestion will be helpful, then I am happy to add your method in this article as well.



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