12 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen & Case Protectors in 2017 – Guide

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12 best screen saver and cases Samsung Galaxy S8 over 2017

Get the protective case right screen is crucial, as it will help keep your Samsung Galaxy S8, the most in good condition. This will help to prevent scratches, drops, dirt and accidental dropping even the body and cell phone screen will be damaged.

What to consider before buying Samsung Galaxy S8 more Screen Protector & Case?

With various brands on the market, make sure that the product that will make your look more stylish Samsung Galaxy S8 and protects. There are several models that you can choose. Be careful to spend money on quality products. They must provide excellent service for you.

Why is it important to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 more Screen Protector & Case?

For any user look after your phone is important. You have to buy the box and the protective shield to help in this role. You should not bear the damage to your phone, but can be very expensive in the long run.

1. Spend S8 Galaxy Neo Flex Plus Screensaver

Spigen Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector NeoFlexbuynow
The screen saver provides a clear bubble, no rainbow on the screen. It consists of the flexible TPU layer composed of keeps the protected screen. It corresponds to the aircraft aboard each centimeter of the screen covered. It can be installed very quickly thanks to the wet plant technology.


It s cheap
It has a self healing and stable surface of fingerprints
easy installation
The phone has an edge edge protection


Not resistant to fingerprints

2. Armorsuit – Galaxy S8 + Screensaver

 Armorsuit – Galaxy S8+ Screen Protectorbuynow
It is thin and easy to use as it can adapt to the contours of the device. The material is scratch-resistant, clear, impact-resistant and extremely resistant. Self healing can cause small scratches, dust, fingerprints and oil.


It provides protection from corrosion and moisture, to prevent substances wandering through the film
It helps to reduce scratches and damage to the screen
The price of these screen saver is economical
It has UV protection to prevent yellowing

It is not hardened glass

3. Screen Supershieldz Galaxy more S8 / S8 + toughened glass protection

.Supershieldz Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus / S8+ Tempered Glass Screen Protectorbuynow
It is made of tempered glass of high quality. The screen saver is an adhesive without bubbles and no residue after being removed. It is also anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint. Users can enjoy the clarity and keep the natural feel of the screen.


Hydrophobic and oleophobic
Easy when it comes to the installation
Screen protector does not leave any residue after removal.

The price is high compared to others on the market.

4. MP Mall Galaxy S8 more screen saver

MP-Mall For Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protectorbuynow
This screen saver is made of high quality tempered glass, polished edges and rounded. Protective shield cover provides maximum protection against falls, scratches and scuffs. Do not cause gaps or bubbles in the application


The user gets two pieces at an affordable price
It keeps the touch screen sensitivity
The screen saver is transparent so that the original brightness is maintained.


Samsung Galaxy compatible only S8 Plus is only

5.LK Samsung Galaxy S8 More Screen Protector

LK Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protectorbuynow
The screen protector LK has been designed to protect your mobile phone. The tempered glass used makes it waterproof and scratch resistant. The openings laser machete adapted provide access to the front camera, speaker and home button.


It is sensitive to touch
Made of tempered 9H top glass, of high quality
The oil-repellent coatings help keep your screen free from fingerprints and oily stains.

the disadvantages

It is a high price.

6. Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Muifa S8 More

 MuiFa Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plusbuynow
It has an extremely sleek design that keeps the screen’s sensitivity. The oil-repellent coatings and anti-fingers complement the efficiency and performance of the screen protection film. The 9H hardness maintains tight and very durable. It can protect the screen against bursting, explosion and impact.


It is about six different colors, which can be chosen,
Easy to apply and remove
It is very transparent and very responsive

the disadvantages

You must be willing to spend money to get this product
It is not compatible with the rigid housing

7. Case Caseology Galaxy S8 over – parallel series

 Caseology Galaxy S8 Plus Case – Parallel seriesbuynow
The case has a modern design and includes the structured handles. It also has a solid PC bumper frame that has a corner pillow design for protection from falls. The material is scratch resistant, impact and impact resistant.


It comes with a double layer that maximizes their ability to protect the phone.
The structured anti-slip grip clears the phone’s security
The cuts are designed to match the features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 More

the disadvantages

It is highly rated by the price

8. Case Case Galaxy S8 Over-Vault Series

 Caseology Galaxy S8 Plus Case – Vault Seriesbuynow
The case has a sleek design that makes it the go-to product in the market. It is thin, light and damper. It guarantees increased grip by the user who makes skids. It is a perfect fit for Galaxy S8 and S8 more.


It is for small and large drops
It is thin and light, so it does not add to the weight of the phone
The user has easy access to the ports and keys of the phone as it is compatible with the phone.

the disadvantages

It is expensive

9th SUPPLEMENT Samsung Galaxy S8 + stiff whole body case for Galaxy WITHOUT S8 screen + More

SUPCASE Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus Case, Full-body Rugged Holster Case WITHOUT Screen Protector for Galaxy S8+ Plusbuynow
The case has three parts, including the rear cover, the housing and front cover. Clip the holster belt up to 360 degrees can be turned up for safe storage. TPU and polycarbonate materials help to prevent drops, cracks, scratches and falls.


This does not interfere with the functionality of the phone
It has a hard outer shell which is inflexible and protect the device from damage even in an impact.

the disadvantages

It does not come with a screen protector

10. iPulse Journal Series Portfolio of Italian leather full grain in hand

iPulse Journal Series Italian Full Grain Leather Handmade Walletbuynow
This case comes from genuine Italian leather, which gives it a noble look and a classic vintage look. He details handmade and points that increase his durability. The deal ensures that the user can access the ports, buttons and the camera of the device.


It comes with a portfolio function and a function stands for entertainment
Made of genuine leather and very durable
The front cover is foldable, and it protects the screen from scratches and dirt.

the disadvantages

It is expensive

11. SUPCASE S8 + More Samsung Galaxy

SUPCASE Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus Casebuynow
It is transparent to allow the user to watch from the case to enjoy the phone. This gives the device an amazing look. It comes in a sleek design that fits your phone perfectly, giving it a natural look. Increased edges provide surface protection.


TPU has a pillow shock to absorb and raised ribs
The price is affordable for most people.
It is very fashionable because of the transparent brand.


It is scratch resistant

12. Box Spigen Galaxy S8 More Hybrid Ultra-

 Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy S8 Plus Casebuynow
It comes in a glass bottom that adds the look of the Samsung Galaxy Plus S8. Hybrid technology makes it very durable. The case also has a slim profile and has clear and precise cuts that make it compatible with the device.


It is very cheap
The technology provides the air cushions in all corners for better protection
It is very light and improves the appearance of the device quickly
Very easy to install and remove.


It does not provide the necessary coverage on the screen
All these units are made of high quality materials. They are also very durable and guarantee the user an excellent service. They come with different features, designs, colors and prices. Be sure to check the entire list before deciding which product to buy. In fact, they are all very different. You should not waste time looking for the best products for your Samsung Galaxy Plus S8 with the search.

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